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  1. Happy birthday!!

  2. ~Jessica~

    Picture Post

    She is, by far, the most beautiful bride I have ever seen. :-P Groom is pretty handsome too. But, I could be biased.
  3. ~Jessica~

    EU: Obi-Wan Kenobi vs. Luke Skywalker

    Obi Wan and then Luke, respectively. Admitedly, though, i do not have an extensive enough knowledge of the expanded universe to make such a decision.
  4. ~Jessica~

    Sexually Frustrate, help please

    I edited your post...were not going to talk about such things in details. All we need to know is that they are involved in sexual activity. As for your frustration...just know that eventually you will be thankful for staying pure...and chances are they will regret it. Sexual activities (not jsut sex) really are just as emotional as they are sexual and physical. Even people who do such things "no strings attached" are fooling themselves because there are always strings attached. One day they are going to realize (most likely) that they've given a part of themselves and their purity to more than just one guy and they will regret it. You don't have to be a Christian or have made a commitment not to do such things...its part of human nature, I think. And one day, when you find the guy you are going to marry and you marry him and get to do all those things with him...you will be happy that you don't have anyone else in your past that you have to tell him about.
  5. im not sure how you would be "imbalanced". I wear a necklace every day and never wear bracelets... Anyway, I put choker, because well, i dont like things really close to my neck. But, i dont wear them :-p I wouldnt wear any jewelry I didnt find comfortable. I only wear my engagement ring and the cross necklace Josiah got me for my 22nd birthday.
  6. The vanity made me giggle
  7. ~Jessica~

    Zomo's BACK!

    wow...i remember Zomo. Hi
  8. ~Jessica~

    Duggars' Grad Announcement

    You said she would have no choice but to marry the golden boy. He was the prize. She new nothing else but the lifestyle in which he was the ultimate catch. Thus her "brainwashing" led to her being unable to say no to this glorious opportunity. She wwould be "checked out" if she didnt say yes. Inability to say no = forced. And dont call me hun...your not my friend, I dont know you well enough for that. And if your saying it sarcastically: stop.
  9. ~Jessica~

    Duggars' Grad Announcement

    You claim no one is trying to ruin there name....but there are those here claiming they are in a cult...that the send their kids to camps that beat them... That they force girls into marrying in their family an having kids against their will...that they dont give their girls any coices in life. Sounds like ruining their name to me.
  10. anyone catch the the radio was called a "ghettoblaster"...surely that isnt proper Dutch?
  11. i think its sad that you get insulted for what you wear outside the house (let alone inside) since I assume your talking design and not modesty... As for me, i have things i wont wear together (navy blue and black for instance)...but i say if someone is comfortable in it and its modest...its not my concern and let them be happy. But, for me (and jsut for me) typically its things like navy blue and black...or balck and brown....or like a shirt with a design and pants with a design (with very few exceptions)...but thats me. I wouldnt care if someone else did this. Though, naturally, if it was my sister, i'd inform her that her clothes didnt "go" just to protect her from getting made fun of (as many people do care).
  12. ~Jessica~

    Duggars' Grad Announcement

    Actually TLC has a running show called "kids by the dozen" featuring *several* large families because this adult male also cant decide he like shis hair better slightly longer. No, the *reasonable* conclusion is that he is in a cult. leaked information is simply hearsay...whether you choose to believe it or not You said they dont know anyting else...but they do. they live in the real world. They go to stores with people who live different lifestlyes. They have a close relationship with a cousin who has far less conservative values (ever watch the show? shes on it all the time). they KNOW how others live. They know the alternatives. And I dont know how I can make it any more clear to you. She had a CHOICE. Every thing we do in life we have a choice. Even if, as you say, it would have been unthinkable for her to turn the proposal down and/or not have kids right away...she still had a choice. Had she chosen to say no, no one was going to tied her down and rape her. Even if it means leaving their families...EVERYONE has a choice (and in this case I do not think it would come to that). I am still waiting for *real* proof...not hearsay, not quotes without sources that don't actually mention this family. Real prrof. I want to hear one of the Duggar say that what your saying is true. Until that happens..you are making stuff up.
  13. ~Jessica~

    Duggars' Grad Announcement

    Please notice that in none of the "sources" you provided (uh...for them to be sources we need links not jsut quotes) were the Duggars mentioned by name. They could have been talking about any person. Its so not possible that as he was getting older his parents let him choose his hair cut? Its been *leaked*? So you are admitting that its all rumor and hearsay. Bcause they've never been to a walmart or interacted with the camera crew or have a relationship with their cousin Jen who :::gasp::: wears jeans and doesn't follow the same lifestyle. Kind of like how you cry feminism and choice....yet cant let these young women choose to be moms?
  14. ~Jessica~

    Duggars' Grad Announcement

    wheres the *proof* of brainwashing. Note i said Proof...not your opinion. You will also note that if you've watched the show anytime recently, the children all dress and act quite a bit less conservatively than they once did. Sure its much more conservative than the norm, but theres nothing wrong with that. Wheres your *proof* if this oprah episode. Wheres your *proof* that the girls cant get an education (because in their tv show the mom mentioned once how the girls were allowed to work outside the home if they wished, however most of her older girls had already decided they wanted to be stay at home moms...read: *they* decided). Wheres your proof of this "sin in the camp"? Or are you simply pulling these facts from random gossip? Perhaps baised incorrect sources you "heard from". excuse me,but what you said was "Girl would need to be checked out if she said no"...what exactly did you expect us to think you meant? That her parents would have her "checked out"...whehter that means by sending her to some sort of "brainwashing doctor" or checked out of the family, the implication is still that they would try to force her into the decision. Basically...proof or you are making stuff up...thats all I ask for.
  15. ~Jessica~

    Duggars' Grad Announcement

    You seem to keep making stuff up. Like she'd be disowned if she said no to him. Where exactly do you get that? Have you talked to her parents? Did *they* tell you they wouldnt love her anymore if she didnt marry him and produce a thousand offspring? Unless they did..you are making stuff up. I watched them together...you say they acted awkarded...i say they acted in love. She's not an idiot. She may have come from a large conservative family, but she still lives in the world. She knows other lifestyles exist. Why is it so hard for you to believe that she liked the one she grew up in? You cry feminism, yet you wont let this young lady make her own choice. Couldnt agree more. You think she didnt have a choice...not because she actually didnt, but because she made a choice *you* disagree with. She chose to marry him (and even if she would have been disowned as you falsely claim, she still had the choice to say no) knowing he wanted many children, she chose to not use birth control (she is an adult and can access many forms of it easily...heck, she could do it behind her husbands back and he'd never know), and she chose to actively try to have children (because she believes, as the Bible says, that children are a blessing and she wants as many blessings as she can get). Once more: she chose, she chose, and she chose. Until you can get her confession that she was forced into marriage and raped your points are moot.