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  1. One day this forum won't be hosted any longer and the history of my teenage years will be wiped from the internet. I'll always be thankful for how formidable this forum was in my adolescent years; I wouldn't be who I am without it. 

    1. Jesusismyticket
    2. Josh (J)
    3. Yoda


      You should save the important threads to PDF to keep a record, just in case. 

  2. It may be just something to deal with, but that doesn't it stop it from being terrible. I hope it doesn't become something worse. Especially with your academic future looking bright.

  3. I appreciate it. That sucks about the headaches though and stress is never fun. Do you think it's just stress or something else?

  4. No, and now I'm not even sure if I will. My parents are fighting tooth and nail for us to stay but we may still have to move anyway. They cold literally turn around and say "You've got 3 weeks.". The military is a jerk that way. I'm kinda hoping we do, I think Texas has lost whatever bit of shine it once had. How has life been for you since leaving the band? Pursuing a solo career?

  5. Love you. Even though I don't say it enough.

  6. I just realized that Hubermench is a play on Ubermench and I feel very disappointed in myself for taking this long to figure it out.

    1. T.O.W.R.



    2. Jakob


      It is indeed!

      I have a very German name as it is, so I looked up common German last names and found Huber which means farmer. Then I thought of a professor I have with a last name of Huberman. Then I Germanified it into Hubermensch (Farmer man) and threw the umlauts in there for good measure making the best of all worlds.

  7. haha Just doing my part! :P

  8. le sent! :D Have fun.

  9. What's funny is that Wright also wrote the foreward. I'm skeptical of a lot in the book, but I do think it has several highly constructive ideas as well.

  10. To the extent that you still find yourself interested in cool Christian theology, you seriously ought to read "The Deliverance of God" by Douglas Campbell. It brought to mind for me a post you made a few weeks ago.

  11. So I got a letter from NNU today stating I am now a 'select student'. I can apply to the school without any letters of recommendation and will receive a response within a week, and will be considered top priority for housing etc. if I get accepted. I cried tears of joy.

  12. <3, Right back at you.

  13. Do you think we can Skype soon? I'll be busy for the next few days, but I'd really enjoy talking to you at some point.

  14. How'd yesterday go?

  15. Works for me. What should we talk about first?

    1. Jakob


      I dunno. Aristotle.