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  1. justoneday


    sdorry but ye i am bye j.a.f and ryan you guys are soo cool
  2. justoneday


    hey guys im just posting a last few things so goodbye guys i hope some of you guys can understand but keep up the bored topics for me yea??
  3. justoneday


    im with onfire4god on this one.....so gg i really hope youre happy you wont have either of us to pm so later guys sorry to anyone whos new and doesnt know me but laters anyways
  4. justoneday

    my last poem

    hey guys this is my last poem or song whatever you guys wana call it so here it is goodbye some nights i come on here and wonder why i do debate alot of things but then i argue with you i ignore the sarcy comments from one to another i just wanted to be welcome treat others as i would my brother so here is my goodbye im sorry but its true you messed me up and because of you no-one else wil know you argued and spat at me now its gone too far this is my last goodbye i had some very wonderful times on here met loads of friends i hope ni dont loose you guys im here for you till the end but rght now its my time to leave because of what he did im sorry but its true goodbye my frends you will not be forgotten
  5. justoneday

    I'm leaving.....

    sorry but i agree with onfire he has over stepped the line bye guys
  6. justoneday

    what would you do?

    ok what would you do if you had someone tormenting you and people around you that hey wouldnt leave you and that person alone to the point where they will leave because of them i just want to know.............
  7. justoneday

    I'm leaving.....

  8. justoneday

    pondering the rose

    hope is living life and still floating silent sleeps whilst silence sleeps i just wana go home feel the bitter help to take are much brighter than weve known and all around me walls they shake never once gone cold thats why im pondering the rose whilst listening for the whisper in the tree's and i will meditate the hours until i can feel you people seem to stare at you
  9. justoneday

    He took it away today........

    stop arugueing im sorry but this gets annoying
  10. justoneday


    im opn and im hungry
  11. justoneday


    i do NOT want pizza i mean come on you cant possibly all love pizza??!!
  12. justoneday


    what is it with americans and pizza???
  13. justoneday


    lol i cnt eat alot
  14. justoneday


    hi im ok bit tired but ok
  15. justoneday


    hi all....