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  1. Syphon

    Star Wars: The Bored Awakens

    Age of Empires 2, wow, I remember that game. Wish Steam had it for Mac.
  2. Syphon


    You like to live dangerously.... don't ya
  3. Syphon


    I have been pretty good. So busy with work, it never ends lol. Always nice to be here.
  4. Syphon


    Yoda, not sure if banning me would be a good idea, I still have a powerful reach =P Couldn't sleep last night, and the internet became boring so I thought, what did I do in the past when the internet became boring on sleepless nights, oh yeah, CTF Bored thread!!!
  5. Syphon


    *Tries CPR but then gives up and calls it* also *Waves*
  6. Syphon

    The history of CTF

    Going back to the OP, these forums had some very active days. Back in 2005, this forum had over 1,500 posts a day happening! You could get on and easily see 40-50+ active users online at any given time. Slow times you still could always find 5-6 online at a time. This went on for a few years, however, with the rise of social media, i.e. Facebook, many slowly left or took their topics and posts there instead.
  7. I miss all of you old timers and all the long fun pointless nights of random postings in bored and other threads. One of my favorite things was the staff pranks. I remember when we wrote the SQL randomizer for April Fools Day that changed all the Staff's Avatars, signatures, etc. to another staff's information. Confused so many, including us! Not a favorite but still a memorable one was when someone logged on to one of our admin's accounts while he was away at summer camp and posted as his parents saying he passed away. Memorials and everything popped up on the site in minutes. I then get a call about it, reach out to someone that knew his parents and verified it was a cruel prank and he was fine. Still, just crazy. The biggest and my favorite memories are of 4 different staff members turning into 2 lovely couples and getting married. Both couples met on this forum. One of those couples came all the way over from the UK to Orlando after getting married and my wife, Chad (Pointer) and I got to spend time with them at Universal and celebrate their marriage. To my knowledge, there were at least 1 or 2 other couples that have met on these forums that have ended up married. Still amazes me to this day. I never built this to be a dating site, but, seeing amazing lasting relationships that came out of it, well, that is just amazing to me. Oh, I also miss banning all of Chad's (Pointer) different names over the years. It's quite funny because now he lives an hour from me and we have lunch and he comes over to my place for BBQ every couple months. Man do I miss banning him =P
  8. Syphon

    What do you think of the Michael Brown incident?

    I agree with Pointer. I worked as a Deputy and Police Officer for a few years. While I considered myself a good shot, in the heat of the moment, you get tunnel vision, everything starts to blur, you are in the flight or flight stage. You either let them kill you or shoot at the largest mass. The average officer will fire 8 rounds at the largest mass, normally only 2-3 shots making contact. Imagine trying to shoot at a knee? In the end, it comes down to the simple fact of, do I want to go home to see my children or be killed by a criminal. Now, in this case, all the details of the case have not been released yet. It is hard to pass judgement until we know everything. The media, is around to sensationalize the story, find a way to get someone upset. A white cop shooting an unarmed black man gets ratings and viewers, a cop shooting a criminal attempting to kill him does not get the ratings. When I was in law enforcement, we used to take bets on how the media would change the story when it aired in the morning. Almost every time, they would change the story to fit their ratings. It was hilarious to watch how they would cut scenes together to change a statement from an officer to be something totally different. Anyways, until more details come out, I do not want to comment on this case.
  9. Syphon

    Getting a Laptop...Help!

    While I prefer Macs for my own taste, I do purchase a lot of laptops for my department and employees each year. I have tried many different brands, however, on a $400-$500 range, I would suggest Asus. They have given my employees the least amount of issues. Chad (Pointer) gave some great info, I would read that over.
  10. Syphon

    How old are you?

    Turned 30 yesterday....
  11. Syphon


    Yeah, turning into an old man...ugh.
  12. Hmm, I think I may be able to answer this question Back in 2003, my best friend and I were seniors in High School and ran a gaming company, the kinda games you see on Facebook, but before Facebook existed. With that gaming company, we had forums that were pretty active. The problem we ran into was the forums were not Christian based, which, with both of us being Christians, we really wanted forums that were built for those that were Christians. We shut down the gaming company and forums and went about a month with no where fun to hang out online, heck, Myspace didn't even exist back then. With my experience with running forum software for our gaming company, I decided to create an online forum as a safe place for Christian Teens. I registered the domain, purchased some shared hosting and installed some forum software. Obviously I was the first member, with Jessica, a friend from church and Sephiroth (James), my best friend registering within an hour. Jessica had several friends over on a band forum, Plus One, who were very chatty. Plus One forums lacked a place to talk about anything not related to the band. About 10-15 members from that forum came over and made CTF a very active small forum, as well as about 6 others from my church. CTF grew slowly over a year, but then, in 2004, I was starting to dabble in Internet Marketing and the use of paid advertising for another business I was running. This other business was very successful and gave me a decent income that an 19 year old didn't really need. I used that extra income to purchase some Google Adwords advertising for the forum, which skyrocketed the number of members, turning CTF from a small group of close internet friends to an international Christian forum. It was exciting times but also trying times. The dynamic of CTF changed and we realized we had many of different denominations, culture and age groups joining the forums. We changed the staff, bringing on many others from around the world. We had Admins like Josiah, Huw, Jessica and Dave. Three of us admins even rented a house and lived together for about a year. CTF has had some very interesting events happen. Two of our admins, who met through the forums ended up married, and then, it repeated it self again. Two other CTF staff also met on the forum and recently got married, my wife and I joined them for a day on their Honeymoon when they came down to our part of town. Many of us have become great friends, even though we are scattered all over the country. Chad (Pointer) ended up moving over a few hours from where I live, and we make a point to do lunch once a month to this day. Dave (Spiderman) has become a youth pastor in Tennessee, however, either he makes a trip to Florida or I make a trip to him to see him once a year. CTF has created many friendships, relationships, and even marriages. I know officially of 2 marriages, however, my understanding there were two or more other marriages from CTF. In December of 2009, my busy life got in the way. I was engaged, had a demanding career, and just felt out of touch with the forums. I made one of the hardest decisions I ever had to make and decided to sell CTF to Joseph (SunnyJo). I watched CTF from a distance, and was saddened by the state that the forums ended up in. About a year ago, Cary made a deal with SunnyJo and now owns CTF. He has put life back into the forum and has done some amazing things. I am happy to see where things have ended up with Cary's leadership. I hope that gives some insight. Let me know if you have any questions.
  13. Syphon


    I am doing good, how have you been!
  14. I made mine up about 13 years ago, after watching the movie Hackers, I thought I needed a "hacker" screen name so just made it up off the top of my head lol. It has stuck since.
  15. Syphon

    Careers etc.

    Very cool seeing what everyone is doing, especially some of you oldtimers from back in the early days of CTF. For me, I have worked my way up the ranks and now the Director of Technology for a mid sized web development company. Figured I would pop back in here and see what everyone was still up to.