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    1. Swimming <br>2. Acting<br>3. Singing
  1. dramaqueen121

    Whats your favorite sport?

    Swimming all the way!
  2. dramaqueen121

    What is the last movie you watched?

    I watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory last!
  3. dramaqueen121

    Popularity Contest

    Go Anon!!!
  4. dramaqueen121

    Affirmation thread

    Misheah: To one of my bestest buddies, Girl you are the BOMB! You are super fun tyo talk to, and we can talk about anything! Luv ya girl!
  5. dramaqueen121

    Last Word First

    Head, Shoulder, Knees and Toes is on of my fave songs!
  6. dramaqueen121

    Alphabet Game

    Yellow Marmosets
  7. dramaqueen121


    Not many people swim competetively!!!! It si such a great sport! I also love baseball.
  8. dramaqueen121

    Favorite cloths brand

    I like American Eagle and Areopostal! But I also like Mudd! :partyguy:
  9. dramaqueen121

    name a country or state!

  10. dramaqueen121

    The Incredibles

    Yeah I agree with guitar guy about them saying God too much but it was a pretty good movie.
  11. dramaqueen121

    Finding Nemo

    Finding Nemo is one of my Favorite movies, I think that Dory is my fave character!
  12. Hey ya'll anyone from Tennessee?
  13. dramaqueen121

    Favorite Cartoon Shows?

    My favorite cartoon show is Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi. But I also like Static Shock and Teen Titans.
  14. dramaqueen121

    what song is stuck in your head

    the song in my head is "Letters From War"
  15. dramaqueen121

    Favorite Games

    Hey, I like them too!!!!!