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  1. Sami? Sami Jane? Sammy is it you!? I will never forget you. Never.

  2. Well well well.




    1. Captain Jack Sparrow

      Captain Jack Sparrow

      Not that it hurt my feeling or whatever but you never replied to this.

  3. Thanks for reporting the troll!

  4. Happy birthday Sami! 

    1. Sami_jane


      Two years too late, but thanks! lol 

  5. It seems like everytime I pop in here there's only like 5 people on ....Summer is boring and I need something to do! lol

    1. Yoda


      You can post in Bored!

  6. Sami_jane

    Official CTF Ask Me... Thread

    The philanthropist billionare me. Would you rather have no toes or no fingers?
  7. Sami_jane


    And I feel your pain. I mainly have condiments in my fridge and that's it. Fully living the single life right now lol.
  8. Sami_jane


    Soooo did the new bored ever start from Christmas?
  9. Sami_jane


    Looking back on it now, I'm pretty surprised that this didn't drop a tornado. Ah well, this is what you get when you live in tornado alley. Soooo does anyone have any plans for the New Years? I did but they got cancelled due to the fact that we have a giant mass of sleet and snow heading our way that should be starting at any time now.
  10. Sami_jane


    I've always thought that it looks like a giant eye.
  11. Sami_jane


    So I was bored and going back through some of my fb pictures and came across this. It's probably one of my favorite photos and I completely forgot about it! I took it like maybe a couple of months after the Joplin tornado. It was about 10 miles out of Joplin.
  12. Sami_jane


    I wish I still had mine. I remember that I used to have a full book case of VHS. I also had a lot of Dragon Ball Z that I have no clue what happened to them lol.
  13. Sami_jane

    Air Asia flight missing with 162 on board.

    Well it looks like they were right. They have found six bodies this morning floating in the sea. None of them had on life jackets and they also found the emergency door to the plane but I doubt there will be any survivors. It's really sad and I feel for the families involved but at the same time I am glad that they at least got some closure.
  14. Sami_jane


    I moved back to America a while back. But I think I might have sold my VHS collection in a garage sale to raise money for Japan. lol
  15. Sami_jane


    Yes! And they always put that slogan on all of our videos back when we still had a Crown Video store. I used to have all the old Disney movies on VHS and also Veggietales but not anymore. I kind of miss it.