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  2. Konya

    Star Wars: The Bored Awakens

    Nope. I kinda fade in and out
  3. Crosses

    Star Wars: The Bored Awakens

    Ahh it's not a completely deserted here.
  4. OH my gosh. I haven't been here in years! I'm surprised I even remembered my login lol. Oh gosh I was cringey back then :bored:

  5. Yoda

    Have You Ever

    Nowhere near! Have you ever worked more than 6 years at the same job?
  6. Yoda

    the person below me

    I don't know what that is so I assume not? The person below me is concerned about peak oil
  7. Yoda

    When was the last time you....

    I finished watching Casablanca today. The last time I saw a film in cinema was last year though. When was the last time you emailed someone?
  8. Earlier
  9. swampfox

    the person below me

    Yep! Ph.D. research! The person below me is an otherkin
  10. Yoda

    the person below me

    No, it is tolerable though. The person below me is stressed about something?
  11. Yoda

    In the Last 24 Hours

    Only a spoon of ice-cream In the last 24 hours have you done ironing?
  12. I'm trained as an Interpreter. So I was working with various language levels.  I miss it. 

    1. ComedyMusicHistory


      Oh, that's too bad. I hope you're able to find a new job soon that you also enjoy! 

    2. Buoyancy


      thank you!

  13. ComedyMusicHistory

    First letter starts w/ last letter of first word

  14. ComedyMusicHistory

    The Rhyming Game

    Booth Sloth
  15. swampfox

    Happy new decade

    Add meee
  16. Buoyancy

    Happy new decade

    Yeah. It's still here. I feel like a museum curator of teenagery dumbness and misguided theology. Glad you're doing well, Ben. good luck on job hunting. I feel you there. Nothing is open in my field right now. ...you're still facebook buddies with my IRL best friend, Huh...
  17. swampfox

    The Rhyming Game

    Inert Couth
  18. Hey y’all. I’m 26, sitting by my partner, and scrolling through what feel like hundreds of posts from my teenage account on here. I thought a lot of those posts were vanished like MySpace, but evidently CTF is like an online time capsule from my emo phase when I was at one of my lowest points in life. God is good, life is okay, and grad school is still going on as I work on my history PhD with zero job prospects for when I’m done. Lol. I have adjuncted and taught college a bit. I hope everyone has had a good new year and If any old timers remember me, feel free to add me on Facebook (Ben Schaffer)
  19. ComedyMusicHistory

    The Rhyming Game

    Round Alert
  20. ComedyMusicHistory

    Do You Prefer....

    Walking. Singing or dancing?
  21. ComedyMusicHistory

    Change a letter.

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