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  1. all4HIM06

    Romania Trip

    the ministry i am going with is specifically orphans and children/teen ministries. so yes we can go into the orphanages. the ministry has like 5 or 6 orphanages they are involved with and when i am there i will be going to 2 or 3 of them. i wont know which ones until i get there though.
  2. all4HIM06

    Romania Trip

    I need some hardcore prayer. I am going on a mission trip this summer to Romania as long as I can get enough money in time. I will be there for a month working in 2-3 different orphanages sharing the love of Christ with the children who need it very much. I need $1500 in my account by April 10th, and as of right now I only have $560. Then I need another $2000 by May 30th, it is going to be quite a challenge. But I belive that with God I can do it. I just am really stressing about it right now. Not that I am begging or anything, but if any of you remember who I am, and would like to help me out or know more about my trip, send me a message.
  3. all4HIM06


    so here is my latest poem. it is called Hush. it also has a bit of testimony and background that goes with it. feedback is welcome, if you want to use it somewhere let me know. Hush. Speak no words. Keep your secrets locked up. Do not tell anyone what you feel. Do not say a word of the touches you have felt. Do not shed tears for memories you have. Hush. Hush. Cover your scars. Keep your secrets locked up. Do not show anyone your hurt and your pain. Do not cry in the night from your self inflicted wounds. Do not let them see you from the inside out. Hush. Hush. Fake a smile. Keep your secrets locked up. Do not “waste†your tears on thoughts of your past. Do not tell people how you really feel. Do not say anything but, “I’m fine,†when people ask. Hush. Hush. Hide your flaw. Keep your secrets locked up. Do not let them tell you to eat. Do not let people hear you secretly throwing up everything you eat. Do not show them you are weak. Hush. Hush. Shout it out. Let your secrets out. Do let Me hold you in My arms My child. Do let Me take away your pain. Do let Me be the God you adore. Hush. © Amanda Kay -January 2008 The world tells us that we must hush ourselves. We must hide from who we have become because we are not ever good enough. It does not matter that we are lying to people we love. Let alone how much we are lying to ourselves and listening to the lies Satan is putting in our minds. We have to hush about our pain. We have to hush about our weaknesses. Things that control our lives we are told to hush about. If we have trusted these things to relieve our pain, we must also rely on them to be our friend. A memory, a blade, a fake smile, a “diet.†Things we think we control but they all really control us. We are told to hush. We cannot let people in on our pain. We are terrified because of what people will think. We are scared that the world will tell us to hush. If we have ever felt the awful touch of distrusted naked men; if we have ever felt the kiss of a razorblade across our wrists; or the feeling of control when we resist another meal, we know what it is like to keep secrets. People think that we are all attention seekers, and although that is the case with some, many are just looking for an escape from the pain. The world says to hush so we do. Then we get yelled at for having so many secrets. What more do you want of us world? What can you offer me that my GOD cannot? The answer is nothing. None of these things will get me anywhere except farther and farther away from the God I love and cherish. In no way is my intention in this to get attention or sympathy from anyone. My only hope is that this will open more hearts and minds to this concept of telling others to just simply “hush.†Maybe through this someone will be able to stand out and say “I will not be silent any longer.†I have been told to “hush†too many times and I am ready to open up. I am ready to say “I will not be silent any longer.†I just want to begin to get my story out. Maybe it can help someone else. Some of you know these things, some of you don’t. Following this will be many truths that I am sure many of you had no idea about me. If you want to talk to me about it I will talk. I was anorexic and bulimic for a while. I have been a cutter (self-injurer) for about 4 years, and I am still in the process of recovery. I was raped. And I fake a smile most days because I don’t want people to see how much I am truly hurting inside. But I am tired of being silent. This is my time to not be silent. I do not want to “hush†any longer. I physically can not deal with it anymore. It hurts too much. I am ready to get on with my life and to see what God has planned for me. But my past; these things, are holding me back from truly becoming that woman that God wants me to be. If you took the time to read all of this I thank you. I am not sorry if it changed how you view me. I am who I am, and I can’t fake being someone I’m not anymore. Thank you so much to everyone who has been there and helped me through it. One last encouragement before I go, if you have a story to share, you do not have to “hush†any longer. Stand out from the “norm†and share it. Shout it to the world if you need to. But, do not let it eat you up inside from all the hurt and pain it causes you. It is not worth your time to dwell on it. Much love and blessings, Amanda Kay
  4. all4HIM06

    Wedding Ideas

    Location: inside or outside... havent decided yet. Time of day: end of may/early june or late august/early september. My Dress: a-line top part and a huge puffy skirt. not a long train. i couldnt find a picture... but i didnt search very hard. Bridesmaid Dresses: light pink with a thin light yellow ribbon that ties in the back. or the other way around. yellow dress with pink ribbon. party dress length. Flower Girl Dress: Veil: connected to one of those little comb things in the back of my hair. nothing that covers my face. Flowers: pink and yellow daisies. Colors: pink and yellow. both pastel. Wedding Party: crystal, brandy, lindsay, joleana, possibly melycza, not sure about the flower girl, my brother, my best guy friend, and whoever my fiance wants. Reception: everyone who came to the wedding will be invited. Dinner: salad. chicken or beef. potatoes, noodles with alfredo sauce, green beans. cake/ice cream for desert. a bottle of champagne for each table for the toast. Cake: three tier cake with bride/groom figures at the top. then stairs connecting the tiers possibly with wedding party figures on the stairs. First Song to dance to: whatever our song is. First kiss: publically as a married couple will be at the end of the ceremony. Leave the wedding in: a limo. cuz i like them. Honeymoon: a surprise. as long as he tells me what to pack.
  5. all4HIM06

    Becoming a Proverbs 31 Woman

    So was doing a devotion today on Proverbs 31. We read it in my ACT group at college, but I didnt really pay much attention. But when I read it again today it hit me that I want to be that woman so bad. I typed it out, with a little reflection from me at the bottom, and maybe it can help some of you ladies strive to be like this Proverbs 31 woman. A very familiar passage, Proverbs 31:10-31, gives a portrait of a woman of character and wisdom. When you read about the superwoman, what comes to your mind? A long litany of her acheivements? I thought so. She was a paramount "doer." Yet, if you look carefully at the text, you will discover that all she accomplished flowed from her inner character. This woman took her knowledge of God and applied it in a skillful and successful way so that her life became a picture of beauty. It's interesting that we don't know her name or what she looked like. We don't know anything about her personality. We do know, however, that her husband and grown children praised her... Did you note what they praiser her for? Not because she was up at down, working into the night, or because she sewed their clothes, organized the home, and took food to the poor. They praised her for her spiritual character. What a tribue! Of all the women they know; she was the best. This exceptional woman believed that God was the Blessed Controller of her life. But she also knew that God expected her to make godly choices to rule over herself... The Provers 31 woman was not controlled by her circumstances and the demands of her family, her household, or her home business. She was ruler of her attitudes, her time, and her schedlue. Her relationship with God was central. All that she became was a result of her yielding to His soverign control. She allowed Him to place His brushstrokes on the canvas of her life. But she also chose to rule her appearance, her mouth, and her activities -Linda Dillow So yeah like just that whole thing made me realize how much I want to be like that. I want my husband and kids to praise me for being a godly woman, not just because of all the other stuff i do around the house. I want them to be able to look at me and be like yeah... she is a godly woman. and as of right now i dont think people look at me and say that. It is like a wakeup call to start living a life for God entirely and it shows what will come out of that if i do. and that is what i want in my life, to live it entirely for God in every way. I want that so bad right now. I am striving to be this woman and I plan on stiving for that every day. I encourage all of you to as well. I'm done now. K Bye! <3 all4HIM06
  6. all4HIM06

    Where do you go?

    Grace Bible College in michigan. its really really small. pretty much a building dropped in the middle of a neighborhood. im not even lying. we have about 150 students total.
  7. all4HIM06

    a homework assignment

    yeah sorry guys... our prof wants it to be someone between ages 13and 17 cuz of the context of the questions.
  8. all4HIM06

    Costume ideas?

    you could get a friend to go with you and go as Peace and Quiet.... your costumes would be a hippie and a mime. that is what one of my friends and i are going as for halloween...
  9. I have a homework assignment for one of my youth ministry classes. i need someone between he ages of 13 and 17 with AIM or MSN that will be willing to answer some questions for my assignment. it is a survey type thing. thanks guys. <3 amanda kay.
  10. all4HIM06

    Woman Issues

    i think something is wrong with me.... cuz i have had mine once since february and it is september.... it is weird though cuz i get cramps and get moody like usual just without the blood. its weird.... i think it is due to stress though.... cuz when i got it my stress was finally starting to go away and now it has come back.... so yeah im just weird
  11. all4HIM06

    We are all Beautiful

    you are welcome ladies!!! something that helped me to remember this was to write it down with the words enthralled and beauty capitalized and more bold than the rest and put it right by my mirror. that way i see it every day. maybe this could help you too.
  12. all4HIM06


    mudding= amazing. although sometimes depending on the kind of mud it doesnt always come out of your clothes. we have a four wheeler at our house. it doesnt go very fast though... its kinda sad.
  13. all4HIM06


    I want to be a Youth Pastor and a mom. That is all. Both are big jobs but as far as income, it won't be very much. Hopefully I will be able to do just both of these, but, if I need to I will get a part time job to help out with bills and such.
  14. all4HIM06

    We are all Beautiful

    So in my small group at school we have been talking about beauty and how no matter what we look like here on earth God thinks we are all beautiful. I just thought that some girls on here might need to have a verse that reassures this time and time again. "The king is enthralled by your beauty; honor him, for he is your lord." Psalm 45:11 (NIV) Think about that. The KING is ENTHRALLED by YOUR beauty. According to the American Heritage Dictionary the word "enthralled" means to hold spellbound; captivated. I challenge you to think about that in such a deeper sense. Our beauty no matter what we look like here on earth holds GOD, OUR FATHER, spellbound. Our beauty CAPTIVATES God. That just leaves me in awe every time i think about it. God thinks I am beautiful and no one else's opinion matters when I think of it like that. God, Be with all these ladies that are going to read this and think about it. Lord, just show them that you are truly enthralled with our beauty every day, God. Show us your glory and your very beauty Lord. We should also be enthralled by your beauty. Your beautiful creation should hold us captivated and spellbound Lord. You are amazing God. I personally give you hugs and my love from here where I can feel your presence all around me God. I know you are there for me and with me always Lord and I thank you God. I am just so in awe of you. I praise your holy and wonderful name. In Jesus' name, Amen.
  15. all4HIM06

    The Joy of

    so a little update on my roomie situation. she is amazing and we are getting along so well. we like alot of the same stuff and we are both pretty easy going. im really excited about this school year.