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    Writing songs, playing piano, playing in my band, reading
  1. i think its funny that my algebra teacher had trouble counting today
  2. i do the same thing....or i say something totally random...Spongi is my favorite....cause then it's funny and yet you can go off on so many tangents
  3. Awesomness *toasts the REGULAR pepsi*
  4. listening to RK and chatting with a really good friend
  5. i find it funny that i still watch Winnie the Pooh good times
  6. mmm...chocolate makes me smile
  7. I like Kutless
  8. Has crazy fingers *snaps for the packers fan*
  9. i cant stand the Packers
  10. i think it's fooby that i need to go to bed soon...sleep is goodness i also think its fooby that i overtook this whole section of CTF...YAY
  11. me buddiez make me smile all the time
  12. ive been on for almost two hours now i have no life
  13. i like pineapple tho dont understand it cause theres nothing appley about it!
  14. i find it funny that whenever random people IM me, they usually end up being exactly like me craziness
  15. At convention this summer, i fell into a muddle of pud.....switch that