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  1. My avatar is killing me, though. I mean, I like it, it's just so...wooww. Yoda, it's been a while, friend. Interesting to see some people still here.
  2. lmaooooo. technically I'm at 12 years, but probably five of that, I have been inactive.
  3. the game 

    1. JesusFreak91


      woooowww. this is what you made me sign in for?

  4. Hey Ben, thanks for bringing me back here. As CTF's Resident Civil War Freaks, I only find it appropriate that I post this picture of the two of us.
  5. ^^I'm copying that. Thanks for the insight. lol
  6. Romney - 84% Paul - 80% Obama - 58% huh. ok, cool. there were a horrifyingly number of questions I had no idea how to answer, so I had to look stuff up.
  7. There are now three within an hour of me, all of which are under two years old. They've all been crowded whenever I've gone on non-appreciation days, so there was absolutely no way I was going. My family went today and it was still pretty full. The fact is, I know they have support and I would be okay with not going for "appreciation day." I have yet to understand why it's made so much news. What else do you expect from the owner of a restaurant chain that plays Christian music and is closed on Sundays? lol Besides, nobody's thrown a big deal over the fact that he claims to have invented the chicken sandwich.
  8. Definitely agree here.
  9. No, I wouldn't be offended. My sisters and I call each other names all the time and it doesn't bother me. We're careful not to say anything around other people who might be offended or think we're offending each other. But honestly, I wouldn't care if a stranger said something to me. I'd take it lightly and in the same context as anyone I'm close to.
  10. I will listen to anything. I like most of it, but more than that is that I don't mind it. I'm okay with it all. The only rule I have in my car is that if "Call Me Maybe" comes on, the radio station must be changed.
  11. whoa. that's a little awesome. Both my grandfathers were WWII veterans, but neither of them saw battle. I'm remotely related to Robert E. Lee and Martha Washington. I have a major obsession with the Olympics. I bought a really cool Jamba Juice water bottle today. I want to learn to play volleyball. Gettysburg is my favorite movie in the world and I couldn't tell you why.
  12. Some of these seem a little extreme and/or facetious and I don't know whether to believe them...
  13. Goodness
  14. Nope, it's Hannah. Aw, Zezmia, you've taken over for me! *Heartbreak* Actually I have never been king of the forums, just forum games. Luna Bee?
  15. But I just cleaned them off! Run for President!