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  1. loganville_qtpie

    My soldier

    <div align="center"><span style="font-family:Century Gothic">I pray that our troops will make it back safe and sound every night. For those who don't know God, i pray that they come to love God and follow him, along with their families. Your soldier is in my prayers now. Don't worry, just trust in God's name that he will be protected. ciao for now, Tara</span></div>
  2. loganville_qtpie

    Please pray for me...

    <div align="center"><span style="font-family:Century Gothic">mine names tara...do either of you know anyone who has had this? i heard it can last up to 8 weeks usually...but i really don't want it to last that long...lol lets just say it isn't very pretty...</div></span>
  3. loganville_qtpie

    Please pray for me...

    <div align="center"><span style="font-family:Century Gothic">Hey Ya'll! I havent posted much, but I just need someone to pray for me... I had Mono from june to December last year. Then, in january my knee cap was busted... Since i had mono, my immune system was down so i got everything that came around. I just went to the doctor today and found out i have pityriasis rosea which is a skin condition. It will go away, but it covers my entire back and chest and stomach and only gets worse. so can ya'll just pray for me!? please and thank you.... ciao for now, tara</span></div>
  4. loganville_qtpie

    Hair Type

    <div align="center"><span style="font-family:Century Gothic">My hair used to only be wavy..but one day i used a scrunchy soray thing and now my hair is curly lol so once in a while i was a hair straighener...</div></span>
  5. loganville_qtpie


    <div align="center"><span style="font-family:Century Gothic">It is usually Hot and Sunny here...we need rain..we're in a huge drought...and i am terrified of Tornadoes!!! ( i've been in 5 already...) and my fav weather is probably snow bc we get it only once in a blue moon! lol so yea...</span></div>
  6. loganville_qtpie


    ok this is funny...lol...well my church had a thing called Disciple Now Weekend...well our Youth Pastor has a cabin and LOT of land out in the country...called the "LAND"...weelllll that was the first time i ever played paintball...his rule was the first time ur hit in each game, ur out...so the first level i couldn't figure out how to take the gun off of "safe mode"...well i got shot 2 times in my helmet by the same dude...so i raised my gun above my head and said I"M HIT! I"M HIT! I"M HIT! bc thats wat we had 2 do...so newhos...2nd round: I hit behind a tree and ran up to a ditch in the forest...someone shot me on my wrist! lol...then 3rd round: i got shot on my leg by the same dude! the same dude hit me in every round!!! lol and his mom ia my moms boss!! haha well it was really fun and id like to play it again sometime soon! lol
  7. loganville_qtpie

    Please Pray!

    Though I am breaking out of my shell a bit in school, I'm dreading going to school every day, and not just because of more homework. My friends are leaving me...and I don't know why. One has veered over to my sister and left me in the dust, and my other friend is now too popular and cool to be with me. Though I try to make new friends, it doesn't seem to work out. I pray every night to have a good day and for me to build enough confidence to just be myself.. but...yeah. yes, I'm shy and smart at school, barely talk at all. But I've been talking a bit more and stuff. It's just my friends are leaving me and I'm left in the dirt. Another thing praying would be great for is that many folks think I'm weird >_< Even my own friend thinks so, and it's embarrassing to say something then they just stare at me!!! Please pray for me Thank you all and God Bless.
  8. loganville_qtpie


    hmm...we need guns! for protection of Cops and stuff......and then there is the war. if we didn't have guns..our country would more than likely come to a halt bc they would keep shooting our ppl when all we have are spears or sumthing and then there would be a draft and stuff! lol just thinking ahead.. :AngelNot:
  9. loganville_qtpie

    Do you stay up until midnight?

    i fell asleep last year...but i have every year other than that year since i was 5! lol does that make since?
  10. loganville_qtpie

    how many states

    KOOL! i still have lived in 9! lol maybe 10 soon~
  11. loganville_qtpie

    Wow Birthdays!

    hey! thnx ya'll!!! i hope u have a great time counting down the new years!!! love u all! God bless!
  12. loganville_qtpie

    dangerous school

    we just recently had a bomb threat...(our principal...well no 1 likes her at ALL! she is always lying & stuff...) well some1 from the hgih skool called in and said.."i hope ya'll like pizza...there is a bomb in 1 and i hope that u enjoy!" well being so dumb..she pulled the fire alarm 2 get us out of the skool and then made us stand like right bhind the skool! so then she let us go to the football field and of course...every1 was calling their parents scared bc she didn't tell ANYONE what happened...not even the teachers! so i called my mom and she came and got me and my twin but that was really scary!! lol
  13. loganville_qtpie

    my friend died

    oh my gosh! one of my good friends went to her sister's soccer game and her cell phone started to ring.she walked towards the street to answer it bc the game was so loud..well a dog started chasing her and she ran..not thinking...she ran into the street! she got hit and died on impact......but 2 have ur friend comit sucide must b AWFUL! :cry:
  14. loganville_qtpie

    santa claus

    my dad...being as stubborn as he is...told me to sleep under the christmas tree...my mom was like...no dear, i think that isn't to good of an idea b/c she knew that i would wake up and see them putting presents...WELL i did and i had been suspective of him b4 that though@ lol i was 7 when that happened! lol
  15. loganville_qtpie

    Selling Christianity

    yea...all they want u 2 do is buy the thing b/c it looks better...or makes miracles! but we all know that only God can do that!