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  1. delta Usafa

    FoUr WoRds oR LeSS!!! (FWOL)

    You got NO POWA!
  2. delta Usafa

    Harry Potter

    I knew HP was fine before I read the books or watched the movies. It didn't change my perception at all. However, by reading it it did strengthen my position that there's nothing wrong with reading it, which is understandable. By reading it, it meant that I actually knew what I was talking about, other than most of the Christians who hate it simply because there's "magic" in it.
  3. delta Usafa

    Books....Not in the Bible

    Yes. The Romans did it so that they would avoid contradictions, and would seem more believable. Errrrrrrr....
  4. delta Usafa

    CTF Official Abortion Debate

    Although I don't agree with aborting a baby that will be handicapped, think it's perfectly reasonable to abort one that's going to die. Why make the mother endure the entire pregancy, just to be devastated when it comes out and dies?
  5. delta Usafa

    Creation vs Evolution term paper

    If you're arguing in favor of literal creationism and against evolution, good luck. You've got all the evidence in the world against you.
  6. delta Usafa

    Rate Da Sig!

    9/10. I love it when people suck up to me with .gifs.
  7. delta Usafa

    I have Cancer at age 18

    I don't normally come in here, but this one caught my eye. I'm definitely going to pray for you, that's terrible.
  8. delta Usafa

    Ipod vs. Zune

    You don't understand... Creative Zens literally look like the designers got around at a table, said "how can we make something interesting?" and decided "hey! Let's make ALMOST EXACT COPIES OF IPODS!" Seriously. Also, I think they may have actually had mp3 players before Apple did.
  9. delta Usafa

    FoUr WoRds oR LeSS!!! (FWOL)

    Where's the bacon?
  10. delta Usafa

    Rate Da Sig!

    (You commented the wrong one ) (5/10, I don't get it, but it appears to be comedic in some form or another o.O)
  11. delta Usafa

    Rate Da Sig!

    7/10. Emo people don't have mohawks!
  12. delta Usafa

    Ipod vs. Zune

    Creative is a misnomer. They copy all their ideas from Apple, from the interface to the style and look. Nothing creative about that.
  13. delta Usafa

    Harry Potter

    I know wiccans too. They say they believe magic exists, but they don't practice it, or try to.
  14. delta Usafa

    Rate Da Sig!

    8.5/10. That's pretty interesting, and artistic.
  15. delta Usafa

    New Planet? Life forms?

    Plus, there's stuff in the ocean that will eat you.