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  1. eaton


    please pray for me. I've been thinking of lots of suicidal thoughts
  2. eaton

    Band Name

    Help please
  3. eaton

    gibson, fender or prs?

    I'd go for a taylor, if you have the money
  4. eaton

    cell phones

    I have the prepaid deal going on. :smilie_tux:
  5. eaton

    What Are You Listening to the Saga!

    Relient K- My girlfriend
  6. eaton


    Can I eat it?
  7. eaton


    lol, math is hard
  8. eaton

    Home Coming

    I live in Ohio
  9. eaton

    Home Coming

    I going to Concert. Thousand Foot Krutch Hawk Nelson *The Dizmas * 4th Avenue Jones Beats Home Coming in my book
  10. eaton

    See you at the poll

    When is SYATP any way?
  11. eaton

    What color is your hair

    My hair is black, thinking about adding some brown or blue in the mix
  12. eaton

    What email service do you use?

    Gmail owns all email !
  13. eaton


    I'am sorry to say that I CAN"T read it. But it must say something sweet.
  14. eaton

    Silver In Your Mouth!

    My teeth are nice and white
  15. eaton

    School Colors

    Our colors are green and "gold" which is more yellow Go Aves