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  1. SetFree

    PETA's raunchy Superbowl ad pulled

    I found the ad on youtube, and I must be honest, I was laughing pretty hard when I saw it. That is the most ridiculous ad I have ever seen. The saddest part is that PETA feels they are being profiled and that NBC is putting up an unhealthy image. :-D That gave me a good laugh. Kris
  2. SetFree


    How do you people manage to miss so many morning classes? I have an 8am twice a week and I missed it once all semester, and I commute, so I have to get up at 6 to get there in time. I've skipped a couple of my classes on purpose, but only slept in once. Sometimes you just cant stand to be there any more. My school has a 2 absence fail policy. If your are absent and fail to produce a doctors note, or a valid excuse (family emergency etc), then it counts against you. They figure if you are not sick enough to go to the doctor then you are well enough to go to class, which makes sense. Kris
  3. I want a racheting wrenches set. Some Under Armor leggings for winter running. Thats about it, although my mom always gets other practical stuff too. Kris
  4. SetFree

    Speeding Fines/tickets

    I've gotten a ticket for going 55mph in a 35 zone. That was a nice 100$ fine, plus a 20 day lisence suspension by the state, and an additional 50$ to get my lisence back. Last week I got pulled over for show-boating since I chirped the tired pulling around a corner after a red light. I got off with a warning though :-P. Brutal honesty works "Yes officer I did take off hard, it definitely was me officer you weren't mistaken" ^^So could we make a poll discussing top speeds reached? Or would that be inapropriate? Kris
  5. SetFree


    Hey I started a thread for this in the Debate section where it belongs. You can look at it here: http://www.christianteenforums.com/index.php?showtopic=50893 This is just a driving thread, not a displacement debate, lets bring it to the right place. Kris
  6. SetFree

    Tuner Vs Muscle

    We sorta ninja'ed the Driving thread, so moving things into a more appropriate section. V8 FTW! Kris
  7. SetFree


    DCYPL why do you think a Trans Am is so expensive? I could get a WS6 (Ram Air LS1) for only 6k. However as Kory mentioned, we picked up the LT1 for $2100. The Trans Am has excellent handling, Its stock suspension is built for highspeed cornering, unlike that Civic of yours, unless of course youget a Civic built for the tuner level. With 4 inches of ground clearance it is about as low as it can get in NH witho serious concerned of grinding the chassis on the road. RWD without a doubt has more potential for horsepower. At hightspeeds (at 100+) rwd is much more stabil, with much better performance. You don't see NASCAR or the Grand Prix driving fwd vehicles. Last, your missing the main point. Let us consider some averages. The average 4 banger pushed out 125-140hp. The average V8 (Small Block) give about 325 horses. The largest naturally aspirated 4cylinder engine is I beleive the 2009 Civic SI which gives about 200hp, costing 22,000$, or 111.66$ per hp The largest naturally aspirated 6cylinder engine in the 2010 Camaro which gives 300hp, costing about 22,000$ or about 76$ per hp. (Getting a bit away from the 8s) Now lets look at Turbo/Super/Hemi Lancer Evo is the fastest on the market (4cyl), pushing out 291hp(US), running at $33,685k, or about $115 per hp 2010 Camaro SS $30,995, 422hp, $73.45 per hp As you can see, dollar per dollar more displacement tends to be a better deal. One last note that is bugging me about you. You keep on going on about knowing people with Civics that can pul an 11.8. Ok thats cool, thats fast, but I also know a guy w/ a 55 Chevy Bel Aire that can run an 8.5 sec quarter. Any car dropping enough money will be fast. But when it comes down to it, a 4 vs a 8, with equal mods, the 4 will lose every time. A side note: 2009 Lancer Evo 22mpg highway 2010 Camaro SS 23mpg highway Efficiency? -Kris
  8. SetFree


    I dont really like Mustangs, even the GTs, I always think of them as more of a woman car, like a mini-cooper. They do have some ok speed, and ok handling, but I prefer chevy muscle over ford Kris
  9. SetFree


    Since the last topic got pwned...i'll post my pic here... Pwning Ricers since 1994 Oh yea, and I share it with Kory (Bro's ya know) And for those that like 4 bangers we got a corolla with VVTI TECHNOLOGY.....(bet you ricers like that) Kris
  10. SetFree


    ^^A turbo brings your little 4 banger to about 200hp, you would need to open up the engine, put in oversized cams, beefier intake, nearly open headers to get to the same as a stock Trans Am... If I took the money it would take to make a 4cyl equivalant to a stock V8, and put it into my LT1 V8, I could have it up over 600hp easy. So there IS NO replacement for displacement. Kris
  11. SetFree

    Twilight At The Box Office

    The only reason it was that much bigger then everything else in the theater was because nothing that big opened the same weekend... The movie itself is not getting amazing reviews, just decent. The psychotic fan base is what is giving it numbers, a bit like Harry Potter. -Kris
  12. SetFree


    My family has a nice advent wreath that we take out every year, lighting a candle for each sunday. -Kris
  13. ^^How does it hold up at highway speeds? :-D -Kris
  14. Got some decent rides in here...no real speed though :-P. And Dont diss the Corolla, it I didnt have my rolla' I would never be able to afford the gas on my Trans Am. The Trans Am pulls nice and hard, 0-60mph in about 5 sec, a quarter mile in 13 flat You mean 0-60kmh or mph? Big difference. Either way the Evo's are nice. Kris
  15. SetFree

    Girls Wearing Guy's Clothing

    I know a lot of girls who wear mens boxers to bed... When the girl dresses butch not so much, like when you can't tell if it is a guy or girl... But anything else is a go, girls can look really cute in men's clothing. Not sure about the tie though... Kris