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    Proud former admin of CTF. <3
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    Physics (/science) - yay, world!
    Music - ABBA, MJ, David Bowie, Lady GaGa, Queen, Prince...
    Fencing - the sport, not the thing involving erecting boundaries
    Tea - all sorts of every kinds!
    Cooking - yummers
    Technology - operating systems (especially Windows)
    Politics - Conservative by name but not by intent (go figure)
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    Science (physics) teacher (ages 11-16)
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  1. Skywatcher


    Count me in! Addicted, ever since I first played.
  2. Michael Jackson is the best.

  3. Skywatcher

    Where will you go when you die?

    That's a new one for me. Very interesting indeed...
  4. Right and quiet, all the way!
  5. Skywatcher

    Songs That Makes You Cry...

    Hold My Hand by Michael Jackson (and Akon) is a biggie for me...but there are many others.
  6. Skywatcher

    CTF "Bad Day" Parody

    Never gets old. I miss Bre!
  7. Skywatcher

    The Sims

    I have been playing The Sims since 2000. Ahhh the memories! I think my favourite is still the original series. In fact, it is minimised in my taskbar as we speak. Looking forward to seeing what The Sims 4 is like!
  8. Skywatcher

    Helps for 'Becoming a Morning People'

    I find that listening to music helps - especially on headphones (try something with a high tempo or great beat).
  9. Skywatcher

    Circumcision and your son

    No. Genital mutilation is not cool.
  10. Skywatcher

    Why is everyone on here against masturbation?

    Whether it's right or not is open to interpretation, as are many things written in the Bible.
  11. Skywatcher

    Circumcised or uncircumcised?

    Circumcision is genital mutilation in my book - but feel free to disagree. It's not really "traditionally" done here in the UK - I'd be surprised if I knew anyone who was. There is certainly no issue with cleanliness either, so long as you wash.
  12. Skywatcher


    Jen, that is awful! I do hope everything was sorted out OK. I've had a rough time recently myself. To the point where I am now looking for a new job, since I had to resign from my current one. However, I am remaining positive and feeling confident. It's just the thought of interviews... *shudder* I think I do OK at them, though.
  13. Skywatcher

    Post Approval

    How long have we not had post approval?
  14. Skywatcher


    Excellent! Congrats! What volunteering do/did you do?