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  1. Been one crazy ride this last month. Holiday craziness has to be better.

  2. New semester, new adventures. What will the future hold? Let us venture forth and see. :)

  3. Semester is half over. I will be so glad to be done with A&P in about seven weeks.

  4. First day done. Brains, zombies and surveys.

  5. The last of my ordered Christmas presents came today. Now I don't have to stress so much

    1. God's_Princess


      Plus finals are done. Yay!!

  6. I have an exam in 12 hours. And out of 85 items I need to know, I know maybe 19 of them. I'm in trouble

    1. Yoda


      How did you go?

    2. Paige Elizabeth

      Paige Elizabeth

      I feel your pain. I do that all the time.

    3. God's_Princess


      Fairly sure I failed. Looks like I'll be repeating the class in the spring

  7. Seriously, this prescription had better be some type of miracle mediciine for as much as it cost.

  8. Benadryl is my new friend

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    2. Wesker


      I take two teaspoons of benadryl every night for allergies.

    3. ComedyMusicHistory


      And it's so taste too!

    4. God's_Princess


      I take the pill form. When my allergies act up, I'm usually more likely to get sick, so the liquid doesn't work for me

  9. i hate being sick. This is a bad time of semester to have this stupid sinus issue

  10. Movie Night. :)

    1. anyabar1987


      yeah it was ok but I should never have put my foot in my mouth about the movie.... cause now my sister is quizzing me on my opinion of the movie

    2. noelKt5


      That was awesome. Lets do it again soon.

    3. anyabar1987


      We will be doing a marvel film next though right Jen?

  11. Tis the start of the holidays, and effective this past evening, I no longer have employment. Praying they find me a new case soon

    1. Foofer
    2. God's_Princess


      I work home health care, and a case is an assignment to a patient/client

  12. Does anyone else think it's sad that I'm curled up with my heating pad cause I'm cold?

    1. BadgerFan


      No way! It's freezing!

    2. anyabar1987


      yes because my window is still cracked at the top and I slept half the night without my blanket and I am further north than you

  13. Psychology. I hate this class. So grateful semester is more than half over at this point

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    2. noelKt5


      Marisa, I'm so sorry that you still don't recognize the awesomeness that is Psych.

    3. T.O.W.R.


      Dude, Psychology is the bomb. I spend quite a lot of time just studying different aspects of it.

    4. Marley


      Psych is dabomb.com.

      Some proffs are able to make it absolutely terrible though. So I feel ya.

  14. Baking, baking, baking. The kitchen is a mess, I'm covered in flour, and any and all available surfaces are covered. Hoping we sell this stuff tomorrow

  15. Pretty good. Getting ready to work on homework

  16. Well, hello then. How are you doing?

  17. Thanks chico. I will. Probly after I take my math test tho.

  18. not too much. How are you?

  19. Hi there. Are you Katy?

  20. Trying to cram. I think I'm on night five of very little sleep. Kind of has me worried