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    i like to sing,dance,horseback ride, go to chruch my nick name is Jorgan Moo Moo Vonstrangle (don't ask lol)
  1. lovedbygod12

    urgent prayer

    She's sleeping now, praise God! Please continue to keep us in your prayers. I also need physical sterngth as I have some diseases that often keep me bedridden much of the time. Please pray that she will stand firm and make the decision that I cannot make for her...the decision to believe the truth instead of the lies Satan is feeding her. Thank you all so very much!
  2. lovedbygod12

    urgent prayer

    (this is Heidi again) We aren't being foolish. =) We know that Satan does not have authority over believers in Christ! Yet, unlike most Christian think we can allow ourselves be enslaved again if we listen to Satan's lies. THe stuff that you see on TV does not happen very often, usually it's not that severe. However it is no less real, and it is that severe in this case. She's having a really hard time with it. My parents know and are praying, and we know that GOd is stronger than any force! THank ou for your prayers.
  3. lovedbygod12

    urgent prayer

    my friend Heidi is going to be telling you what to pray for Hey guys, this is "lovedbygod"'s friend Heidi. I'm with her right now and Satan is really attacking her. She and I both need your prayers that God will keep the both of us strong in His power, that He will keep our armor on throughout the battle, and that He would enable us to stand firm to the end. If any of you have read "THe Bondage Breaker" you will know what I'm talking aobut....basically with a lot of prayer we will be going through her life and renouncing any claimt hat Satan has on it. God is stronger than he and with His power Satan has no room to stand. Please keep us in your prayers throughout the next few hours. Thank you all so much!
  4. lovedbygod12

    need prayer

    it's been almost a week since i have cut! but it's amazingly hard when Saten keeps doing those things! but God is with me always.. and he will never let me go. Thanks for the prayers!keep praying
  5. lovedbygod12

    need prayer

    you have no clue what saten has been doing to me lately me God and a brother in chirst of mine helped me fight 8 out of the 10 battles that were thrown at me God was hleping me with everyone of them scared the crap out of me because saten was contortioning my body in many ways and he tried to suffocate me i couldn't breath... he shoved me down arched my spine so my face was in the matress and i couldn't move or breath.... and i am simi ok now i never knew my body could contortion like that saiten was mad because i was taking away the only thing that he had to hold onto me cutting and i was refusing to do it and holding onto God and saten was mad and wow. i didn't cut Saturday night my brother in christ was helping me on the other line and he yelled at me and made me put down the needle and wow he helped me a lot that night but yea saten has become very mad and last night the same thing happend but no one could help me but God and i was about to cut but than i droped it and ran to my bible and fliped it open and just read.. and i cried my self to sleep... but on Saturday night saten got me up after i had fallen asleep, got me up at 3 Am the Devils hour and started the same stuff... so pleese pray for me it's been harder than it ever has too stop cutting because for 4 years thats what saten used to hold onto me, and now i am taking that away and it's making him mad. So pleese pray
  6. lovedbygod12

    need prayer

    i am not supossed to be on here as some of you know why... but i need prayer really bad rite now.... cutting is not going good and my counsular is taking some things away from me that helped me... and i can't go in too deatail because i can't stay on here for long because i will get in trouble. But pleese be praying for me
  7. lovedbygod12

    i will not

    i am on without permission....i can't do this again but thanks the reason is because she doesn't like it...but pleese if you want keep in touch with me i can't PM all my friends so i hope they see this because i can't PM them all because my mom will be home in like 2 min...so thanks Overdrive
  8. lovedbygod12

    i will not

    my mom will not let me come on here anymore and i can't go to any other forums either....so keep praying for me and P.M. Overdrive for my e-mail
  9. lovedbygod12

    Singing in tounges?

    sing in tongues call me stupid...but i have never heard of anything like that can you pleese explain what that meens? pleese i would like to know
  10. lovedbygod12

    My friends mom

    Ok my friends family is going through so much rite now they are an amazing Christian family but they are having really hard times the Mom is VERRY sick and they just found out that her lymes desease came back even feircer than before,her brother was accused of doing something he would NEVER do and they had to get a lawyer and it has cost them so much money,My friend has been strugling with cutting and she has hurt me alot lately so pray about that and her Dad might loose his job not sure but pleese pray for this family they need all the prayer they can get. thanks- Jordyn<><
  11. lovedbygod12


    i will be praying...thats sad... Jordyn<><
  12. lovedbygod12

    plesase pray for her

    i will be praying for her....it's sad people who feal that way...and i bet it's also hard since she is a lesbian, i bet she is made fun of alot. i will be praying i have a couple friends who are Bi-sexual and it's kinda hard for me too be around them because i don't know what they are thinking so i am glad that you are a great friend to her! Jordyn<><
  13. lovedbygod12

    my youth leader

    i will be praying! was it Heidi....?
  14. lovedbygod12


    thanks she really appreciattes the prayers
  15. lovedbygod12


    Hello everyone...i have a major prayer request for my friend she is really strugling with things rite now. Lately she has been doing better with some of the major issues she faced,but she is being bullied and hurt at home and at church and i would pray that you would help her know that she is loved by the one above and that she will have strength to keep living. She has also been smoking alot i don't know how many years but it's really starting to effect her lungs and stuff she has started to puke blood up. Yesterday she had also found an abnormal large bump on her throwt and i would ask you pray that it's not something serious such as cancer because i don't want to loose her.I have known her a while and she has had some major trials in her life so pleese keep her in your prayers! thanks, Jordyn <><