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    College kid going for a computer science major. Although a lot of people tell me I should be a teacher or a youth minister and do computers on the side.
    I've been with the same girl for six years now. Yes we plan on getting married.
    Always playing video games or reading in my spare time from work and school.
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    Computers, Video Games, and Reading
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    Food court in a grocery store
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  1. Happy birthday!!!! 

  2. We have conversations in this game now? 520
  3. Today's one of two of my days off Jordan. Don't plan on going in.
  4. Anyone want to go to class for me?
  5. So if anyone is still playing I found an online connection. Well actually two but I can't use one anymore seeing as it's at my girlfriends house and she's going off to college tomorrow. But I can get on at my college. Might be on Tuesdays and Thursdays from about 9:30 to about 10:45 Central Time.
  6. Yeah that's about the only way to truly protect your card. That or card protection from the provider/bank/protection company.
  7. Why do we even have a stealing option? Or the fire a moderator?
  8. I know this is an old thread but I'm bored and randomly going through the forum. Since Mr.Sugar was banned can someone else tell me what unnatural birth control would be? And the way I see birth control is would you rather stop a baby from happening to begin with or would you rather get it aborted? Most Christians are against abortion so I would think the first option would be more suitable.
  9. I've played it. I've only played through once though so I'm not really sure how many endings there are. I'm on my second right now. First I was an elven mage and now I'm an elven rouge. Awakening is pretty good. It's short but it's only an expansion not a game so... They are already making Dragon Age II.
  10. Team Make Up Your Mind Already. Don't read the books. Dragged or forced to watch the movies by my girlfriend. First two sucked. By the third they improved their acting by like 1% so now there amateur actors not high school play actors... Actually more like middle school but whatever. And the fight scene was pretty good.
  11. Actually disagreeing with you is simple stating an opinion. Arguing the opinion is debating. Other than that... What exactly is the point of this thread other than you saying you think there are 73 books in the bible but according to you there can be no discussion against this... Unless I feel like moving it to debates where it will likely end up anyway, or just closed.
  12. The person is asked if they want to become a mod for CTF. If they say yes they are usually put on as a Lim-Mod as a trial.
  13. Yeah I'd be like one of the only mods for the age limit. I started when I was 16 though so I wouldn't of made the cut.
  14. DUDE! Hedwig! How can you forget Hedwig. And which ever twin didn't die lost an ear.
  15. Chat mods. We decided that the chat does need mods who are in there often not just every once in a while when forum mods get time.