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    Heyaa Im Cass! Im 21, a college student athens Ohio. Im majoring in Health Service Administration =) I love music and anythinggg that includes fourwheelers,bonfires shopping and tv=p . Im pretty shy at first but once you get to know me I can be pretty weird and lotsa fun =) ohhh yeah
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    Athens Ohio, from Marietta =p
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    Friends, Music, Movies, Tv, stuff talk to me and youll find out=p

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  1. *cassie*


    hey! =) How are you? I havent been on in a while. lol. The place looks even more spiffy since the last time I was here.
  2. *cassie*

    Nine Years

    I missed this because I havent been an active member on here in a VERY long time but I came on randomly tonight due to curiosity and for some reason I opened up a saved file with a conversation from the chatroom from like 7 years ago or so and I giggled. Why I saved a conversation from CTF chat...I dont know. Anyways. Woo? Lol I remember the fluffy haired Jakob from way back then. Boom! That is all.
  3. *cassie*


    Oh hey everyone!
  4. I LOVE the show Sleepy Hollow!!

    1. Wesker


      It's an inferior "Supernatural".

  5. *cassie*


    Hey guys! I know I'm a returning oldie so most of you dont really know me. I'm asking for thoughts an prayers for something. I cant really explain, just because i'm too ashamed, and i've been freaking out about my thought process in the whole thing. I know that confidential prayer requests are usually cliche buuut anyways. I'm just hoping that God is all " NAAAAAAAAAAW I'll cut her a break shes learned from her mistakes". Prayer for peace, and comfort, and for things to go how i'd like them too. I've been kind of going crazy on the inside, and not showing it on the outside. I havent been to church in a while, I should, but its been so long now and I hate what i've done and what could be done-all things Church and God related is freaking me out. I'm too the point where I attempted to go to Campus Crusades the other night ( I cant attend church services because of class and work), and got to the door of the church and backed out and came home. I dont want people to know. Even though I know that its all between Me and God. Its just hard knowing that I've struggled for years with " having a relationship with God".
  6. *cassie*

    Picture Post

    =p I started wearing my glasses more than my contacts. Lol
  7. *cassie*

    Autumn or Fall?

    I use both. Depends on how im feeling for that particular day =p
  8. *cassie*

    Picture Post

    Here I am =) Its been a while lol
  9. 23 years old. First weekend off in months, Plans got ruined =( Who wants to hang out with me so I dont become an old cat lady in my apartment ( with no cats) Ugh

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    2. *cassie*


      I was!! Now the tunes are still on but i'm relaxing on a bean bag chair in the middle of my living room. Keeping it Classy. ;)

    3. Kite


      nice, I unfortunately have a lot of college work to do...:(

    4. *cassie*


      I do too. Being a senior in college and all, ---but Id rather not do anything. =( It doesn't sound appealing.

  10. *cassie*

    Fall Semester 2013

    I LOVE ASL!!!!! My cousin is deaf. Known the language since I was a kid. Super excited for you
  11. *cassie*


    Its 4 am. I'm awake. Pretty sure I won't be getting up for church like I had planned. O.o Heathen. Lol ahhh
  12. This thread hasnt been touched for a while, but i'll still take a jab at my opinion =p Hemp can be used for many things, quite fully functioning and has many uses. Thats a go. Medical purposes sure. Just so long as people dont over use it. Just discussed marijuana in a class over the summer, theres actually quite a lot of research for and against the idea of damage to brain cells with over use of smoking it. From what I understand our brain makes new cells all the time, and we dont lose many cells each time we smoke..something like that. Dont quote me on that -.- Either way, I think medically it wouldnt be a bad thing. Also. I think people like the idea of smoking weed because its illegal. Its something to do that gives you a high that is pretty easy to find and not that hard to keep a secret. If you legalize it, it kind of sucks the fun out of it. Then again it could be the opposite and people will be like " yessssssss finally". Who knows. Basically. I dont think it would hurt anything if it was legalized. I'm 23, I smoked weed back in high school once in a while and didnt find it to be that exciting. It just kind of made my eyes heavy and I wanted to sleep more than anything. I had different experiences than others. Ha. I know people who smoke it on a daily basis now and they are perfectly fine. They hold steady nice jobs and live life to the fullest. I dont think it would ruin society if it was.
  13. *cassie*

    Fall Semester 2013

    EWWWW Sarah is taking stats. I passed with a D+ when I took it over the summer =p. Good enough for me . No more math ever again =p Good luck! Im taking, Contemporary Social Problems,Deviant Sociology, Intimate and Family Relations, Abnormal Psych, an Aging class, and Helping and Professional Skills( counseling type class), Im also finishing up a class on parenting and one on adolescence I took over the summer. So technically i'm taking like 8 classes total at the moment. Ugh Its my last fall semester ever. Im excited =) lol
  14. *cassie*


    Hey Becky. And Yes andrew..I can see that =p LOL I just am a chat lurker. Not a poster =p
  15. *cassie*


    I'm ...Cassie =p Hahaha Heya! Im an older member, I just have returned for a while maybe? Im not sure. Usually i'm just a chat lurker. I dont post much. As you can tell, I've been a ember since 06 and only have 700 posts.