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    I am interested in becoming a paramedic!! Right now I am going to be a CNA though and I am xcited to learn all this and be able to help people.
  1. Dancin4God

    What up everybody?

    Haha, honestly?? Noooo.... SORRY!! I havent been here in awhile though...so yeah,my excuse!! Whats your name...maybe that'll help!? This place has changed... I am stil amazed!
  2. Does anybody remember me!?? Wow this place got really high tech eh?? Sweeet!! Just wanted to yell HEY THIS IS AURORA!! Goodta be back....
  3. Dancin4God

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry christmas all!! *hugs all around* I have missed you all...but we recently had a housefire and my life has been incredibly turned upside down for awhile. (everyone is doing great and only the upstairs was ruined beyond saving anything.)
  4. Dancin4God

    Would You Rather?

    I guess I will catch on fire...and put it out quick.... *g* Being a hippie for that long.... *g* not happening. *laughs* I did have that style for awhile though. *nod* Sweet... haha. WYR: be known for an infamous crime or be unknown and sit in jail?
  5. Dancin4God


    *pokes the wing* OOOO, its silver!! *g* *hides*
  6. Dancin4God

    Caption the avatar above you...

    Life in my own little bubble can be boring... *typing on screen* "WAKE UP NEO" WHAT!?? *falls off chair*
  7. I know how you feel!! Sometimes I am real happy to say I have no b/f... there seems to be more fullfilment in having awesome friends.... than messing it up with a big ole "relationship" thing... Umm, unless she talks to you specifically....maybe you can just leave it...? That is a good thing to get over... it makes the relationship that is there stronger and not just maybe a mere crush... just my take, with what I know.... *g*
  8. Dancin4God

    One word story

  9. Dancin4God

    The next poster!

    Ummm, ya know...I don't even know!! *g* TNP has at least 3 siblings!
  10. Dancin4God

    Caption the avatar above you...

    Follow the bat Neo... or whatever little creature you see first!
  11. Dancin4God

    Change one letter game

    SuperCalaFraguileListicExpeeAlidocious! Haaha, kidding! *g* _<Bale>_
  12. Dancin4God

    Caption the avatar above you...

    What am I going to do today...? I think I will head over to Mollie's....maybe we'll play jacks or jump rope... (man, I always post after you!! *laughs* I am running out of ideas!! *g*)
  13. Dancin4God

    Poke The Person Above You

    *pokes miss Faerie* I just like to follow you around in this forum I guess.....so thats why you get poked...for being EVERYWHERE! *g* *poke poke*
  14. Dancin4God

    Caption the avatar above you...

    Maybe if I run through that corridor... i'll find a damsel in distress. *shakes head* There just aren't enough damsel's these days...