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  1. freezexbrand

    Whoa there!

    Thanks. Your join date makes me feel old, haha.
  2. freezexbrand

    Whoa there!

    I totally forgot about this place till jake (guitarguy who im pretty sure isnt here anymore) texted me yesterday. So hello all you lovelies from your resident tattooed girl. Sorry Jake Soli deo gloria, and I just looked you up, you are still on here.
  3. freezexbrand

    Skyward Sword

    This game makes me hate the wii even more. I love Zelda and I am having fun with it, but I think I would have more fun not having to flip my controller around every two seconds
  4. freezexbrand

    Skyward Sword

    'bout to go play it. I'll let you know what I think.
  5. freezexbrand

    Dragon Age Origins

    So you going to tell us what you think of the game or are you spending all your time playing it?
  6. Actually (part 2) I just beat that game and in the special levels you get a silver leaf that does allow you to become a statue.
  7. Or fly, you can glide really well though
  8. freezexbrand

    It's 11/11/11!

    Pretty much everyone that walked into Gamestop that day was the only word they could say. I've never seen so many nerds crawling out of their dens for this one. Although I was informed that the cool kids are calling it skrim or skrimin.
  9. freezexbrand

    It's 11/11/11!

    it was also Skyrim day
  10. freezexbrand

    Dragon Age Origins

    oh dragon age. I've done one playthrough of it, it's no mass effect (my opinion) but it's a still a great Bioware game. If you don't know anything about Bioware let me just tell you that you're in for a lot of reading. Its a great fantsy RPG where you can choose your class and level up your character but what's particular about Bioware games is that the decsions you make in the game through your choices effect your game play, so you could potentially play it over and over and over again without ever having to play the same game twice. My opinion is that it's a solid game but when it comes down to it, I'd rather play mass effect (i'm more into science fiction than fantasy, also I like a main character that can talk). P.S. it's not just M rated for violence, there's some 'romance' options you can choose. So you get maybe 30 seconds of an awkward sex scene between your charaters, if you so choose to romance them. It's not graphic or anything though. P.P.S. More people who played the first one first hated the second one. If you've never played any sort or RPG or the original dragon age the second is ok. I haven't played it myself because I don't want to believe Bioware can do anything wrong or half asked, so I just avoid it and pretend it doesn't exist.
  11. freezexbrand


    You should be very weary of me then. I don't have to get a tattoo, I just like getting them. It's not about harming myself either, I'm totally not into that. Also, Our bodies perish, our soul does not, we need to focus on the soul and not the body. I've actually used my tattoos to spread the Gospel, my manager at work jokingly calls me a walking Bible because all my biggest pieces are depictions on verses that when anyone asks about them I can share my one true love with them. We can go back an forth on who is interpreting the Bible right or (hopefully) we can agree to disagree and still stay as a whole body unified under Christ. So far we've been able to keep it civil, but I know (as things thend to do here) persons will derail it into a he said she said match and the thread gets closed for flaming. I'm not going to say tattoos are for everyone, and I do believe some people shouldn't get them. They've been able to help my in my ministry (gearing more towards subculture ministry) but I can see how they can be a stumbling block in someone else's. It's a matter to take up between you and Lord. That's my two cents.
  12. freezexbrand

    Being Gay and A Minority Not Comparable

    Create a gay faction of the military. Problem solved.
  13. I don't know the statistics but I would assume it's because most women don't get raped by their employers
  14. freezexbrand

    Zelda or Mario?

    Zelda FTW. I'm surprised I haven't gotten a Zelda tattoo yet.
  15. freezexbrand

    Music Study Group

    i'd join this group, but I dont have enough time in my week. Le sigh