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    I love having my sig tagged by Jen!<br /><br />I like to ski and Swim. I like to ride horses even though I don't get to do that very often because I don't own one and it is expensive to take lessons. especially where I don't ride english.<br />I also like to go to summer camp and even work there (which I have done)<br />I like to read a lot

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  1. anyabar1987


    Ok this is totally depressing.... I get too busy with life and everything and this place dies *cries*
  2. anyabar1987


    I refuse to believe bored is dead
  3. anyabar1987


    I have been very distracted lately
  4. anyabar1987

    Amish Journey to Israel

    http://lancasteronline.com/article/local/932068_Amish-journey-to-Israel--seeking-forgiveness-from-Jews.html I found this article very interesting because you don't hear much about the Amish reaching out beyond thier communities but here this group is returning from thier third trip to Israel in which they are reaching out to the Jews because they feel they owe them an apology for not speaking up during the holocaust and even for feeling like they have become God's chosen people.
  5. anyabar1987


    I am fighting through it, going to decorate ginger bread houses with my little buddy tonight and then after church tomorrow I have been asked to babysit for the church staff christmas party.
  6. anyabar1987

    Fast Food Strike

    I don't agree with this either....... I make $10 an hour with a $0.50 differential if my student is in the school during school hours and everyone I talk to who doesn't work where I work thinks I should be getting hazardous pay for what I have to deal with. If I were to walk out of my facility on strike they would wave and say bye and give me my final check and tell me not to reapply. To work there you have to have a minimum of a highschool diploma (which is what I have) but fast food employees don't need that so I think it is doubly rediculous that they get $15 an hour.... if your not happy and can't make it work get a second job. if I have to suppliment my paycheck with odd jobs to make it float so can you. When I started working for this place I got $8.50 an hour, after 9 months I was given a dollar raise because they raised their minimum wage. for 3 years I made that same amount with no raise because my position didn't warrent one. I now make $10.00 an hour and as long as they don't freeze wages like they did this year I could get at best a $0.10 cent raise. in a few months. oh here is the kicker to add to this when I was making $9.50 I was making less then all new employees because they raised the starting wage but didn't bother to change the existing employees wages because $9.50 is still their minimum. I went into depth on this because I wanted to show that I know what it is like to struggle and I will be struggling after the first of the year when the mandatory health insurance will be deducted from my paycheck. but that this is the real world and it stinks but we shouldn't make a fuss just because we think we are being treated unfairly because there are people all over the world who would give anything to make $8.00 an hour.
  7. anyabar1987

    Prayers for Abigail H.

    So we are at 60 days missing but they released information that last month Abby's mother recieved a letter from her. Please keep praying that she is located as we know she was still alive as of the end of October when the letter was written.
  8. anyabar1987


    ugh I slept through the night with a headache I must have been tired.... the headache still hurts from time to time..... I hate sinus headaches
  9. anyabar1987


    It is except he is on ECMO because the heart is struggling to adjust but at the same time you don't get a new heart without someone losing a loved one, it isn't like many of the other transplants where potentially someone could still be alive.
  10. anyabar1987


    Gah I have been too out of it this week for my own good but I think I have reason enough to be so I think a family friend passing and then a little boy at church getting his new heart are excuse enough
  11. anyabar1987


    I haven't started my christmas shopping yet but alas of course I probably won't be doing it till the week before Christmas as I am going to be working some extra hours these next 2 weeks so I can afford Christmas gifts and stay away from my Wichster... who is coming home to make our lives miserable.
  12. anyabar1987

    zoom error

    yes that looks a lot better and my eyes thank you.
  13. anyabar1987

    zoom error

    Alright so I must admit that this seems to be partially the fualt of the fact that I must have the screen zoomed in so that I can read the screen however this is what the screen looks like at 125% which is where I can read it comfortably the top of the screen doesn't become clear until 90% I am using the latest version of Chrome.
  14. anyabar1987


    Made him watch Hachi and he started crying during the final scene while I tried fighting the tears back so that he wouldn't laugh at me. call me and I will tell you exactly how it went down.
  15. anyabar1987


    I am home from babysitting.... Can I call it a success if I made a 9 year old boy cry like a little girl?