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    Interests... scrapbooking, checkin out scholarships, work, church, n school!
  1. Ultimate frisbee and dodgeball are definitely two of the best sports ever!
  2. pepsi
  3. drugs
  4. children
  5. pastor
  6. hometown
  7. ok, now if the seed is planted does that nessecarily mean the pesron is saved, and some verses in the old testament cant be used. they didn't have the holy spirit then....... before they were annointed by god, but now we have the holy spirit, can you abandom teh council of the holy spirit?????? 254692[/snapback] Well I dated a guy for awhile and he went to church but also does a lot of unchristianlike stuff (sinning, drugs, etc)... he went to church with me for 8 or 9 mos. and lived w/ my family for 4 months because of family situation... i know theres a seed planted but i wouldn't say that he is in the best of standings w/ god bc of everything... i dono if that helps you much but... yeah just a mon avi
  8. I'm on but it seems no one else is on here or ctz!
  9. tingly
  10. I'm a junior in indiana!
  11. Blue n Gold... go eagles!