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    I'm just me. I live by Love God-Love People-Love Life. I wouldn't be anywhere without Jesus and He's my life, He's my everything and I can't imagine me without Him.

    In the middle of all the storms i'm in right now in my life, Jesus is still right there, holding my hand, and when I can't hold on anymore, He carries me. He's my all. I love Him- He's the only man I'll ever need <3.

    I'm also a college student, my major is Early Childhood Special Education, and I want to minor in American Sign Language. God's also been hinting at me going into Children's Ministry/Pastoring. but my life is fully in God's hands.

    Oh, and I'm from the city- but I hate the city, I <3 the country, and I plan on moving there someday. I also love southern accents :D I want one someday ha ha :)
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    Rhode Island
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    God, working with special needs people, working with children, traveling, studying sign language, and singing randomly.... :)
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    I believe in the BODY OF CHRIST, therefore I'm nondenominational
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  1. A Samba band is a musical ensemble that plays samba music, which originates from Brazil.

    its hard to explain so watch the video :)