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  2. Hey guys! Just wanted to get your point of view...when is the right time for you to get married?
  3. Maybe 2 decades ago. I'm not really a fan of chess. When was the last time you cry?
  4. My Boo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPu-WOicwLk
  5. For this reason I kneel before the Father, from whom every family in heaven and on earth derives its name. ~ Ephesians 3:14-15
  6. So I was finally able to watch Jurassic World. It was awesome but my favorite is still the first Jurassic Park movie.
  7. Famous Christian evangelists Ravi Zacharias and David Mainse said the Shroud of Turin is the real burial cloth of Jesus of Nazareth!
  8. Hey

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  10. Sorry I'm late, I joined and have been on and off since.. I definitely know what that's like. I want to become closer with God and learn more about him, but, although a few of my friends are Christian, they don't see things the way I do and they don't see a difference in why they shouldn't act or say certain things. One of my closest friends is a pretty serious Christian, but he is always acting pretending to be a "gangster" and making fun of rappers that create some of the most absurd music. He also cusses pretty badly and says some pretty inappropriate things. I really don't know how to act around them because I could stay shy, but then its like I want to have a conversation, and being shy hasn't been me since kindergarten and 1st grade. Sorry for the rant, but I definitely understand what you're talking about. -Becca
  11. It has been a long minute since I've logged on. Glad to see some familiar names are still around. 

  12. Yolanda Adams and Denice Williams
  13. Planning to watch Jurassic next weekend. I hope it's better than the old ones.
  14. Before, I love wearing eyeglasses but when my eye grade jumped from 200 to 325, I started to feel the pressure on my cheeks and nose. Maybe because the lenses are heavy. So now I often use contact lenses and rarely use my old glasses.
  15. It's allowed, the forum's just dead. A few of us moved over to Iwaku roleplay for a bit but as far as I'm aware no one's really active over there either atm.
  16. I've been wanting to try play-by-post rping again which is what I used to do here back in the day. Is that allowed here? And, if so, which forum would it be allowed in? Cause I'd totally be down to try that again. I need interaction outside of work and the smartphone
  17. Does anyone still do play-by-post rping here? Is that allowed?? 

    1. Boogles



      It's still there, fam. I just don't think anyone actually does it.


  18. on the tenth day of the seventh month?, eat no food and offer a burnt offering, a smell pleasing to the lord, one young bull, one ram, and seven yearling male lambs, without any defects. 3 kilograms of flour mixed with oil with the bull, 2 kilograms with the lamb and one kilogram for each lamb. also one male goat as a sin offering. this in addition to the daily burnt offring and their drink offerings.
  19. and Moses told the israelites all that the lord commanded, the first day of the seventh month is for you to blow the trumpets. and offer a young bull, a ram and seven yearling male lambs, the proper offering of flour mixed with olive oil. also one kid as a sin offering to make atonement. besides the burnt offering of the new moon and the regular burnt offering and their drink offering. for a pleasing aroma, a food offring to the lord.
  20. Here's one from MOZ: https://moz.com/blog/15-tips-to-speed-up-your-website
  21. I agree. I always make sure I have stocks of seasoning.
  22. Cooking and Eating Walking / Strolling Watching TV Instragramming
  23. Mine is Conjuring and Insidious.
  24. What is that? You had such a great topic and that is all that you can to make? You could talk about such great bands like Metallica, Sloturi vogue play, Skindred, Scorpions, SOAD and lots of other
  25. during the festival of weeks, when you present the offering of new corn to the lord, offer two young bulls, one ram and seven male lambs. also one goat as a sin offering to make atonement. this smell is pleasing to the lord.
  26. Avengers: Infinity Wars IMO, a good film but it felt a little rushed
  27. Sorry that it has taken so long to reply to your question. My reading preference tend to run toward science fiction, sword and sorcery style fantasy, horror, and spy/thriller style novels. Thrown in there will be the biographies of individuals that interest me. My taste in movies tends to run along similar lines, along with superhero films, and well written and intelligent comedies. I cannot recall the last time I went fishing, but it was a favorite way to past the time when I was younger.
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