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    The Father the Son and The Holy Spirit! (and anything that has to do with them!)
  1. Going4God

    Which One???

    ? way too in depth
  2. Going4God

    what religion are you???

    I go to a ''christian'' church but they don't practise or teach ''religion'' The pastors preach out of the bible and they teach, practise good morals & values.
  3. Going4God


    I almost killed myself before. nobody knows except for one of my friends who I wasn't and still aren't 'completely' close with. The only reason I didn't is cuz I was afraid of pain. I was baptized the 21st of this month and I'm recommiting myself to christ. There's a saying that goes, PRAYER IS POWERFUL. its true. Look at my siggy. If you kill yourself think of how many lifes you'll change & it won't be for the better.
  4. Going4God

    Happy Birthday

    thank you all it wasn't a bad day,................... but its been a while and I forgot what I did, Let me ask my mom when she gets home. I'll get back to you.
  5. Going4God

    Ctf Official Dating Debate

    I Don't know, I personally think that the purpose of so called ''Dating'' is just to get to know the person. I'm still very young and don't ''date'' I hang out with certain people I like but its usually in a group or just as friends.
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  7. Going4God

    My Faith

    I had the same thing, my christian lifestyle died down and I didn't like to talk about god and didn't want to talk to him. Eventually though I asked for prayer and for help from friends and family to help me feel that fire, It worked. I'm back in connection with god and it sucks not to be so i'll definetly pray hard.
  8. Going4God

    Don't Know What To Do

    Do you know her backround? why would she think that?
  9. Going4God

    I dislike...

    I dislike that I'm grounded for the next 22 days after today!
  10. Going4God

    Is any1 on?

    wasup? I'm here!
  11. Going4God

    WhaT's YeR SkOoL mAsCot?!

    Desert Horizon - purple and silver
  12. :cry: I have a friend who does drugs, not just privately either. They brag about it to certain people (including me) and take it to school. I won't tell on them simply because I was brought up if you don't know 'em well mind your own buisness. Besides sometimes I think they are just talking. I haven't talked about it to anyone else but a couple of my closest friends who also know. Anyways, I just needed to say something to get it off my mind.