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  1. DanTheMan

    This or that

    Tree. Ceiling or Floor?
  2. I was quite upset . I was reading a testimony of a man who was diagnosed with AIDs, and his testimony claimed that God healed his AIDs, not by medicinal means, but by miraculous means. Responses to the testimony were people doubting this miracle and trying to conjure some other explanation. Why do we doubt the power of God? God performed miraculous events throughout the Bible, so why not now? Anyway, that particular subject sparked an idea within me to create a debate to see whether beliefs of charismatic churches have a basis in Scripture or whether its just plain craziness. Such beliefs include: Baptism in the Holy Spirit, healing, prophecy, miracles, visions and speaking in tongues. (This is a large topic, so it could spread over several debates :-P ). I'll provide a little viewpoint to kick off the debate... This debate has impacted me personally. I used to attend a traditional church that taught such things to be crazy, and that God's purpose for such things was for the early Church to be established, so that now the Church is established, they are now not needed. When I attended with the Church of Christ, that teaching never seemed to make sense to me, but I never really investigated such issues. Well, I started university and was not at all bothered about my faith. One of my close friends invited me to a local church, which could be considered as charismatic. I tried it out and thought it was brilliant! I now attend regularly, and since I have done, my faith has grown signficantly! Furthermore, I have been baptised in the Holy Spirit, can now speak in tongues, and have had a prophetic word given to me. I can see no plausible explanation in Scripture for such things to have "vanished" or to be considered "crazy". To me, it just doesn't make sense. If you have any disagreements, I will provide a Scriptural basis. (I could be here all day ). Anyway, lets go. Enjoy the debate . This could become a controversial and personal debate, so if you have any disagreements, please provide a Scriptural basis for your viewpoint. Also, lets not insult each other. God bless, Dan
  3. DanTheMan

    The Shack

    "The Shack". A popular, yet controversial, book that has been read by many Christians. It has received widespread praise for being a landmark novel and for being theologically accurate. However, critics have abhorred the story's theological content claiming it to be heretic. On the other hand, other people just claim it to be fictional and that it should be just left at that. So, what do you think? Accurate? Fictional? Or Heretic? (I noticed that in another thread there was a debate ensuing, so I thought it would be adequate to debate about it here :-) . However, please keep things civil and not get personal or disrespectful).
  4. DanTheMan

    The Shack

    I'm personally a HUGE fan of the book :-) . The story is gripping and it has helped me progress on my spiritual walk with God :-) .
  5. DanTheMan

    What book are you reading now?

    I'm currently reading and studying "Finding God In The Shack" by Randal Rauser. Its proven to be very interesting thus far :-) .
  6. DanTheMan

    Coffee Shop Quiz!

    I do like Starbucks, but there is a chain of coffee shops in the UK that has caught my eye recently - Cafe Nero. I had a wonderful banana-flavoured thing there in London the other day (I can't remember its name :-/ ), so I may be checking that out more.
  7. DanTheMan

    Amazingly Healed........

    There is no doubt that God heals! :-D Praise Him for giving this man his life back! :-) All glory needs to go to God! I will be praying for this man :-) .
  8. DanTheMan

    Homosexual Delivered

    What a powerful and awesome testimony! :-D God's awesomeness is beyond our imagination! Praise Him for such a powerful story of such a broken man coming to Jesus :-) . Not only that, so many people were added to the Kingdom through this story :-) . Very inspirational that the serial killer was saved! God can save ANYONE!
  9. DanTheMan

    How is your summer going?

    Brilliant! :-D Praise God! :-D Its always awesome to see someone dedicating their lives to God :-) . :-/ I'll be praying for you. I know that you're not going through an easy time at the moment. I've currently got depression and it may be a long road to recovery. Hey, with God on our side though, NOTHING can stand in our way! :-D
  10. DanTheMan

    What is your sexual orientation?

    Its a LONG story. I think I'm gonna write a testimony and post it up here soon, so I can share with people what has truly happened in my life. I'll give you a link when I do ;-) ...
  11. DanTheMan

    what is your religion?

    This! :-D I'm not religious, I'm in a relationship with God ;-) .
  12. DanTheMan


    I wear glasses temporarily. The only things I need them for is looking at a board far away and driving. If I forget them, then there could be chaos on the roads :-P ...
  13. DanTheMan

    Christian music

    Its hard to identify specific favourites, but... Singer - At the moment its Tim Hughes - "Living For Your Glory" and "Consuming Fire" are spectacular! :-D Band - The lyrics of the Casting Crowns are SO meaningful, and their songs are composed brilliantly! :-) However, I just singing and listening to the worship music I sing at church; that, quite often, being Hillsong :-) .
  14. DanTheMan

    Return of a Veteran :-P

    I remember you TS ;-) . Its nice to see some old names and faces.
  15. DanTheMan

    Lefty or Righty

    Right-handed :-) ... People who are left-handed are just freaky :-P .