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  1. Yoda

    Happy birthday!

  2. Storm

    Should we kill the abortion doctors?

    Ok, don't know if anyone's mentioned this yet, but why is this topic titled "should we kill abortion doctors"? Why isn't it called "should we kill women who get abortions"? Seriously, all the posts I've read so far have been about the doctors, as if there's no other people involved, as if they've been forcing it on people. If you hire a hit man to kill someone, you still go down for it. How is a woman going to an abortionist any different? Also, the husband-shooting-the-man-threatening-his-family analogy is completely irrelevant. That man would be an IMMEDIATE threat, and there would be no other way to stop him. I don't think anyone should be killed unless this is the case. An abortionist? They're not a desperate depraved person who can only be stopped by a bullet in the head. Good grief, there's no similarity at all. If you think abortion is murder, then make the topic title "should we lock up abortionists/women who have abortions". And I really can't believe there's a thread with this title on CTF. Disturbing O_o
  3. Storm

    Heart or Mind

    I've never understood what people mean when they say "listen to your heart" or whatever so I guess that means I go with my mind.
  4. Storm

    Enhancing Yourself

    I think that if people have plastic surgery then they should donate the same amount of money they spent on the surgery to some kind of charity lol. Unless it's to fix a disfigurement or something similar. That's the only way I'd be able to ease my own conscience if I had surgery anyways.
  5. Storm

    3 or 7

    I'm female and I love 7. 3 is spiteful and he's cheating on 2 with 1...
  6. Storm

    Girly Compulsions

    Neither. I've never really gotten the whole obssession with handbags and shoes so many girls have although there is one pair of boots I have that I am absolutely in love with so I guess if I had to choose it'd be shoes.
  7. Storm

    What's important in life?

    Serving God. Knowing exactly who you are and loving yourself. Independence. Loving life passionately. Being there for others no matter who they are. Doing everything to the best of your ability.
  8. I've always been a Christian. I was brought up as one, but I've always believed it for myself. It's never been something I've just followed blindly out of habit.
  9. Storm

    66 year old woman pregnant

    Personally I think it's rather selfish. The child's probably not gonna have its mother around for long and it may have to care for her when it's still fairly young. I'd be rather annoyed if I was the kid in that situation lol.
  10. Storm

    i just need prayer...

    I'll be praying for you. I've kinda been where you are right now. Just remember that no matter what other people think of you, God loves you and you will never be truly alone. I know that's easier said than done, but it helped me.
  11. Storm


    Same! Cold pasta and whipped cream is strangely tasty. Or maybe it's just me that's strange...
  12. Storm


    I typed that actually Copy pasta? Yum.
  13. Storm


    *starts singing...badly* *and dances pretty badly too* Gimme gimme gimme a man after midnight Wont somebody help me chase the shadows away Gimme gimme gimme a man after midnight Take me through the darkness to the break of the day!
  14. Storm


    Ugh, I'll stop in for when Gimme Gimme Gimme is being sung, but then it'll be earplugs for me
  15. Storm


    I like the way they look, the way they make my legs look, the fact that they can come in handy for self defense, the way they make me loom over people (well that depends on how high they are) and also the way they make me stand. I often walk as if in heels when I'm barefoot anyway and I did that before I started wearing heels. It's quite natural to me for some reason.