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  2. Dear My Brother/Sister in Christ, My wife, Emily Brown was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy in June 2017. She is currently pregnant for our first child. Several unexpected setbacks in this short amount of time, where she needs to do bypass operation by 26 August 2017 to save her and our baby’s life too. This operation will cost her about £100,000. To raise the fund, I have created an e-book and one compilation album which are strengthen my faith in Him during facing this hard time. · 50 Inspirational Bible Quotes (£5 each) · 7 Power of Healing Songs (£10 each) Therefore, I truly plead you, my brother/sister in Christ to provide me the financial assistance by making the purchase to the following website: www.payhip.com/godgivesmercyonme now. Save them. Not to forget, please put us in your prayer and thought too. “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” [John 17:24] Your kindness will be not be forgotten by us. In faith, hope and love, Michael
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  4. Don't know where else to put this. The eclipse!!! I went soooo, enjoy. XD
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  6. I brush my teeth twice and visit dentist twice a year. It really helps me
  7. Here is a question I want you to think about and answer for me: Would you feel comfortable living in heaven knowing billions if no trillions of people will be burning in hell?
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    Welcome Lori!
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    welcome Lori!
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    Hi Lori! Welcome. Feel free to write to me whenever you would like.
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    We moved to British Columbia at the start of the summer, and I don't have friend around, so simply looking to find nice people to talk to
  12. Is it just one movement, cause I know about several denominations that hold these principles about the Holy Spirit gifts never having ceased in the apostolic age?
  13. I would say William Lane Craig
  14. You could always try seeing a doctor about it. They say that antidepressants decrease libido as a side effect. I was prescribed some medicine for my OCD and during the time I've taken those pills I literally felt zero sexual attraction. Also, self-discipline and taking cold showers when you feel the urge to masturbate might help.
  15. Who are your favorite Christian apologists? Which of the Christian apologists you've watched or read would you nominate as your personal favorite one?
  16. That's a wonderful testimony. You really have a way with words. You should be a writer or a Christian apologist. God bless you!
  17. The Transfiguration and the resurrection can't be it because after Jesus' ascension, in Acts, Peter advises the apostles and the first Christians to prepare for Jesus' return. Perhaps John's Revelation was what Jesus was referring to. If we trust the apocrypha, Peter had a revelation too, so maybe other apostles had visions too, but their writings might have been lost.
  18. I pray once a day, sometimes twice. I ask about whatever issues I am having at the time, whether it's forgiveness of sins or strength to face my problems.
  19. What's "the Charismatic movement"? Is he referring to all the Christians who are continuationists?
  20. It seems to be showing me this when I click on it:
  21. I pray often but I think that we shouldn't tell here about what we are praying. Because it is personal information in our communication with God
  22. Hmmm You could try telling your mom about how the kids are treating you. But dont say it in a "complaining tone" personally my mom hates it when I complain and would further make things worse for me. Say it respectably, and be polite. Typically if your calm parents will consider what your saying more than if you were to complain or say it with an emotion of "annoyance". Try it. Hopefully it works out. -Mandy
  23. The developers have actually Tutu Helper App made sure ease of use and benefit official source That's most likely why it has actually ended up Tutu Helper VIP App being so preferred.
  24. I could try, but everyone would still laugh at me for wearing snow pants and that stupid coat. My mom thinks I'll get sick if I don't wear all that crap in the winter, it barely even fits into my locker.
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  26. Just get through It, you can strut down that hallway without giving a crap. You could learn to embrace your coat and walk proudly, if people know your not embarrassed by it most likely they wont feel the need to laugh at you as much. Or you could talk to your mom about how you feel and maybe she'll understand -Mandy
  27. I love your attitude on Having no friends. Most people would mope around and be bummed out, but you've proven yourself to be very strong. Your're really inspiring. <3 Mandy
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