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  1. Wow, your avatar is kind of weird. Was that your first avatar?

  2. Happy birthday for the previous month since I missed it. (Not that you'll likely ever read this message).

  3. Happy Birthday!(=

  4. Happy birthday! (Even though, admittably, you don't come here anymore. :( ).

  5. hey !

    i hope that you are well :D

    Be Blessed [:

  6. Hey there, I hope you've been well. :)

  7. Spider-Man

    Spidey's Lyrical Corner

    New song. Spidey
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    Spidey's Lyrical Corner

    Eh, felt like writing. Spidey
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    Spidey's Lyrical Corner

  10. Spider-Man

    Can we implement a impeachment process.

    Guitar Guy, I would appreciate it if you didn't speak of me in a condescending way, even if you don't like me. I won't close this thread because there has not been a reason too. I understand that there are problems. Go anywhere on the internet and you're going to have them. I personally however, don't see how complaining about a problem continually makes it any easier to get them done. From what I've seen in management, complaining about things does absolutely nothing. As for computer programmers, it makes it nearly impossible with the current setup to limit them to simply fixing specific things, to my knowledge. That's Chris's jurisdiction. As for moderators that are absent, we are going to start putting them into our retired staff group as to prevent confusion. As for myself, I am on, but I often log on as invisible to simply take care of specific things, and then log off. I also work 40 hours a week now, and I am having problems at home. If you can't understand that, then I'm at a loss as to what to tell you. As for codes of conduct and other things to implement, there has been some differences of opinion between the staff as to what it all should entail. We're trying to cover everything possible, and once that is taken care of these, and everything else that has been worked on, will be posted publicly. And just so people know, I personally asked Skywatcher to help with these. He did a fine job condensing the rules, and as I've been a bit busy, he is giving me a hand, which is what his job is. If you have any more questions, please feel free to PM myself, Chris, or Skywatcher. Do remember that Chris and I work full-time jobs, but we will attempt to get back with you when time presents itself accordingly. Spider-Man
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    Spidey's Lyrical Corner

    I just wrote this, um, 10 minutes ago. Spidey
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    Denomination indicator

    I think it's already been decided that this is a feature that will not be added to the site. Spidey
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    Random Thoughts Thread

    Bored is almost like that. Spidey
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    Hilton for Admin!

    Takes a lot more than patience for some. Spidey
  15. Spider-Man

    Hilton for Admin!

    LOLz. It takes skill to put up with the crap I get. Spidey