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  2. Boogles

    Harry Potter

    Someone once told me I was a Hufflepuff. Which I thought they were referring to a Jigglypuff and those are adorable so, I took it as a compliment. Growing up. my mom had banned the books and movies from the house. (The '90s was a weird decade) so I never read or watched any of it. Last year though, I binge read the entire series. It was pretty good. Peeves was my favorite character.
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  4. I want to give my kids British royalty sounding names that can be shortened to cute nicknames when they are little but when they are older, they have good sensible names. I like: Victoria (nickname Tori)(named after Queen Victoria) Elizabeth (nickname Lizzy) (named after both badass queens, Elizabeth Swan from Pirates of the Carribean, and Elizabeth Bennet) Sophia Marie (nickname Sophie or Sophia)(named after the fact that I like the name ☺️) Alexandria (nickname Alex)(named after the greatest library in the world) one of my daughters will have the middle name Annabelle after my friend who passed away Christopher (nickname Chris)(named after Christopher Robin) Alexander (nickname Andy) (only if I don’t have a girl named Alexandria. Also named after the library) William (nickname Billy or Will)(named after a whole bunch of people!)
  5. Elyse

    Hi, I'm new here

    Hello! My name is Elyse. I live near the Toledo area. My brother is going off to college in Grove City Pennsylvania. It’d be really cool to have a friend to visit when I visit him. I love music as well. I play piano, clarinet, ukelele, and am learning violin. I also love Harry Potter and Disney and animals. I am almost 17 and will be a senior. I’d love to get to know you!
  6. Hi! I am looking for friends in the Northwest Ohio area. Guys and gals, feel free to reply! I am 16, love Harry Potter, love Disney, and love animals.
  7. Elyse

    Harry Potter

    I LOVE Harry Potter. I want to talk to other people who love Harry Potter. I am a Ravenclaw and pretty proud of it!
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  9. Will_Power


  10. I regret all the naps I didn't take in childhood.

  11. RightNote

    Marriage counseling

    Awww... okay.
  12. Hi Angeleena, welcome! Hope you find this forum helpful in your journeying with Christi.
  13. RightNote

    Being judgmental

    People tend to draw assumptions and jump into conclusion to the point that they are becoming judgmental without any solid proof. And let's admit, there are Christians with "holier than thou attitude," which is sad. Let us not forget that we are all unrighteous and we have to continuously work towards Christlikeness to be deserving to be called righteous. James 4:12 questions us "who are we to judge our neighbors." As Christians, we are called to hate the sin but love the sinner (oftentimes we call them enemies). Christians are called to love (God first and our neighbors). We should not be afraid of those neighbors who may be able to violate our physical body, for they can never mess up with our soul which is far more important (Matthew 10:28). I know of people who are ministering in the maximum security prison cell, and they are not afraid for they believe that they are being protected by the Lord if ever something happens. These lay who reach out to these people love these sinners unconditionally but not their sins and they were able to save some souls because they have learned how to be not judgmental.
  14. Boogles

    ban the person above me

    banned for having a 4 letter moniker, but shortening it to two, and one letter isn't even IN the 4 letter version!
  15. RightNote

    Depressed due to Skin Allergy

    Glad to hear it isn't that bad
  16. Delores Stariana


    Welcome back!!
  17. Boogles


    hey dude!
  18. The place looks great, Will! 

    1. Will_Power


      Thanks Man! We need to catch up sometime

  19. curryjacket


    Hello, another oldie here... get me my cane. :-) Wanted to stop by and say hi. Becky told me this place is up and running again, and it looks great!
  20. Sookes1

    Getting Married

    well, i'm 24... getting married in 2 months. my significant other is also 24, she's a female, i doubt that for a female 25+ is normal for getting married
  21. Delores Stariana

    Guess who's back

    Hey there!
  22. Boogles

    Marriage counseling

    Glad you found someone. Please don't post links to other businesses/services, this is considered spam.
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  24. Boogles

    Guess who's back

    hey gurl hey.
  25. Delores Stariana

    Guess who's back

    Eek! I hope you have a great rest of your summer as well as your year!!
  26. In the current time of August 3, 2018 AD in the Gregorian calendar, we are in Av 22, 5991 YB and it will be 5992 YB in Tishrei 10 of the current year in 2018 AD, based on the lunar months and days of Jewish Calendar that God intended man to base our months on, new moon to new moon, yet to avoid confusion with other calendars with their own counted years, this year is designated differently from the Anno Mundi designation of “AM”, since YB represents the actual true year since the beginning, where “YB” means “Year since the Beginning” in English, where approximately 5,992 years have passed since the beginning of creation, where this number can be calculated with precision counting the known genealogies from Adam to Terah, which is around 1,878 years, then the known timelines from Terah to King Jehoiakim, which is around 1,495 years to around 600 BC, which was also around the start of the Babylonian captivity, and then from King Jehoiakim to the anointing of Christ around 26 AD, which is around 627 years, which sums to exactly 4,000 years, and since almost 1,992 years have passed since the anointing of Christ in the Year 4000 YB, then in Tishrei 10 of this current year in 2018 AD will be the Year 5992 YB. It is believed and officially said we are in the Year 5778 AM, but this is not the true year since creation. You can read the full study here http://www.wisdomofgod.co/2018/07/31/the-current-year-since-creation-and-when-the-sabbath-and-jubilee-years-are/ .
  27. The tetragrammaton YHVH is pronounced Yehovah, “yeh-ho-vah”, and the name of Christ is pronounced Yeshua, “yeh-shoo-ah”, where the name of Yeshua includes the name of Yehovah in his own name in the YE part of the name, in shortened form from the longer version of the name Yehoshua, which is a contraction of two words, Yehovah and yasha, which means, “Yehovah delivers”. Exodus 3:15, Exodus 17:9, 1 Chronicles 24:11. You can read the full study here http://www.wisdomofgod.co/2018/07/26/the-true-pronunciation-of-yhvh-and-the-name-of-christ/ .
  28. Boogles

    Hello again

    Hey dude, sup?
  29. low key gross: but I have nine and a half toenails now. I feel confused. Hslf of nail, please grow back soon. My foot looks weird without you. D:

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