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  1. cookies&cream288

    do you like chips?

    what chips do you like?
  2. cookies&cream288

    what do you like most?

    i like reading most. what do you like to do?
  3. why are many pepole against the book its fiction.
  4. i love to dance but not infrount of people
  5. cookies&cream288

    what's your favorite bible verse?

    i like john 3:16"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son,[a] that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
  6. cookies&cream288


    im so happy i passed my RCT-regents comptency test it if i dont pass the real earth science regents im able to get a local credit this test is only for NY and CA i don't know why but I passed i had to take it this morning i am still amazed
  7. cookies&cream288


    make him a card and take him to MD and get some mic-chicken or what ever eles is on the doller menu he should be grateful he has a good friend melinda
  8. cookies&cream288

    The oddest thing you can do?

    i can do the feet thing like thoughin trash a way and stuff and i can put my left arm behind my back and move my sholder blade cool right? -C&C
  9. what would you do when your lonely? i would eat ice cream and read a book tell me what you do -melidna-
  10. cookies&cream288

    heres some one new

    hey every one i want my new friend SilverStone to fell welcomed
  11. cookies&cream288

    Food Fight

    thoughs some wipcream at CC
  12. cookies&cream288

    Food Fight

  13. cookies&cream288

    Food Fight

    she slids on the floor and ducks at the same time she thours anothe pie
  14. cookies&cream288

    Food Fight

  15. cookies&cream288

    Food Fight

    hay you cant oh well *c&c tacks a pie and smers it in beccas face* C7C ducks under a table as tater- tots come flying
  16. cookies&cream288

    Happy Birthday!

    happy b-day JR *gives a big hug * And how old are you?
  17. cookies&cream288

    Food Fight

    yikes that was close and throughs a potato
  18. cookies&cream288

    Food Fight

    *picks up a big ice cream sunday and thoughs it a starry* c&c looks and ducks so not to be sean
  19. cookies&cream288

    What age...

    i was six
  20. cookies&cream288

    wow 7o

    i hit 70 to day i am 30 forom 100
  21. cookies&cream288


    mmmmm maybe ya catwomen shes cool
  22. cookies&cream288

    wow 7o

    ya i know but i HAVE been bizzy you know w/ softball and homework i miss talking with people here
  23. cookies&cream288

    Hit The 4000!

    good work dan keep it up so far im at 70 ok 72lol
  24. cookies&cream288

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!

    THANKS :partyguy: :partyguy: :partyguy:
  25. April 21 plz its coming up next week