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  1. *sigh* Would you go join me in facebook chat?

  2. *sigh* okay, have a good sleep

  3. Baking, baking, baking. The kitchen is a mess, I'm covered in flour, and any and all available surfaces are covered. Hoping we sell this stuff tomorrow

  4. Been one crazy ride this last month. Holiday craziness has to be better.

  5. Benadryl is my new friend

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    2. Wesker


      I take two teaspoons of benadryl every night for allergies.

    3. ComedyMusicHistory


      And it's so taste too!

    4. God's_Princess


      I take the pill form. When my allergies act up, I'm usually more likely to get sick, so the liquid doesn't work for me

  6. blech. So tell me about yourself.

  7. Can you come join us in bored for a few minutes. We're so close to having it done

  8. Chica, go to bored, we need your help, we're actually getting somewhere

  9. Couple of my friends insisted that I come back just for something, and I got sucked back in the black hole. Hey, if you're on, come join us in Bored, we're trying to make a goal

  10. Does anyone else think it's sad that I'm curled up with my heating pad cause I'm cold?

    1. BadgerFan


      No way! It's freezing!

    2. anyabar1987


      yes because my window is still cracked at the top and I slept half the night without my blanket and I am further north than you

  11. Doing pretty good. What have you been up to the last few years

  12. ewwwww. I just ate a cherry Danish and finished off my pepsi

  13. First day done. Brains, zombies and surveys.

  14. Fun. I'm back in school, working on my nursing degree. Looking for a job. What are you majoring in

  15. Geez, thanks for calling me old. I guess compared to you I am. Hello to you as well. I'm doing well. How are you doing?

  16. Hey chica--what have you been up to lately? Glad to see you're still around

  17. Hey Yoda, how are you doing these days?

  18. Hi there. Are you Katy?