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  1. $corcher

    What Are You Listening to the Saga!

    White Christmas-Dean Martin
  2. $corcher

    Guild Wars

    I have it i dont really like it anymore, i liked it there for a while but i didn't like the portals and stuff at the towns. I like my RPG"s to be more like KOTOR or Morrowind.
  3. $corcher


    I got to watch the cavaliers during the summer at a show, they were goood. O yeah, and i now play SNARE! lol
  4. $corcher

    Christmas Films!

    Its a wonderful life! I LOOOVVEEE this movie.
  5. $corcher

    Rebecca St. James

    Yes she is awsome
  6. $corcher

    Thousand Foot Krutch

    Yes, they are good, i got there new cd like a month ago.
  7. $corcher

    Favorite Games

    Elder Scrolls Morrowind, and HL1, and hl2 was good too but i didn't like it as much cus of Ravenholm.
  8. $corcher


    Yeah, i like it, and yah, i am on one, it makes me mad cus i am playing base(cus i just moved up into highschool band) and they pretty much make you play base. i will be on snare tho next year or even by the end of this year, i would love to play tenors but we only have 2 and the 2 best are playing on it, i got to play on them the other day and they are sweet.
  9. $corcher


    no, ventrilo is a communication program. this is a program to keep track of your friends and what they are playing, you can send messages back and forth to each other to, and there is a voice thing on it, i never could figure it out tho.
  10. $corcher


    I have it, mine is mashadiga. Send me a PM sometime for some gaming. Dont play much anymore tho.
  11. $corcher

    What do you play?

    drums and piano. :-)
  12. $corcher

    Cartoons by Chris Rice

    I love that song too, its so cool.
  13. $corcher

    Counter Strike

    I used to play it alot, i am in a clan called ToJ(Tribe of Judah) a christian clan that plays alot of different games.