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  1. Kory

    Fat loss, muscle building

    I've just started on 2 different things, one is just a basic 100% whey protein, the other is Jack3d, which is a nitric oxide supplement with marginal amounts of creatine and caffeine. I really like the Jack3d...works good for me because it gives me a lot more energy for my workouts, thus being more effective, burning more calories, etc. For weight gain/loss it may not be the best, since the small amounts of creatine may cause your muscles to hold some water depending on how sensitive you are to it. Works good to give you a good boost of energy through your whole workout. I work 9-12 hours a day at a rather physical job, but this helps me get through a 2 hour weight lifting workout 3-4 times a week. I take the protein powder afterwards to help repair me up so I won't be dead at work the next day.
  2. Kory

    Dad doesn't approve

    Generally, people your age are too young to be dating. Most people your age are just not mature enough to make it work. I had 2 long term girlfriends from 14 to 17, and didn't date anyone again until I was 20. When I look back, the maturity difference in those relationships, and what they actually ended up meaning to me was incredible. Also, don't complain about 2-3 hours a week, gotta work with what you got. I get to see my girl once ever 2-3 weeks. College is real fun on relationships haha. Listen to your dad man, believe it or not he might know something about relationships and dating. My parents didn't like one of my dates when I was younger, and what they said turned out to be right.
  3. Kory

    Top 5 games?

    1. Super Smash Bro's Brawl 2. Battlefield 2 3. KOTOR I+II 4. Mario Kart Wii 5. Forza3
  4. Alright a little bit of intro first. Recently a close friend of mine approached me and asked me to write something for her to give to one of her friends. She wanted reasons for a young Christian guy as to why she should wait for marriage, and this is what I came up with. I was told by a close friend that all young ladies should have a guy write them this kind of letter. For some reason, even though I have not been on the forum in 6 months, I felt called to post it here. I hope it will touch someone that reads it in some way. But here it is:
  5. Kory

    Nuclear Weapons

    As nice as it would be, it's never going to happen.
  6. Kory


    We have no idea if you got a good deal unless you tell us how much you paid for it, how many miles it has, etc. Simply too many factors to tell from your post haha. I can say that Acura's are a little on the pricey side to fix. Generally from the dealership though, you never really get a 'good deal'. The best deals are private party sales. A good idea is to ALWAYS check the book value of a car before making an offer/buying. www.emunds.com and www.kbb.com are both EXCELLENT websites for doing so. Since you are buying from a dealer, I would also ask for a CarFax report. This will guarantee that the Title is clear (the car has never been in any major accidents). If a car has a salvage or rebuilt title, it is worth a lot less money then one with a clear title. Family friend has an MDX, she loves it. I see you posted this yesterday, so you would have already bought it. Best of luck with your new car!
  7. Kory


    Haha, I read that earlier today! Was posted up on ls1lt1.com <-- good F-body website. Makes me pumped!! Not like I'll ever be able to afford one, but now Mustang fans can stop pointing towards the Shelby as the Camaro's competition. As the Z/28 will kind of kick it's butt...
  8. Kory

    Best color wheels on torch red

    Hypersilver. Def Btw....you bought yourself a C5? Practically brothers here! Same engine at least haha So what are the plans for it? Please say long tubes, corsa cat-back, heads and cam? Seriously one of the meanest sounds a car can make...
  9. Kory


    Took me a while to get back to ya on that one... The LS1 is fairly epic. Rated for 50 hp at the flywheel over what my LT1 car had. Feels alot different though. It doesn't as feel as hard core agressive. The LT1 can launch like a kick in the nads, they launch HARD! Low end torque beasts. The LS1 is different. It doesn't feel so aggressive down low. It doesn't 'feel' as fast, but you look at that speedometer and it goes up much faster. Much smoother I guess you would say. The old car with long tube headers, ORY, catback, sub frame connectors, K&N Cold Air intake....ran a 13.5-13.7 in the 1/4 The LS1... catback exhaust and SLP Lid, does it in 13.0 flat Much quicker, I like it personally. No dumb GM Optispark to deal with, little more room under the hood, little more room between front of engine and the Radiator. And on the above post....I really don't like the look of the new Mustang at all. Big bulge in the nose, it's awkward. +1 F-bodies are so fun! Pretty quick (0-60 in 5.3 1998-2002, 0-60 in 5.7-8 in 1993-1997), handle decent, at least as well as an older BMW. Plenty of parts out there. As far as performance+looks per dollar, they are really the best used cars you can get. And plus....I get 27 mpg highway with my 2001 with 124k miles. High teens around town. Quite economical considering the performance.
  10. Kory


    I am not a fan of Chrysler at all. The only thing they did have going for them was Jeep. And then they messed that up with all the new ones that look straight up terrible! The new Challenger is cool looking, but you are paying waaay too much for the performance you get out of it.
  11. Kory


    Yeah I looked quick... head lights threw me off Now that I look at the car, I see the C5 easy haha x-(
  12. Kory


    I would do terrible things to own that C6 Corvette haha Someone who lives up the street from me has a 2006 black corvette with black wheels. Corsa catback, Hooker LT headers, heads, cam, 6M tranny. Running high 11's in the 1/4 mile naturally aspirated. Beautiful car, sounds real mean haha The ace slicks do look good, though I fail to see where you get "cheap" from haha. Google search gave me a bunch of websites selling them for a mere $300 each! Hmm 402 stroker...that's real affordable haha. Lets see, new crank, pistons, rods, heads, cam, all other valve train components, a stalled built transmission to take it, and a 12 bolt rear end with 3.73's or 4.11's to take the punishment. Only like....$15k right? :-p For powder coating you need an oven to put them in. I don't have a spare one sitting in my shed, and I really don't think one of those rims would fit too easy in your typical kitchen oven if I can find a free one somewhere lol
  13. Kory


    We arn't allowed to have any covers over our license plates in the great state of NH. I would have to look around, but as far as I know no one around here does powder coating haha. I would drop more money into the car, but as it is my income just stopped for the year pretty much. I only work summers, and finding a job for during the school year could be a bit tough this year. I am in the middle of switching majors, and as a result, in the middle of changing up my schedule. I am really hoping I can get a day off a week from classes, and turn that into one day a week at the place I worked during the summer. Then I would pull in $120/wk, close to $500 a month, and would have plenty of extra to play with the car haha. I'm not sure if I am going to keep it yet either. I may just sell it in the spring, and then start a search for a 98+ Trans Am WS6 with the profit I'll make off selling this one. I'm not sure I want to put too much money into a higher mileage SS. While it's a fun nice car, there are def better specimens out there. Plus if I find one with lower mileage, I could more confidently use a 100-125 no2 shot on the weekends. If I do keep it...will probably do performance stuff first before looks. I figure drag radials, LT Headers+ORY, high flow cats, torque converter, and a stall would come before any heavy exterior mods. I mean the car would still look pretty basic, but would be running mid to low 12's in the 1/4 mile with that set up. Throw in a 100 shot and the car could be in the 11's pretty quick.
  14. Kory

    How Often Do You Go to the Hair Salon?

    I pay...absolutely nothing. My mom cuts my hair about once every 3-4 weeks for me. Just pull out the old buzz cutter and chop it back down to 1/4". I have never paid for a haircut in my life... and plan on keeping to that.
  15. Kory


    I agree, it's retarted. I just leave the black outs in my room except for when I take pictures, and maybe if I bring it to a local car show this week to represent the new Camaro's.