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    GOD! i really like art, running, and talking on the phone (or IM) Im really focused on getting closer to God and helping my friends do the same
  1. thanks peopole, yeah i definatly know dating in high school wont lead to marrage (although my aunt and uncle dated since freshman year...but that's a strange miracle) neways i really appreciate al the feedback...it's really helped
  2. RUNS IN SCREAMING!!!! *pulls off mask and get's hit in the face* ouch....
  3. i think that you need to have things in common...like the dude i like me and him only like disagree with two things (it's awsome)
  4. green day are more pop punk, but they still have the attitude, i like blink 182 and Good Charlotte! has anyone heard of Foo fighters? they rock too....
  5. tootie chickenhead!!!! that rocks!!!
  6. havent had it yet, i really want to save it for marrage....it sounds crazy but i live for danger how about yourself?
  7. ok so i prayed really hard and i asked my friends to pray of rme about this guy i really really liked and my friends all thought he liked me back, but i had my doubts. Yesterday i finally got enough nerve to ask him if had any feelings towards me and he responded "um....were friends" and i got really discouraged, but i smiled and acted like it was no big deal, now i feel like hitting myself on the head witha rock untill i pass out....i dont know if i should call him and say sorry for asking (i kinda asked him off guard, and right when he was about to leave school) or act like nothing happened, or be depressed....im really praying hard and im trying to seek advice...so should i still remain friends if it is akward now? and what should i say if he brings it up again?
  8. it sounds cool, but i agree you need a drummer and crnak up the guitar...but rock on! at least your known to few people....unlike my air band keep up the great work
  9. hillary duff or linsdsay lohan are soooo not hot....i have never heard of a VANS skatepark (although their shoes OWN!) but there's a awsome skatepark in denver (my faimily was on a road trip) and it's like huge! and free! it's really cool....i really wana go to the one in indiana, forgot what it's called....
  10. Can i be someone's friend? i swear i dont bite....ill be your friend!
  11. im so confused....yet sooooo bored! GAWWWW neone know how many dot's/bumps are on their celing?
  12. geez people have pretty hard classes compared to me 1. Study hall 2. Algebra 1 :bangin: 3. Pe (i had history last semester) 4LUNCH!!!! :gossip: 5. ART!!!!!!!!!! (really hot guy in that class) 6. french :disgust: 7.biology :yucky: 8. english all in one day, but it's all good
  13. you could try and talk to your friends, although those things were your friends fault, ask thm why they did it and if it was really worth it. another thing is to annoymiously give their names to a pastor or maybe ask them to talk to a pastor or someone....it could really help....although your friends made bad choices you can always be a shouldder to lean on and give advice...jsut remeber dont tell them "it's your fault" they already know this and are most likly regretting the mistake, help them to not make that mistake again
  14. im well it would be fun to do something just diffrent....it depends on your money,a nd your space, and your time...i would do like a diffrent theme than everyplace else, liek amybe evena casual, or something like a chinese garden. anything weird and out there, it's always to get ideas out there....anothe idea my school did was like old movies, people dressed u all 50's movie star's and they had ared carpet and mostly 50's songs so the dancing was also cleaner, you cant do lap dances with elvis....
  15. depends on the place, i have a ton of integrity at school, i hate it when people get in fights, but at places where i dont know anyone, like at a mall, i could get serously hurt by people i dont know....so i mean it depends....