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  1. Even though you havn't been on in foreverness, happy birthday! x

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    Hey yous guys!
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    Name: Giselle Pampillo Age: 17 Appearance: HP Character Links (If any): None really. Her parents were small time death eaters, not worth mentioning…especially since now that they are deceased. House (Optional for 1st years): Slytherin Job/School Year: Seventh Special Skills/Interests: Dark Arts tend to interest her, forget the ‘Defense Against the’ that is suppose to come in front of those words. She’s amazing at research and extracting information from others. She’s super fast on a broom and can take quite a beating as well as give it out. She’s never been afraid to draw first blood though she tends to be smarter about which battles she enters now. She has a talent for magic where it counts, she doesn’t ace everything but only because not everything is worth acing in her opinion. Personality: She is a master at being cruel with a thin veneer of kindness on top. When she speaks to people they usually aren’t sure but they think they got insulted. She is power hungry but knows when to be subtle. Giselle is out for herself and makes no apologies for it, if it’s between herself and another…she will make sure she is on top, no matter the cost. Bio: Not much is known about her except for what she has accomplished at Hogwarts and the small circle of ‘friends’ she has. Her parents were rumored to be weak death eaters but now it doesn’t matter. At the beginning of the year she was transferred by her parents to Durmstrang but that only lasted a few weeks. Now, her parents are dead and she is back at Hogwarts. Rumors fly and Giselle welcomes them. Back Post during Lunch Time. Rose/Giselle Giselle walked on the grounds and inhaled deeply. Hogwarts. It was good to be back. She’d told them she wouldn’t stand for being transferred. They should have listened. The Dark Lord would be proud of her, she felt. So would his protégé, whomever that was…and she was here to find out. Shaking her head, flipping her long black hair behind her, Giselle took a well practiced stride through the grounds. She passed a clearing and heard a frustrated sigh…more like a growl. Her ice blue eyes zeroed in on a young red headed girl on a broom doing maneuvers not many girls would try, let alone one who looked like a first year. Raising her eyebrow and smiling, she headed towards the girl. Rose was getting frustrated. She was going through all the maneuvers she had read about and studied but until she could practice them against someone they would be utterly useless. She hit the ground and then tossed the broom. Stupid school broom…if only James would have let her borrow his or something. But no…stupid Gryffindor. They were blood right? What did it matter that they weren’t in the same house… “You look pretty upset for someone who just pulled off the Woollongong Shimmy, Wronski Feint, and a Sloth Grip Roll.” Rose looked up and saw a tall, lithe girl looking at her. Her arms were crossed, her weight switched on one hip and her hair blowing in the breeze. She was beautiful. “I—I…thanks. But it’s kind of hard to know if I pull them off when no one wants to practice with me.” Rose said, sourly. Giselle raised an eyebrow. “And why does no one want to practice with you?” Rose sighed, who was this girl that she cared? “You care why?” Giselle laughed, this girl was cute. “I love the game, I’m a girl…I feel like I know your pain, maybe.” She said softly. Rose nodded, “Well, I’m in Slytherin, the first one of my family. The rest have been in Gryffindor for centuries until this year. I’m also a first year, not expected to make the team. My cousin is older but he won’t help me because he is on the Gryffindor team and doesn’t want to play against me.” Rose coughed a laugh and muttered, “He knows I’ll cream him. Giselle’s smile became one of intrigue. “Well it just so happens that I’m a Slytherin, a 7th year. And I know the captain of the team, used to be a chaser too. I bet I can help you and talk to the captain to at least take a look at you. If you don’t make it this year, we can probably have you trained for next year. What do you think about that?” Rose looked up at her, skeptical. “You’d do that for me? How does that help you?” Giselle nodded to herself, girl was smart. “Oh, I don’t know..I’ll figure out a way to make it help me I’m sure. What’s your name?” “Rose Weasley.” The little girl said, feeling that now she had said her last name the older girl would take back her offer. Giselle’s eyes widened, she should have known though, what with that red hair. “Rose Weasley huh?” This could be perfect, she thought to herself….at least amusing. The daughter of Harry Potter’s friends teamed up with the likes of herself. Genius. “My name is Giselle Pampillo. Let’s go find my friend, shall we?” Rose hesitated but then nodded. Giselle turned and then walked towards Hogwarts with the little red haired girl following behind cautiously yet confidently. What a way to surprise her friend…she laughed to herself. OT- Yeah I'm back and I hope this intro works...
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    It's so hot lately. Like 100 is cool weather around here lately. the norm has been like 110 ish..plus the humidity here....EW.
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    STORMS! lovie thems! Hey all.
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    Um nope they aren't. The one that I did isn't and there are several that are not AOG. In fact when I had heard first about MCs I didn't know there were some by AOG...then I found out that a little over half are AOG. Um...staff...um....let me pray about this lol
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    *rubs arm and then hugs Zabs* yes I am back- constantly for about 5 weeks and then after that probably a couple times a week or so.
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    Karen....have I mentioned how much I missed you? And rping with you...and...gee I just missed this place
  11. If we call ourselves "oholics" does that mean we admit we have a problem?