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  1. Levi4Christ


    It's been a long time...over 3-4 years I believe. But is there anyone still on here that remembers me?
  2. Levi4Christ

    Fav Video?

    either Coheed and Cambria's - The Suffering, because they put a mermaid and a centaur together, or mewithoutyou's January of 1979 becauses its so random and that guy looks like such a redneck.
  3. Levi4Christ

    World of Warcraft

    I've played basically all MMORPGS, so let me break it down, lol. Everquest: good graphics, amazing controls and control possibilities(macros, etc), terrible pvp system, twinking is rampant,better group environment(in old days, not too sure anymore), economy is going down the drain as of now, not enough low end content, DoD is cool. World of Warcraft: Great pvp, not much twinking due to everything being binds on equip and req level, graphics aren't great , classes aren't nearly fully developed, quests get very repetitious, grinding is extremely boring. But, this game is mainly about PvP. Have any other questions PM me.
  4. Levi4Christ


    I'm jumping into this late but... I love invader zim though i wouldn't really call it anime I can't stand Inuyasha, couldn't tell you why Full Metal Alchemist is ok, hard to follow if you miss a few episodes though. I love Cowboy Bebop, the music and plots are great. Ummm I liked Case Closed when it came on earlier. And...I'm going to sing the Doom song!
  5. Levi4Christ

    What Are You Listening to the Saga!

    Goodbye, Goodnight - Mae
  6. Levi4Christ

    CTF Official Christian Music Debate

    I absolutely hated worship before I became a Christian, I used to make fun of the songs, but I got introduced to some metal/hardcore christian music and I loved it. (I have since learned to enjoy worship)
  7. Levi4Christ


    I saw 2 episodes of that and then it just seemed to disappear...was it cancelled?
  8. Levi4Christ

    Where do you believe

    Not calling you a psychopath or anything, but a thought like that in the wrong hands would mean mass genocide.
  9. Levi4Christ


    Pfft you fools, my avatar is the best animation! =P
  10. Levi4Christ

    What Are You Listening to the Saga!

    ^^^^ I love that band so much... Bradley Hathaway - manly man
  11. Levi4Christ

    Coheed and Cambria

    I've been obsessed with In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth. Haven't heard the earlier cds yet but I love them so far.
  12. Levi4Christ

    Where do you believe

    I believe it should be left out of government entirely (Puritans) because a misinterpretation on the part of someone like, say Hitler, who is a great speaker and can move people to action, could be disastrous. I believe it should be out of school in the sense of trying to force it on other people, but not in the sense of say, me wanting to pray about something.
  13. Levi4Christ

    What Are You Listening to the Saga!

    Not to copy but... Last Good Part of Town - Fall Out Boy
  14. Levi4Christ

    strange sports

    I consider moshing a sport.
  15. Levi4Christ


    As I lay Dying, Dead Poetic, Showbread,Norma Jean, Demon Hunter,Disciple,Project 86, The Showdown, Soul Embraced, Living Sacrifice...I can't think anymore...oh well, some of these aren't really metal, but still really good.