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  1. PietroChocko

    Girls Swimwear Question

    Personally, the whole "you'll be tempted" idea is more made up by church hype rather than actual lust. Two piece is great. Personally, I wear a one piece because I'm bootyful.
  2. PietroChocko

    Questions for Australians :)

    Well their airline is nice. That's an awful generalisation of me. I grew up in the bloody awesome and snob-city part of Adelaide called the leafy eastern suburbs. We had a butler. Our driveway was lined with $100 bills. Why? Because we're amazing. Also, Adelaide doesn't have any Sizzler's. Nice research that. Can't wait! ---------- Post added at 05:25 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:17 PM ---------- True. Are there any in resi areas? I can't think of any. Sort of thinking like the Everglades in Florida, that sort of thing. There's plenty of racism. Come on. Yeah so what all workers are friendly and nice? Prove me wrong. I guess there's no hatred. We just hate England. Yeah. England. England sucks. Lovely. Like I said, this is all from an AMERICAN viewpoint, not my own - well a bit of it is but most of it is from the Missus. So don't get all hoity toity about it and defensive, because it's true.
  3. PietroChocko

    Questions for Australians :)

    Yes we are. No we're not. Your version of 'forward' is the PC version of rude. I'd say Sydney is the worst. Cronulla 05? Racial rapes? It's still bad, pretty much everywhere. Also being from a minority population I know all about racism, thanks very much. I'm advising her of the GENERAL population of Australia. General. Not certain awesome enclaves of Labor voters. Generally, people here are dumb, drunk and racist. You go to a restaurant, you expect service. In the US, you get it. Here, you don't, unless you pay through the nose. Don't say that's wrong. Seriously. Aaaaand we would've been all speaking Japanese if we didn't ask the US for help in WWII, and we're still got the Queen as our head of gov't. What was that about our mindset of independence? pffffffffft No one calls it Radelaide. That's sooooo 2004. We don't take pride in our fashion. Go look down Rundle Mall on any summer day. Fact. Come on man. Are you even Australian? Everyone hates NZ. They speak weird and they kick our butt in rugby. They have lots of sheep and are hobbits. Fact. That's really rude... oh wait, forward About 5-6 years ago I shared the same viewpoints as you but now I don't. It isn't about me saying this is exactly how it is. It's looking at it from an American perspective (wife) compared to their society, and also growing up, owning a house and living in the real Australia, not the sheltered existence of my parents' place. Read my first paragraph for some perspective in to this.
  4. PietroChocko

    Ask A Girl.

    At what point in a relationship does a girl think it's alright to fart around her superior half? Discuss.
  5. PietroChocko

    My mother..

    She's jealous that you're having the amazing teenager years that she never had. You'll get through. Just remember the light at the end of the tunnel. Peace.
  6. PietroChocko

    Questions for Australians :)

    Hi there. Wife is from Arkansas, she's lived here for almost 3 years now, I lived in the US for a total of 8 months, will be moving back soon and I was born here so boomcha. I'll give you a highly educated aspect on all of your questions. Avoid Belgium at all costs. They have the only fully illuminated road traffic network in the world. Other than that they're a bad excuse for a country. Can I simply ask why exactly you want to study overseas so bad? It's not an abrasive question, more a curious one; studying in Australia for US citizens who aren't on some sort of exchange program is expensive. REALLY expensive. I'm so glad you didn't choose Adelaide. I've been living here my whole life and it's only gotten worse. Perth is actually a beautiful city; cost of living is a bit more (renting), infact all of them are more expensive than Adelaide, but you get what you pay for. We don't have a lot of spiders here. Just don't pick up random stuff and keep your room clean and they won't get you. 1. Not very common, as outlined before.2. Yes, you are. How? Firstly, you'll learn in your first year a few things. Firstly, that Australians are some of the most rudest people in the world. We will tell you if you're acting stupid. We will tell you if your thought process is a bit lacking. We will tell you that you are American and therefore have no idea of the world. We will also tell you all of this mixed in with a LOT of swearing. Secondly, we're the most racist people in the world - including to ourselves. We're a very multicultural country, and it's almost a rite of passage for new immigrants to be vilified for their race, then their children to take on that vilification/racism as a source of identity. Therefore, many people will be blatantly racist against you, the US citizen. It will be unfounded. It will be stupid. You will hear the most bent US facts you will ever hear. Just don't try to take it on personally, and don't try to question the Australian's logic because there usually isn't any. Thirdly, this isn't the US of A. We don't have restrooms in every shop. Our people in shops are extremely rude, because they don't want to be there. We put fees on top of taxes on top of fees. Not everyone has cable TV. Getting any sort of US condiment is extremely expensive (Miracle Whip is $16 for a bottle). Our government is slow-acting compared to US government (this IS true). Everyone dresses like as if someone tore their clothes off. All swearing is allowed on TV after 5pm. We hate New Zealand. We're a highly bureaucratic society. We do not have the right to free speech, or the right to bear arms. We're highly regulated, as mentioned before. This is something that'll be hard for you to get your head around. My wife's been here for almost 3 years and she still doesn't understand it and to be honest, I don't blame her. 3. We don't have seasons. It goes summer (stupidly hot for 3 months) to sorta autumn (nice weather for about 2 weeks) then winter (4 months) then stupid spring (a mix of all mentioned before for 4 months and 2 weeks). I do miss the sorta obvious nature of all of the US seasons. 4. Not common at all. Last death was in 1989. That was from falling rubble, mind you. 5. I posted a massive reply but it got cut off from this point. My wife works with a lot of new US visitors/permanent residents and she gets mad at US people now saying "Australia is weird, it's nothing like home". Well no duh sunshine. That's why it's called Australia. 6. Seeing you'll be going to uni, avoid getting drunk every weekend. It sounds like a stereotype but Australia is a very alcohol happy country. VERY. 7. What else to add? Petrol is about $5.20/gallon. We pay $1260/month on rent for our apartment. A 20oz bottle of coke is $3.50, and the exchange rate works against you. Just a heads up. If you have any more in-depth questions, add me on fb by checking my profile. Heck, ask my wife. Cheers.
  7. PietroChocko

    Catty girls at work...

    tl;dr You work with women. They're going to be catty. 90% of my workplace is female and they can be foul. Be on the front foot and ask them to wear red when the painters are in, if you get my drift. If they do that, then you'll know what time of the month to avoid.
  8. Free communication is the foundation for a great relationship. If you have that, then you'll go from strength to strength. Go with it!
  9. PietroChocko

    Kevin Rudd resigns as Foreign Minister

    Coalition FTW biddies! ALP is a cesspool of socialist poop, glad to see them self-destruct. ---------- Post added at 12:03 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:59 AM ---------- Also good to see they're going to have a spill on Monday, where Gillard will win but only just. She'll lose the next election, and then Abbott will be shivved by Julie Bishop, and with Joe Hockey as deputy/Treasurer. <3
  10. We sent out the press release... I guess you didn't get it?
  11. I'm back! Sorta. Got my first day of work as a Registered Nurse tomorrow. Pooping my pants is an understatement. Also moved out and in to a very schwanky apartment with a view of more apartments. Now for some pictures: Celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary back in Miranda's home town in Arkansas. Went to the Cotton Bowl. Got further proof that the American maxim is "if it's worth doing, it's worth overdoing". Went to San Francisco on the way home, got the photo of the Golden Gate bridge from Alcatraz. Didn't see John Stamos or Bob Sagat. Annoyed. Anyways, will hopefully check in whenever and wherever I can. Will also write further things on this thread at a later date when I remember to.
  12. ...well in Australia they were for our bogans - 'white trash' - then the US decided OMG DEY SO PURDY, now they're $200 a pair. http://www.news.com.au/weird-true-freaky/iconic-aussie-ugg-boot-banned-from-us-school/story-e6frflri-1226257398083