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  1. Noelle

    Is this place dead?

    I've been wanting to try play-by-post rping again which is what I used to do here back in the day. Is that allowed here? And, if so, which forum would it be allowed in? Cause I'd totally be down to try that again. I need interaction outside of work and the smartphone
  2. Does anyone still do play-by-post rping here? Is that allowed?? 

    1. Buoyancy



      It's still there, fam. I just don't think anyone actually does it.


  3. I can't believe this place is still here. O_O

    1. Yoda


      Alas it's a bit less active now. 

    2. Yoda


      Do you talk much with old CTFers? I understand you met several of them once, albeit a long time ago. 

    3. Noelle


      Not really, to be honest. I'm still friends with some on facebook, but I've lost contact with a lot. I don't even remember a lot of their screennames :blushing: Nice to see some old "faces" around though :)

  4. Noelle

    10 years laterz

    Whoaaaa, I had no idea anyone still came around here. I definitely tend to creep from time to time. How are y'all??
  5. I believe so, It was a long, long while ago though.

  6. Hey!! I'm sorry but I honestly don't remember you... Did we know each other?

  7. I just figured out who you are!! How are you?!

  8. Hm... pretty well!

  9. Hi :) How's it going?

  10. Noelle


    If only I could get inside of your head and see what's going on in there if only to find out what all this is about. I've considered it being about fasting or taking a break from people, but it seems the only person you're taking a break from is me. So, while I might not have done or said anything to hurt you, why me? All in good timing I guess. *shrugs* I miss yooooou bunches. We need to hang, seriously. *hugs* Love you bud. I just had to say that. I look forward to our conversations. They're so full of questions and common interest, it astounds me. It's been such a long time since I've had a decent conversation with someone I'm getting to know without any awkward silences. I'm so sorry about your grandpa... but I'm so glad you're on our team. I'm really glad to be getting to know you.
  11. Noelle


    I suck. I couldn't even do that. Don't freak out, don't freak out. Dude, I freakin' love you. I mean really, you're like the coolest person ever. If anyone ever says otherwise they are goin' down. I'll give the first punch. I'm so sorry you're having a crappy week. We seriously need to just go away and chill for an entire day. No school, no boyfriends, no chores, no lonliness, just unadulterated goofy fun. <3 Don't forget to charge your phone. It's official, no more crushes, no more interests, no more wondering "Is that him?" No more! I'm going to take your advice and take each day as it comes. Right about now, it wouldn't even matter if I stayed single forever, I'd actually prefer it. And no one better have any interest in me or think "I'm the one" because, Lord help me, they will get their hearts ripped out and torn apart.
  12. Noelle


    I won't write, call or attempt to contact you in anyway, that I wil promise you. I'm so tired of feeling like I don't mean anything to you, even though you continue to state the opposite. Honestly, I wouldn't hurt so badly if you simply told me to my face that you didn't care. You know what's so wrong though? I care about you more than I should. I've cried for you, longed to hold you and assure you that everything's going to be all right and that one day we'll maybe make sense of the terrible misfortune that continues to find you. And then...you hint that you feel strongly than you let on...then you don't. I've never been so incredibly confused about someone... You're driving me insane and I just can't afford to be distracted this way, especially when I might be wasting my time. the last person I felt this strongly for was just as oblivious and broken...and now you. I have a knack for an attracted towards the broken...In the end all it does is backfire on me... I'm sorry for the lack of communication and distance between us. I'll explain it all in my next letter, I promise.
  13. Noelle


    I am sooo not having kids when I get older. You're terrible and so not worthy of anything you have.
  14. Noelle


    At my age you were having this amazing adventure...I want to go on my adventure too. Hopefully it'll lead me to Italy at some point. But, I really do want to join the Navy. I do. And I will, if all is well and you're both ok with it, I will. I know how against it you are, but I wish you'd join too and come with me. You're hopefully, possibly, just maybe going to become a doctor too. How amazing would that be? Us saving the world one person at a time side by side and traveling the globe at the same time? We should do it. I'm so proud of you and how determined you're becoming. You're moving, even if it might be baby steps, but you're moving. Maybe, just maybe, we might get you to go back to school one day too. I won't hold my breath though. I'm so glad things are working out and you're finally out of there. Spread those wings girl. Just make sure you keep on flying in the right direction Yeah, I can't wait until my guy comes to sweep me off my feet too, buddy. But, good things come to those who wait. Boy..do I have a long way to go.. but don't give up on this girl kay? She sounds absolutely amazing and I really do hope things work out for you guys. And hey, remember, parents are way smarter than we are. Jacob waited 14 years for his girl, after seeing that, waiting 2 years isn't all that bad.