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    What is the name of YOUR School?

    sefton high school, SYDNEY, The land down under Gaz
  2. religious_boi

    Sony Products

    aynone heard of BenQ.. I think they're better than sony in LCD screens.. But newayz.. I like the sony Cybershot Camera series..they've got really good focus.. and the Sony lens on the digital handycams are amazing..dey can go from newhere up to 30 X - 300 X optical zoom, den you can also incoporate the 120 X digital zoom lens..really amazing.. I probably also like their extenral dual layer DVD burner...proabaly the DRX800UL the best..since that's the one i have... the Sony PC headsets are good as well.. i've got a Sony Vaio and it is extremely good at handling rough hours and handling...though i dunt like the optical scroll mouse series that it has..very..weird... oh but BenQ cannot beat the Sony X and HX series LCD screens..got the best technology for the screens sony has.. Looking at Data projectors, probably the VPLCX75..its the newest..but the most expensive.. for a good dataprojector from sony..i would probably get the VPLCS7...its a good dataprojector.. but i think the best sony is good at making..is the home theatre surround sound...TOP SUBWOOFERS..i tell u..d best subwoofers.. newayz...yeh.. Gaz
  3. religious_boi

    Whats your favorite sport?

    YOU FORGOT TENNIS.. Tennis rocks =]] Gaz
  4. religious_boi


    heya, god's with u mate. and so are we =]. Praying for u.. Gaz
  5. religious_boi

    Does Suicide Lead to Hell?

    Suicide, i guess, does lead to hell.. you are giving up your life, deliberately. God gave us life, every breath that we take is a blessing...so in words, you are rejecting God Gaz
  6. religious_boi


    Im, christian hmm..well Catholics...They're okay..i mean...like..my closest friends on this world are actually Roman Catholics. I get along with them.. Catholics are my brothers and sisters, we all believe that Jesus died for our sins, and we are sinful in this world, we were baptised with water, we were baptised under that fact. and we were baptised to be with God.. So in truth, we can't say nething bad about Catholics, though i do think that they're are a bit.."in the dark"...so i try to help them get bak on the right path..thats the best us Christians can do.. Leave the judging to God, =]] Gaz
  7. religious_boi

    church splitting

    hmm..but aren't we supposed to be a church..a family ?.. Just a question...:S.. Gaz
  8. religious_boi


    and just to add something..when Solomon wrote the book of Ecclesiastes, he was trying to find out what the meaning of life is..and I suppose..there is NO meaning besides trusting and believing and having faith in God..cause all logic, and man achievements..will not last forever.. Gaz
  9. religious_boi

    I'm new here

    ..hehe, Gary..13 (turning 14 on October 12th). lives: Sydney, Australia.. THE COOLEST CITY IN D WORLD...=]].. hmmm..something intersting is that..I would wanna name my son Darryl.....i dunt know why..i jst like that name.. Gaz
  10. religious_boi

    church splitting

    wha i dnt get, is WHY this is happening.. THe church is a church, the church will remain a church, and the CHUCHES are all ONE family. If you can't see.. We have already experienced the splitting of churches... The church originated as seven churches throughout Rome..turned into.. Catholic / Prodestant - > then became a billion (exaggerated) other denominations, like baptist, presbysterian, anglican, stuff... I actually think the Catholic church did better with keeping their churches togethher then most christian churches have... Anyway, and speaking about the 40 Days of Purpose...its actualyl a good book, and it does have a biblical aproach..but i do suppose its centred on worldy values more.. Gaz
  11. religious_boi


    Okay, well..the first thing I wanna correct u about..(but i think i can be wrong)..but Christianity is NOT a religion, its NOT a faith-based Experience,. IT IS a FAMILY. (we are one belonging to christ). and it IS a religion OF Faith for GOD. See, unlike SOOO other many religions in the world, Christinaity is the ONLY one which offers a path to the salvation of sin, through Jesus Christ our saviour, while othe rreligions try to be morally right and stuff... Secondly, uhhh..God says in the bible, (read proverbs 2), that WISDOM and WANTING to know more is really not BAD at all. However, what wisdom you want is important. Wisdom is in two forms. It is a God-given gift and also the result of an energetic serach. everything wisdom starts with God and the Bible (his word), which is the source knowledge and uderstanding. so in terms, WISDOM is not bad, but WISDOM for things OTher than god is bad. Never stop wanting wisdom from God. ---- Now to get to my point, sorry for all the blabbing.... ..okay, well, DOUBT will EFFECT us no matter wat we do, we ARE humans, we ARE sinners, and we know that we WILL doubt. I suppose the want to doubt is Okay, but DOUBTING itself is not okay, because GOD loves us so much, he sent his only Son, Jesus Christ, to die for our sins, so that shouldn't giove us any reason to doubt. But God, looked at us, and looked at the world, and he KNEW there is going to be doubt, so that's what the bible is there for, and most importantly, thats what prayer is for. We can ask God, for the help and guidance to not doubt, for all things in him are possible. did you konw, that god sometimes uses DOUBT to bring us closer to him, because through prayer, and depending on God, to solve our doubts, is the way he brings us CLOSER to him, and for us to be WISER. If you try to solve your doubts by yourself, than it really won't work...and it also means that your doubting your faith... But doubt is in NO relation to Faith in anyway, Christians doubt too sometimes. Faith is where you come believing that Jesus died on the cross for YOUR sins and to create for you an pathway to God and to eternal life. A besides, as i said, Christianity is not a BELIEF, not a RELIGION, not another thing in the WORLD. It is LIFE, it is a Community built for and on God. Anyway, hoipe all that bllabber helps, GAz
  12. religious_boi

    The Blessed Virgin Mary

    and it says in the bible that "Believe in the lord your God and no other God but me" and jesus died for us, so that we could have a DIRECT relationship with God, so yeh, I don't think the virgin mary is absolutely necessary in our prayers no offense to catholics, believe me, I don't want to offend you guys, you people I still treat as my brothers and sisters =]. God bless, Gaz
  13. religious_boi

    Who Looks At Pornography?

    well you cant really, tell them or get them to stop can you ? One of my friends had the same problem, and I tried to get him to stop, and like yehs, he did, but then started again, so i asked my minister, and he said that instead of trying to stop him, tell him about God's word, and stuff, and pray for him. Gaz
  14. religious_boi

    What grade are you going into?

    Heya, Im new, but yeh, i worked my way around ^^, Well, here in Sydney we do our school years differently from the rest i think, Anyway, this is how it works: Year / Age ------------------------->Start Primary School Education Kindergarten / 5-6 Year 1 / 6-7 Year 2 / 7-8 Year 3 / 8-9 Year 4 / 9-10 Year 5 / 10-11 Year 6 / 11-12 -------------------------> End primary school education -------------------------> Start High (secondary) school education Year 7 / 12-13 Year 8 / 13-14 Year 9 / 14-15 Year 10 / 15-16 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Year 10 you do School Certificate Exam, and you can choose to leave school education to look for work ) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Year 11 / 16-17 Year 12 / 17-18 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ( Year 12 you do a Higher School Certificate (HSC) exam, and this tests you on which university you go to) ---------------------------------> End high school education ---------------------------------> Start uni education Well, university education is pretty simple, it really depends on what courses you take and how many courses you choose. A standard course would usually be 2 years or something, though you can choose to skip to the masters test. ----------------------------------> End uni education WORK newayz, thats how most of Australian's education system works Gaz