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    My Friend's Mother

    Really sad to be posting a second prayer request for a loved one in such a short time, but there you go. My director in theatre, who is like a second mother to me, got called to the nursing home yesterday for her mother, who had a blood clot. Today, due to complications, her mother's options were going on a breathing tube or being given medicine to pass quietly. My director chose the latter, and now she has 3-7 days left with her mother. Please pray to God to give her the strength she will need to get through this. Thank you.
  2. gumigurl

    My Friend's Mother

    Thank you so much for your prayers! Yesterday, while my director and her sister were with her, the woman woke up briefly and was lucid enough to have a conversation with them. It is still likely she will die within the week, but for a woman who has been unresponsive for years and was scheduled to die, this is nothing short of a miracle. God truly works wonders, thank you all!
  3. gumigurl

    Sister's Boyfriend

    I have a prayer request for a friend, Andrew, who has recently been re-diagnosed with cancer after being in remission for 5 years. He found out today he will have to have a bone marrow transplant. He has no medical insurance, and will not even be able to get his siblings tested until the New Year, please pray that all turns out well and God heals him. Thank you.
  4. gumigurl

    Sister's Boyfriend

    Thank you so much for your prayers, the chemo is really getting to him these days, and both him and my sister need strength to get through this.
  5. gumigurl

    What's your most politically incorrect idea?

    That people who voluntarily spend hours under UV Rays in tanning beds should be forced to spend time with terminal skin cancer patients, holding their hands and comforting them while sporting those terrible over-tans.
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    How Far Have You Gone?

    Saving my first kiss for my fiance. used to be obsessed with getting to first and further, but God kept me from ever getting anywhere and now I know that when I find the man meant for me and we're married it will have been worth the wait to have him be my first everything.
  7. gumigurl

    Witnessing to parents

    I kind of get where you're coming from. The majority of my family (immediate and extended) are Catholic, but I'm a protestant and though I occasionally discuss my relationship with God with my mother or sister, it's not something any of the others are really comfortable talking about.
  8. gumigurl

    Whats your social standing at school?

    According to the only best friend of mine that goes to my school, a lot of people seem to think of me as something like their 'beloved monster'...Which makes sense....I'm also known as the girl who doesn't seem to care what anyone thinks (this is what happens when you make fashion statements at my relatively small high school). I'm smart, but I care less than all the other smart people...Also I'm nice with morales...Oh, and weird beyond reason...I can assimilate myself to most cliques, but this year I can't be bothered because I've found a group of people who I truly, truly fit in with and love, and most of them don't go to my school so....
  9. gumigurl

    Fable 2!

    I'm dying to play it...unfortunately my mother has a tick about video games, so I will be forced to living vicariously through my 360-owning friend...
  10. gumigurl

    My newest poem

    Really like it!
  11. gumigurl

    Because I'm A Girl I Can...

    Because I'm a girl I can -get out of paying for things. -slap a member of the opposite gender without getting charged for assault. -use cheesy pick-up lines on members of the opposite gender and not get drinks thrown on me.
  12. gumigurl

    How do you like your eggs?

    I recently started eating eggs again after about three years without (wavering between being a vegetarian and a vegan) and now I can barely eat anything but them! It would help if I knew how to do something BESIDES just fry them, but I can deal......Which reminds me...*goes to make eggs*
  13. gumigurl

    The Sims2

    My laptop isn't equipped for the graphics on the Sims 2.....but I still bought the University expansion pack and constantly play (interuppted only by my computer crashing)...I kinda cheat by downloading hacks though....
  14. gumigurl

    Diary Of A Teenage Girl Series

    There's one about Maya? *drops everything to run out and buy it*
  15. gumigurl


    I'm a vegetarian and I'm a Christian and I don't really see a problem with it....Though I do have relatives who are constantly throwing the 'Jesus ate meat' argument in my face...
  16. gumigurl

    modesty in church

    I'm really surprised sometimes by what people wear to church...I generally try and dress pretty modestly, but I've seen a lot of people who really don't...
  17. gumigurl


    I actually logged in for the first time in two years recently.... quickly remembered why I hadn't been on in so long. *gets nostalgic about the dancing contests her friends on there used to hold*
  18. gumigurl

    Pirates vs. Ninjas

    The true constant in the universe is music, and so I ask you these questions: -who has the better musical score? Pirates. -who has had musicals made about them? Pirates. and also, walking the plank gives you several minutes for "Dear Lord in Heaven please forgive me for my sins." Having your head cut off instantly gives you absolutely no time for repentance, and therefor we can deduce that: 1. Pirates are more awesome. 2. Pirates are better Christians. *stumbles around deck, waving sword like madwoman and singing "Yo ho!" in triumph*
  19. gumigurl

    Weird things on your desk

    half a bag of stale mini-marshmallows fake money P.S I Love You DVD 27 Dresses DVD
  20. gumigurl


    or do you?
  21. gumigurl


    Does anyone like Honey & Clover? (its my fav)
  22. gumigurl

    special moment

    I'm not someone who believes in 'love at first sight' and all of that, but for me its the very first time I saw him. I remember it in slow motion (this might be more of a memory problem than a romantic thing, but oh well), getting out of the car and seeing him. I know my friends were all saying something to me, but I have no idea what it was. (again, this might have more to do with my memory problems than the guy). But yes, I think all the big moments are special, but also the ones that have no reason to be special but are anyways...maybe I'm not making sense.
  23. gumigurl


    au contraire, my friend, the worst thing he could say is "I dunno". Because clearly he does know he's just looking for a quick way out... *his eyes will probably dart around lookin for exit signs as he answers*. Sure or no its done and definite, "I dunno" is just torture because you know what he's going to say but you still have to wait around for him to say it... oh, and sorry to vent....personal experiences lol
  24. gumigurl

    Costume ideas?

    Ha. Someone's into gore. I know a pirate's completely unoriginal..but it still rocks *if done right* Fiona from Shrek Calypso from Pirates of the Caribbean A microphone An alarm clock A confused time-traveler *have a different piece for every time period* A Horror-Movie Princess *wear a great ball gown, but all ripped and covered in blood* The Joker *from Batman*'s illegitimate daughter, dropped on the doorstep of the Chocolate Factory, raised by Willy Wonka and the Oompa Loompas *that was my costume last year* Those probably weren't very helpful...good luck!
  25. gumigurl

    Yarr, it be talk like a pirate day.

    alas, I werent aware ther act'lly wer a "talk lika pirate" day, if only id'a known bout this grate holiday....