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    I love:<br />bubbles, water balloons, carnations, vintage mustangs, deep green eyes, the rain, the smell of wet pavement, guys cologne, my friends, my family, and of course my Lord, the changing seasons, a slight breeze, long car rides, black inked pens...not blue, tearing/folding leaves, green, bible class, fire places, camping, hot cocoa without marshmallows, helium, small fish and turtles, shooting, getting dressed up, shoes, sincere words, sharing thoughts and moments with my closest friends, the stars, beautiful lyrics with a beautiful melody, coffee, summer dresses, flip flops, sunglasses, making collages, large windows, swings, stick shifts & safety belts ;-) , monet's paintings, traveling, laughter, orange juice, typing, old books, pictures, layered shirts, music boxes, record players, silver, flats, iced tea, lemonade, over-stuffed chairs...
  1. eclecticbrunett

    Re-Introducing Myself

    yeah, I've been here since '04...I used to be so active on here! haha. There are tons of members now! I remember when there was under 500 since I was number 303
  2. eclecticbrunett

    Re-Introducing Myself

    Thanks! I remember your screen name!
  3. eclecticbrunett

    Re-Introducing Myself

    Hey everyone! I'm Mae. I have been on CTF for...years now, but at times life will get busy and I wont be on here for months at a time. I hardly recognize any of the usernames. Anyway, even though I'm not a newbie, I'm still probably fairly new to you. :-) So....I'm Mae and it's wonderful to meet you.
  4. eclecticbrunett


    Ha, I wrote an entire blog on whow much I dislike her music. She is sleezy and self-centered.
  5. eclecticbrunett

    Do you have any piercings?

    there's lots of options for nose rings...actual rings, and then the studs. I just bought two new ones; tiny little diamond studs. hold an earring up to your nose and give yourself an idea. or try stick on jewlery just to see! It's expensive if you decide right after you don't like it.
  6. eclecticbrunett

    Rate Da Sig!

  7. eclecticbrunett

    Still friends with your ex?

    ha...girl, you need to slow it down. also, sounds like your parentals aren't cool with you going out since you can't talk to half the guys! lol. I'm not saying I know what the situation is, but that's just what it looks like
  8. eclecticbrunett

    Just need prayer

    things have been getting better, so thank you guys! seriously it's so wonderful to know you guys have been praying!
  9. eclecticbrunett

    yes or no to Abortion?

    Abortion takes a life, in any instance...it doesn't matter what the circumstances are surrounding the abortion.
  10. eclecticbrunett

    Apple VS Microsoft

    I love macs! I'm going to get a macbook for when I head off to college, but it will have a dual OS. windows and mac. It was pretty easy to transition. I've had way more problems with microsoft with viruses and such and never had a problem with our mac!
  11. eclecticbrunett


    thanks freeze! that's way helpful! Now I know I have a rim :-) L ear: rim, and 2 lobes (used to be 4) R ear: 2 lobes it's fun having the rim. I've wanted an industrial too!
  12. eclecticbrunett

    the person below me

    nope TPBM loves to watch movies
  13. eclecticbrunett

    Just need prayer

    thanks you guys!
  14. eclecticbrunett

    Boy/girl Name ABCs

    xavier :-P
  15. eclecticbrunett

    Woman Issues

    mine isn't regular...so the most annoying thing is when it comes unexpectadely. sometimes it's only two weeks apart, other times it's off by being about 5 days early or late. sometimes I get cramps and others I wont. I didn't this last time!