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    big fat guy in a red suit came too his igloo door....
  2. StarfoxFan

    This game can get kinda hard :D

    isn't your monkey going out of control?
  3. StarfoxFan

    Pepsi or Coke

  4. StarfoxFan

    Tatoos & Body Peircings

    I would start another thread but, it'll probably get closed in the space of three weeks. You're right though, we should get back to the subject.
  5. StarfoxFan

    Death Penalty

    come on, get a grip man. just because this know-it-all thinks he can solve anything, doesn't mean we should hold it against him.
  6. StarfoxFan

    Best Prank

    how about getting on these forums and pretending to be someone youre not and tell people what you really think about them.
  7. StarfoxFan


    i think i will.
  8. StarfoxFan

    Strange Stuff

    well i don't neccessarily believe that but youre intilted to your own opinion. even though it's wrong, youre still intitled to it.
  9. StarfoxFan


    you don't seem like it.
  10. StarfoxFan

    User Sites

    interesting sites.
  11. StarfoxFan

    You stink!

    you're just a little weird. i just told you why you shouldn't drink and you come back with a stupid comment. that's just a little immature.
  12. StarfoxFan

    You stink!

    wine is a mocker, strong drink s raging: and whoever is decieved thereby is not wise. prov.20:1
  13. StarfoxFan

    Hey yo!

    welcome back.
  14. StarfoxFan

    Defending the Orthodox Faith

    and the rason i said that or anything is cause you weren't really being attacked so theres no reason to defend yourself.
  15. StarfoxFan

    Defending the Orthodox Faith

    well accually i do believe in heaven but i don't believe in praying to anyone but god. by the way i am southern baptist.