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  2. So I talked to an advisor yesterday being honest. I am doing this work and study and all, but I am seeing social work is not honestly what I want to do...Social workers tend to do a little more from a distance than direct stuff... but I also am not into blood and needles so nursing is kinda out of the question. so she mentioned a couple medical careers without that (which I can't see myself enjoying...) education, and psychology. Which I mean, I LOVE little kids. I just have a hard time seeing myself in a teaching environment. Psychology would require me to go to grad school at another college which I didn't want to do either....
  3. Jesus knows all about my struggles

    He will guide till the day is done

    There's not a friend like the lowly Jesus

    No not one,no not one.

  4. Yeah they be negative.
  5. Amen
  6. Yeah! Boogles is right. In addition:sit down, don't rush,and determine what you want for your life.Most people feel like dating and doing all of that because that is what is usually done at our age,not because it's important to us personally.
  7. True. That is what I am talking about. God bless us and continue revealing His Presence to us.
  8. You can as long as you don't act like them or participate in anything they do.
  9. I am questioning my major 3:
  10. The assemblies in the time of the apostles sold all their possessions and properties, Because it coincided with these commands of Jesus Christ, Whereupon selling all possessions and properties is the ultimate act of humility, That is required for anyone to become a follower of Jesus Christ, In which case, after selling all properties, those in the assemblies either went city to city to proclaim the gospel in synagogues and public squares, to eventually teach in the houses of whoever favorably received them, Or lived in temporary houses, which is evidenced with Paul renting a house for a time, And since no other place of worship has been specifically designated by God for worship, other than the tabernacle after the deliverance from Egypt, or the temple in Jerusalem, Therefore, the assemblies did not construct buildings specific for the assembling of the brethren, especially after selling their own properties to humble themselves, which is why in relation to the command that the Passover must be observed in houses, The brethren thus assembled in their houses, Because since Jesus Christ became the actual true Passover lamb that the command of the Passover foreshadowed, And instituted the "breaking of bread" in remembrance of him, otherwise called "Lord's Supper", at the final Passover he observed, The Passover that was once observed in houses, then became the breaking of bread that was subsequently also observed in houses, whereupon as opposed to an annual observation of the Passover, the breaking of bread was then observed every time the brethren assembled, which was daily or as often as they could, hence, Which is why Paul gave specific instructions that when they break bread every time they assembled, which was done in their houses, that they should all wait for one another to eat together, As such, the assembling of the brethren ought to be done in houses, assembling daily or as often as possible, with the breaking of bread observed at every assembling, as was originally done at the assemblies of the apostles.
  11. A few of my cases are going to court soon. He wants me to come in, write a progress report for each and discuss the cases with him. Normally I would have no issue with this. But I gave them a month's notice that I was leaving, checked in with my boss almost daily asking "what else do I need to do to wrap things up?" and none of my bosses there did or said anything. The only reason any of my cases got reassigned was because I went to each therapist individually and asked about their openings. Some of my guys couldn't be reassigned because they have a reputation and the therapists refused. So I'm angry. He had a month to discuss this stuff with me. Leave me alone. But he's holding my final paycheck hostage until I meet with him. So I think he wins.
  12. I think my new favorite song is 'Sweet Caroline' sung by Neil Diamond, I could listen to it a hundred times! So subtly romantic, yet has a pleasurable and smooth tone.

    1. Sir Will
    2. noelKt5


      Such a fantastic song!

  13. It's too bad I'm anti-social and trapped in a fifteen year old's body, otherwise I'd be such a romantic person!

    One day, I'm sure...

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    2. Sir Will

      Sir Will

      Yeah, I understand, I was thinking that too. I've been criticized and called out my entire life at the little things, and been called many things unfairly, so my apologies if it's a little touchy for me. ^^

      Thanks though.

    3. Sir Will

      Sir Will

      I also have quite a lot of Irish blood, a majority in fact, so that might explain my serious and aggressive behavior, but when things are cool, silly and affectionate nature. XD

    4. davida chi

      davida chi

      Accepted! But do believe in yourself and allow your past experience to RIP!

  14. Q4: How and why did God create us?
    God created us male and female in his own image to know him, love him, live with him, and glorify him. And it is right that we who were created by God should live to his glory.

  15. oh dear.
  16. I have two words for you: Set. Boundaries. Start with your heart. The first boundary should be in regards to beliefs. Who ya datin'? Are they spiritually compatible? will they encourage you to grow in your faith or will they egg you into doing things you regret? Seek friendships with people who have the same moral standards as you and use this as your "dating pool". If they don't have the same standards or higher, don't date them, don't entertain romantic thoughts about them. This is where knowing someone for a long time or dating a friend comes in handy. You should know where they stand before getting romantic. Also, your relationship with God needs to be right. This is the most important relationship. When this one is flourishing, everything else seems to fall right into place. Next is inter-family relations. Whatever familial boundaries are in place need to be respected until you are independent. Do your parents approve of whom you're dating? Is your date following parental guidelines? If not, you may need to cool the relationship a bit. Save for the rare controlling type, most parents are down with their kids dating. If they don't like your date, you'll want to step back and try to see things from their perspective. Parents were teens once too. If there's anyone's mistakes out there to learn from, it's your parents! Last is physical boundaries. Most people don't get carried away with brief kisses and decent hugs or even cuddles. Those are fine, and even expected in a relationship. Where things get a little too hot is somewhere between the home plate and "first base." (some say first base is kissing, urban dictionary says making out and Frenching). Figure out where your personal line is and don't cross it. Respect yourself. Romance shouldn't make you feel dirty. Any guy who thinks your line is "stupid" or "prudish" is not worth your time. Also, make it a point to go on dates in public places, bright areas and avoid places where you could get too cozy. Follow your curfew. And to stop feeling dirty, repent, ask for forgiveness, carry on. It happened, but God forgives and the fact that you asked for helps shows that your conscience is still operational. Kudos!
  17. My old boss sent me a Facebook message. I'm not pleased with this.
  18. Stop calling me. I don't work for you anymore. Perhaps, if you had shown this interest in my work and my clients when I still worked for you, I'd still be your employee.
  19. Not as often as I'd like. Normally 3 short ones each year, but last year I only did 1. Where is your favorite vacation spot?
  20. Wordpress FTW. Tumblr is for pictures. New url, because email got hacked. https://yrallthegoodurlstaken.wordpress.com
  21. Yup! What kind? If they're negative, I yell at 'em and if they're entertaining I keep them.
  22. You should definitely do some more research I recommend that you take notes on every religion and then once you conduct your research you can make a big decision. Also consider taking this quiz http://www.beliefnet.com/entertainment/quizzes/beliefomatic.aspx?p=3
  23. Hello I am 15 years old. This year I started to get involved in relations with boys my age. Everything was going okay until I started to do sexual activities with them. I am still a virgin but I need guidance on how i can stop this so that I can stay one. I know that my religion says its wrong and I feel very dirty for doing it. I have stopped seeing my most current boyfriend. How can I change for the better?
  24. Last week
  25. YES i have in the last 24 hours have you been to work?
  26. Banned bc i want to read it too
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