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    Sorry guys, I have been away for a long, long time! So I have not been ignoring you guys! (Well... not anyone specifically, I have just been away.) <br />=========================================<br />I love meeting new people! I love hearing about their life, struggles, hopes and dreams! I love to listen but can be kind of bad at talking or opening up.<br /><br />I like people watching (though I hope that doesn't sound weird.) I just find people fascinating! Malls and fairs are great opportunities to people watch. And even just driving by people in cars, I am always curious as to what their life is like or what they are going through.<br /><br /> I am 20 years old but not very far into college. I don't know what to do with my future. I really think being a youth pastor would be sweet but who knows. I have also considered writing, teaching high school, and psychology. I was depressed back in high school and I wonder if that has some reason to do with why I haven't picked something to follow after. I just wish I knew what God wanted me to do!<br /><br />I don't have a love for money and never have. I really just think that it brings trouble. I have no desire for wealth or fame. I actually think it would be fun just to travel around and be a bum or homeless for a while. It would be a life changing experience I am sure. <br /><br />I love trying to help people! I try my best to hear people out, listen to them and be there for them. And I try to give advice and hope that it is sound. Though lately one of my friends has said I sound too much like an adult or preachy. :(<br /><br />I like playing sports for fun! I am usually not very competitive, but can be at times, though mostly I am not. <br /><br />I used to play a lot of video games but I stopped because they were taking up too much time. I was like addicted.<br /><br />I like reading and writing, though I have not written in quite some time. <br /><br />I feel very insecure at times due to the fact that I am not a junior in college like I should be according to my age. Also some physical things about myself. <br /><br />I like rainy days and thunderstorms! I like just hanging out and having fun. I can be very, very random at times and I am pretty sure everyone I know has called me weird or crazy multiple times. I like driving around and exploring but with gas prices I will go for walking or some other substitute. <br /><br />I enjoy music although I don't have a very big collection. I enjoy soft music, but I also listen to hardcore or screamo. I like rock music which falls in between those two categories. I also enjoy worship. I really really don't like rap. And country isn't really one of my things either. I love concerts and wish I have been to more.<br /><br />I feel (or used to feel) that I am fairly good at reading people. I can see people for a little bit and generally know or guess a lot about them. I see a lot into people I think and I like talking to the people who don't seem like they have a lot of people who talk to them. <br /><br />I am a deep thinker, (or at least my teacher told me that once.) I can be very creative and talk confusing for some reason using metaphors or just make things more complicated than they need to be. I can be creative at times although not so much in recent days. <br /><br />I have a tendency to read too much into things. <br /><br />Yeah..... that's all for now lol.

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  1. shiv

    Weakening faith...

    I definitely agree with your second paragraph. As for the OP or Melody, I don't think anyone can help you but yourself. Keep searching and I am sure you will figure it out. Whatever the "it" is.
  2. shiv

    Goodbye CTF

    Well I don't really come here anymore buuut I see no reason for you to go. In the end it's your call. But if you like it here you should stand your ground. Just sayin.
  3. shiv

    Ask A Guy

    according to urban dictionary "being completely controlled by your girlfriend or boyfriend...in most cases a guy being completely controlled by his girlfriend." That is pretty much it. Kind of similar to the saying "they have you wrapped around their finger." Can sometimes joke about it if the guy is doing something he normally wouldn't do. Guy does something he normally wouldn't or has to bail out of hanging out.
  4. shiv

    Weakening faith...

    What I meant by heart I guess was just feeling and emotion. Like your soul... I don't know. I think the Christian life is a balance. A way I have heard it is "Head, Heart, and Hands." Head being your mind, what you know or just thinking which some Christians don't do. Being intellectually sound. Heart standing for your emotional vitals. Not being a robot but being sensitive to the things of God. Having love and compassion for others. Just feelings in general. Most Christians rely too much on this and it's bad as emotions are not always true. They can be irrational at times. Hands is living life. Putting actions to your beliefs. Following where your "heart" leads you. Doing as James 1:22 says and not merely listening to all scriptures and words or just knowing all this stuff but actually doing it. A lot of Christians, or at least I need to work on this. I believe that if you are putting time and effort into all of these categories you will grow. And thanks for trying to help Burk, but I don't know that you are.
  5. shiv

    Catholic Converts

    don't be mean! I still disagree with Catholicism but I like like and respect blackswan. If that is where the guy felt most comfortable or was growing best so be it.
  6. shiv

    still friends with my ex

    Sounds like a lot of drama to me lol. I don't know how your guys' "friendship" works or what your relationship was prior to. Generally if you guys were very physical or it was a bad relationship it's kind of hard to be friends. Or if one of you still has feelings for the other it is hard. But if you guys have both moved passed wherever you guys were at before friendship is possible. Just because someone messes up doesn't mean you have to be a jerk which it sounds like you aren't being one. I like to believe in second chances. If you have forgiven her and are fine with it, I think it is fine. Just don't let her use you. If nothing good is coming from the friendship then end it but otherwise why not? I was jumping all over the place so I am sorry if it was hard to follow. Just my two cents.
  7. shiv

    Memorizing Scripture

    For this Tuesday night small group I go to, the youth pastor kind of told people to memorize Acts 13: 16-41, but I don't really want to. I need to start memorizing scripture again. I kind of pick and choose verses though haha. Please don't flame me for that. If I did a book I am thinking maybe James or Ephesians.
  8. shiv

    Weakening faith...

    You have been filling your head, but what about your heart? What do you think that you could do to "fill" that as well?
  9. I play magic the gathering... Either you know what it is or you don't, but if anyone else plays or has played come reminisce haha.
  10. shiv

    Older or Younger Women

    I was just going to lurk but I had to post after seeing an ad..... Right below your post was an ad for "cougarlife.com". I laughed out loud. Anyway. I guess personally I would prefer someone younger as I am not as mature as I want or should be at this particular moment in time so I think it's mutual that I would prefer someone younger and be intimidated by older women and they wouldn't be interested in me or where I am at in life right now. Yep.... No cougars for me lol
  11. shiv

    still friends with my ex

    Based on the little info you have posted. No, why would it? If you provide more details maybe we could as well. I am pretty sure no one is going to flat out say "Yes".
  12. Any idea where those suicidal thoughts are coming from? Stay involved in her life and keep pouring love into her. Is there a trusted adult at either of the youth groups that you could set up a meeting with? Look for some good verses / good music to give to her and just keep talking about stuff. Jeremiah 29:11 is an encouraging verse that is pretty popular. Personally 2nd Corinthians 4: 8-9 helped me a lot. The end of that chapter is also awesome. I guess keep telling her the truth... and by that I mean that God loves her, that he want's that relationship with her and that she is valuable / loved / worth it / beautiful and whatever else. Pray. Philippians 4: 6-7 Good luck and know that it is not in your hands.
  13. shiv

    warcraft III/ dota

    RELAPSE RESURRECTION Anyone play Dota?
  14. shiv

    Top 5 Christian Songs

    I like these. Very nice