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  1. Can you come join us in bored for a few minutes. We're so close to having it done

  2. lol. Yep. We're having a bored reunion of sorts. There's a post in the announcements section for all of us oldies. You should go comment

  3. Hey chica--what have you been up to lately? Glad to see you're still around

  4. I actually transferred to the local college and almost none of my credits transferred, so I have a couple years now

  5. Fun. I'm back in school, working on my nursing degree. Looking for a job. What are you majoring in

  6. Doing pretty good. What have you been up to the last few years

  7. That's good. What are you studying?

  8. *sigh* okay, have a good sleep

  9. Chica, go to bored, we need your help, we're actually getting somewhere

  10. Couple of my friends insisted that I come back just for something, and I got sucked back in the black hole. Hey, if you're on, come join us in Bored, we're trying to make a goal

  11. Not much. Spamming in bored, why don't you come join us?

  12. *sigh* Would you go join me in facebook chat?

  13. lol, That's cool. I'm 26, a CNA and working(slowly) to getting my RN degree. I'm from PA, And I swore when I left in '09 I would never come back here

  14. blech. So tell me about yourself.

  15. ewwwww. I just ate a cherry Danish and finished off my pepsi

  16. interesting... I prefer Pepsi

  17. White mountain dew?

  18. Geez, thanks for calling me old. I guess compared to you I am. Hello to you as well. I'm doing well. How are you doing?