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  1. One day this forum won't be hosted any longer and the history of my teenage years will be wiped from the internet. I'll always be thankful for how formidable this forum was in my adolescent years; I wouldn't be who I am without it. 

    1. Jesusismyticket
    2. Josh (J)
    3. Yoda


      You should save the important threads to PDF to keep a record, just in case. 

  2. I get to give a public presentation tomorrow on Kierkegaard, Camus, and the Myth of Sisyphus. <3 #excited

    1. Wesker


      I am jealous.

  3. Those 40 pounds I was going to lose? I've gained 5. Hah. Stress, lack of sleep, poor eating. These things kill me. They're all related, too.

  4. There's a cyst growing in my ear...

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    2. Paigetwo


      What's a cyst?

    3. Jakob


      Discover for yourself. You'll regret it.

    4. Paigetwo
  5. I know this is lame, but I cried when I read my anniversary topic in entirety.

  6. Rob Bell is awesome.

    1. Wesker


      Rob Bell is a cool guy, but his writing is too pedestrian for me.

  7. Momentary carbon stories, made from ash, and filled with Holy Ghost.

    1. Wesker


      What are human beings, Alex?

    2. Jakob


      ;) It's a song.
  8. Giving a presentation on economic inequality. Returning to my paper I wrote on it last semester and feeling my blood boil as I look at the statistics again.

  9. Taco Bell hunger pains.

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    2. Jakob


      I've had Taco Bell on multiple CONTINENTS!!! And you have yet to have it in AMERICA?!

    3. Lefebvre


      Taco Bell is delicious.



    4. Bryce B.

      Bryce B.

      I love taco bell and its aftereffects if you have too much

  10. During my time in Belgium, I will be spending time in a Trappist Monestary, living with Monks and doing as they do.

    1. Paigetwo
    2. Marley


      Hmmm what could Jakob's motivation for living with Trappists be??? ;-) Sounds like an awesome experience, enjoy it!

    3. Lefebvre
  11. Another summer of Delta Airlines in my future.

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    2. Marley


      Bah! Such job perks! D: #jealous

    3. kb5462


      Noooo my Spring Break doesn't start until 13th March :'(

    4. Jakob


      Bah! Humbug!

  12. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hatred. Hatred leads to the darkside.

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    2. Jakob


      I would argue fear does lead to anger. As things do not go your way, you are more likely to become angry about it, unless you learn to embrace what fate has provided for you.

      I believe it to be a true statement.

    3. Wesker


      Fear can lead to anger, but there are many instances where it does not. Hatred is basically an intensification of anger, but the same is not true of anger and fear. Fear of another ethnicity can lead to anger towards said ethnicity. Yet, I have a lot of neurotic fear, for instance, that does not lead to me being angry at all.

    4. Jakob


      Alright, I understand what you're saying now. I did not mean to state this status as pure deductive argument of necessity. This is in every way an inductive syllogism that fear "can" lead to anger and so forth. If undealt with, I believe fear will lead into anger is a more accurate depiction of what I meant.

  13. I'm trying my best to be a better man. Despite all my fears, I really am.

    1. Cato


      Bro, just zone out to

  14. I should probably specify that I'm still heterodox to most standards. I don't believe in the divinity of Jesus, but I have still found faith.

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    2. Jakob


      @John, I suppose? Haha

    3. Jakob


      I really have no idea what that even means at this point.

    4. Lefebvre


      Faith is good. It'd be better if it wasn't damnable non-Christian heresy, but baby steps :D

  15. I have found faith.

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    2. Nicene Nerd

      Nicene Nerd

      This pleases me.

    3. Noel 1525

      Noel 1525

      That's awesome man, I'd love to hear more about it, if you feel like sharing.

    4. Diakonos


      That's amazing. :)

  16. Logic loves me. Logic loves me not.

  17. I am going to lose 40 lbs. It shall happen.

  18. My heart has been broken viciously. I am not confident I will ever be the same after this.

    1. Saved.2.


      I'm so sorry. I'm here if you need/want to talk about it to anyone.

  19. We should make formal grammar a requirement for debating. I'm tired of this text talk nonsense. We must be adults at some point in our writing.

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    2. Crosses


      I hate it when people do this,

      Ur soo silly 4 real i cant even idk #confused y are you being mean to me. 4 some reason everyone duzint undertsand me

    3. Jesusismyticket


      ^ I am not REMOTELY that bad. I hate the ones who uses numbers... they drives me nuts

      H3Y G1RL WHAT5 UP

      that drives me NUTS

    4. Crosses


      L33T is fun.

  20. I am in love.

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    2. Noel 1525

      Noel 1525

      Or has God found him?

    3. Buoyancy


      Or maybe he just ate tacos.

      You never know.

    4. Jesusismyticket


      Orrr it's the fact we were jamming to Taylor Swift the other day ;)

  21. Standing in front of Kierkegaards proverbial 70,000 foot drop.

  22. Daniel in the Den is such a lovely song.

  23. I'm watching Star Wars for the first time in my life. This is amazing.

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    2. Jakob


      Are you able to articulate the plot of Star Wars without assistance?

    3. Paigetwo
    4. T.O.W.R.


      Wait. There's a plot to Star Wars?

  24. I have *so* much stuff to do; however, it is nap time.