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  1. blissful

    Not Understanding!

    He's testing you. You're probably one of very few girls who gave him honest, straight up answers. Now he wants to see what you'll do if he really does present some sort of opportunity, even if it's just a pat on the back, ect. My suggestion is to respond, not ignore his advances. If he does something and you say, "Knock it out, I answered you truthfully and I wasn't joking at all" versus turning away or pretending it didn't bother you or happen at all, he will keep doing so until he get a response--any response.
  2. blissful


    Hmm...haven't been here in a while... Anyhoo, DO go back to college. Above all else, it's a great experience. Also, don't be afraid or even ashamed to go to a smaller or community college. I know a man (google him, Dwayne Bray) who came from a not-so-glamorous college, but is now next in line to become the president of ESPN International. I also know a NASA engineer, basically a "rocket scientist", who had a similar beginning. Just curious, what is Pensecola's admittance policy? It's very strange to me that they've told you not to return.
  3. blissful

    DMB or John Mayer

    This is a hard one. I like Jason Mraz and John Mayer...
  4. blissful


    Lying...hmmm...??? It's a little gray, but you did knowingly leave out info. Deception, however, yes. At first you made it sound as if you simply changed your mind, but since you stated that you're a serial offender I believe that's the kind of situation we have here, lol. Next time just say how you feel. If it's time to go to sleep it just is, and they should be able to respect that.
  5. blissful

    What are you allowed to do on a Sunday?

    Everything. Well, not everything, but you get my drift. From the sound of your initial post you sound as if you believe Sunday is the Sabbath. Actually, the Sabbath ends when the sun goes down on Saturday. Sabbath = Saturday. However, we are to treat each day as though it were our last. Notice the Bible never mandates for a specific law to be abided only for a single day (generally speaking, I know there are exceptions). Treat each day as if God was watching--because He is.
  6. blissful

    A Question About Suicide

    What the valiant fellow above me stated. Taking one's life is basically murdering yourself and thus considered a sin. However (since I know where this may be going), that doesn't mean you'll go to hell. All of our sins have been atoned for already, so unless you are a Christian you'd go to that hot place down south (no, not the Bahamas, sorry).
  7. blissful

    Which Brand Name Do You Prefer?

    All of them I guess...it all depends on what I happen to like. My style is kinda preppyish/vintage/punk/urban (I know, so simple, lol) if that helps any. I'm currently collecting chucks and vans, and if I see something else I like I'll probably get those too.
  8. blissful


    The Lion King. I am moreso enamored by their costumes though. I got a chance to see everything up close and it's amazing.
  9. blissful

    are you in a relationship?

    No, not at all. I was actually tossed to the side not too long ago, the guy had a problem with our social circles. Basically, he's a "cool kid" and I'm a "not so cool kid". I'm also a little too Christianesque for him, if you don't mind me making up terms. We are both Christians though.
  10. blissful


    Yes, He could cure anything He wants to. However, we need to first remember that illness and disease are our fault to begin with. The wages of sin is death. We, as humans, are the downfall of our own selves. We die and suffer because we chose to. People made up the idea of having doctors because in the natural, we operate in a degenerative state. In twenty years I will look a lot different than I do now because our bodies break down. Also remember, a person could have a spiritual gift that doesn't work in the realm of healing.
  11. blissful

    Do you twirl your hair?

    Sometimes, if I get bored enough. For me the question would really be, "Who twirls your hair?". A lot of people aren't used to seeing hair like this, and even though I cut it they still stick their hands in it. Yay.
  12. blissful


    Hmmm...it seems as though you have a one-dimensional view of miracles. True, Jesus used miracles on occasion to show that He was indeed the Son of God. However there were many instances in which He performed a miracle simply because He wanted to. For example, Jesus often performed miracles because He had compassion for people (Luke 7:11-17, in which a widow's son was brought back to life, or as Matthew 14:14 states, "And Jesus went forth, and saw a great multitude, and was moved with compassion toward them, and he healed their sick."). Jesus did these things because He had the ability and because He wanted to, not necessarily to prove His deity. Also, miracles that did happen to be performed to show His deity weren't done so on behalf of believers. Why "prove" something to those who believe already? He isn't "reconvincing". Affirming possibly, as with Thomas, but remember that the miracle of the resurrection wasn't for Thomas either--it was so the whole world could be saved. As for a cure for AIDS, He actually has paved a way for it to possibly happen. John 14:12 says, "I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Son may bring glory to the Father. You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it." Now, I'm not necessarily saying I could walk out of my house, slap someone with AIDS on the noggin and miraculously cure them, but we certainly do have the potential to do so. He gave us the gifts of the Spirit for a reason. As far as the topic is concerned, yes, I do believe miracles happen today. I am a very accident proned person, lol, and this past February I slipped and fell and broke my fall with my face. On concrete. Ouchies. Why I wasn't more hurt I have no idea, since I more than sure if it was videotaped it could have been on MTV's "Scarred" (seen it a few times, OUCH). I'm okay though, and I know it had nothing to do with luck. I have many other medical emergencies that I only survived because God changed the outcome itself.
  13. blissful

    How Do You Balance?

    Hmm...you just kinda fit in everything I guess. I rarely used CTF when I was in school, and hardly ever watched tv. In fact, I didn't even have one. I also worked, and was very tired sometimes, but I still managed. Last semester I finished with 3 A's and one C (that class was HARD, I thought I had a D) to get a 3.16.
  14. blissful

    Inter-Racial Marriage

    Hmmm...a little off topic, but speaking in tongues isn't quite something that's done on the fly. In fact, if you ever see this happening (the abuse of the gifts of the Spirit), get outta there. You want to associate with people who respect and are grateful for what God has given them. Also, from what I've seen, it's moreso denominations than races who do it more. Those of the pentecostal persuasion and some Baptists often exercise the gifts. Never seen a Lutheran though :::chuckles::: As for the bold, I give a resounding "ew". Yeah, we are often singled out for our body types, but I assure you that I doubt my future will be overly interested in my "ghetto booty". The thought actually makes me want to go and smack my little brother, just in case he has that mentality, lol.
  15. blissful

    Evan Almighty

    Yes, I believe so. Don't get me wrong, some parts of the previews I've seen did make me chuckle out of its ridiculousness, but all in all virtually no part of the account of the Flood is in any way comical. From what I've seen, things are usually made funny in order to take the "big" out of "big deal". For example - the infamous speeches or presentations that are done in school. You're nervous, and rightly so, and your teacher tells you to take a deep breath and imagine everyone is naked, or wearing clown suits, or...see? Get my drift? Your topic could have been serious, let's say you're detailing Blood Diamonds, but at the same time visualizing your classmates in clown suits. For your own well-being, you've mentally diluted the situation in order to actually get it out of your mouth. In my opinion, Hollywood is doing a very good job at getting us used to smiling, chuckling, or shrugging at things that aren't inherently funny. They know this. Everyone knows this. Niva, the resident athiest (hello there, by the way), also recognizes this. The flow of how the general public, believers included, have handled Christianity has allowed for movies of this nature to be planned and filmed. If someone in Hollywood wanted to take an account from the Koran and produce a satire, there would be sizeable backlash. If the makers of SouthPark did another spoof of Scientology, best believe we'd be hearing from Tom Cruise.