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  1. MyDestinyIsHeaven


    I am insanely in love with this show, I adore "artie" and I hope to see more plot lines with the "non main" characters soon =]
  2. MyDestinyIsHeaven

    3 Guilty Pleasures

    -Corbin Bleu -Eating paper -All other disney channel shows.....
  3. MyDestinyIsHeaven

    Do you talk to yourself?

    I def. talk to myself, way too often. My friends think I am crazy. But talking to myself helps me to practice things to say to people and what not.
  4. MyDestinyIsHeaven

    6 Year Old Boy Drives To School

    This is so true. I work in a urban city school system and so many of our students have terrible home lives, if they have a home at all. Poor boy :blush:
  5. MyDestinyIsHeaven

    Delete 10 Facebook Friends And Get A Whopper

    Haha when I saw this i laughed... I'd JUST deleted 75 people right before this article came out >.<
  6. MyDestinyIsHeaven


    finally got grades. they are hidden on our transcript tho...they show up as pass/fail to help with the transition to college. too bad considering i did well and made deans list 3.7 chem lab-- A- chem-- B Calc-- A African American family-- A Intro African am. studies --A-
  7. MyDestinyIsHeaven


    Currently Ihave 16.5 credits cuz that's the limit for freshmen, plus I'm scared totake many more at this place... Calc 2 Chem2 Chem lab 2 social psych environmental poisons microbes in the media intro pub health
  8. MyDestinyIsHeaven

    Want To Get This Out

    Lions_angel and jesusfreakgirl93, I must say, your posts truly spoke to me, how powerful they were...I know you didn't intend that but I thank God for prompting you to write those and for how He works in different ways! God Bless! Ok, so Life4Christ...it looks like the enemy is using someone close to you and someone in whom you have placed your trust in to dissuade you from what you know to be the truth. And actually, l would take it as a good thing in a warped way, cuz things like these tend to happen when we try to get closer and closer to God...the enemy tries to dissuade us with lies! This means that you are indeed doing the right thing in trying to further your spiritual walk. Unfortunately, the devil uses whatever is close to our hearts to do that...friends, family, television, music...whatever affects us strongly, the devil tries to use to hurt us. And I cannot agree more with what the others have posted. Just know in your mind and in your heart that the judging is not up to you, and that you must focus on you and God, not you, God, and what He does with other people...it's like when Jesus was talking to Peter about His other disciple John. Peter was inquiring about the way John would die, right after Jesus told Peter how he would die in glorifying God. Jesus basically told Peter that it wasn't his business how John would die (John 21:23), that Peter should not compare himself to other people, and that he should just focus on following Christ. People are brought into this world in different ways, and that is God's discretion. Romans 11:33-35 (new living translation) says: "Oh, how great are God's riches and wisdom and knowledge! How impossible it is for us to understand His decisions and His ways! For who can know the Lord's thoughts? Who knows enough to give Him advice? And who has given Him so much that He needs to give it back?" All that matters is that we take the route that we were given, and use it to seek God. It's really easy to have a pity party, trust me I know lol, but in the end, how do we deal with the life we have been given? And look at it as a powerful testimon that's to come out of your life. As I write this, these passages speaks to me strongly, as I too am struggling with this curse of comparison (and most of the other things you too are struggling with), and it's so important that we have scripture in our hearts--I am learning this as I go along. If you have Scripture, then you have Truth, and then you'll be able to better discern what lies are and what truth is. You are surely not alone; seek the company of others who are in Christ. Hope all my rambling helped! =]
  9. MyDestinyIsHeaven

    How Did You Become A Christian ?

    so inspirational!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow!! =]
  10. MyDestinyIsHeaven

    6 Year Old Boy Drives To School

    ""He was very intent on getting to school," said Northumberland County Sheriff Chuck Wilkins. "When he got out of the car, he started walking to school. He did not want to miss breakfast and PE." This had me lol-ing, hehe....to add to that list of weird things, I guess this means his parents weren't feeding him well enough. Maybe. Wow. I too, like the end of the article. God takes care of fools and babies!
  11. MyDestinyIsHeaven

    Too Good Grades?

    Wow. Complete opposite here. There is kinda grade 'deflation'.....I won't get into all of it but I can see why you feel unsatisfied. My school is very hard, unnecessarily so at times, but when I get an A, it feels so good. But like others have said I'd just wait and see. =]
  12. MyDestinyIsHeaven

    Lab Classes!

    I hate chem lab. Every year people drop being pre med because of chem lab. It's ridiculous at my school. Like, the professor makes the TA's reallly anal and you lose points so easily. And they kill you for sig figs omgosh. It's definitely the most complained about class among pre meds hehe
  13. MyDestinyIsHeaven


    Er I already had exams...in chem, calc, intro african american studies [take home exam] and the african american family [16 pager in place of a paper]...school starts jan 26!
  14. MyDestinyIsHeaven

    The Worst Part of College

    Money of course. Figuring out what you want to do, and making sure you take the right classes. Learning how not to stress....for example, I'm a freshman and I took a 300 level writing intensive course my first semester, alongside juniors ans seniors. The course kicked my butt and at one point I was apparently failing the course...and then I did poorly on the exams, then I had to do a 16 page research paper I stressed over....had to spend mornings and nites in the library.....but thanks to the grace of God somehow I managed an A. Looking back, I would have enjoyed the class much much more if I didn't stress, and if I'd trusted God more. Being pre med at the pre med capital of America can you guess where I go? hehe Roommate issues most definitely...... >.< Oh and I agree...getting grades back is so terrible ugh!!! More stressful than taking the exams in my opinion! But the good outweighs the bad, for sure! =]