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  1. What have I been to? Sorry, but, been to what? :P

  2. Aww well thank you! Yup...semester's winding down already. And yeah, He certainly has showed me new things as always. Probably meant to show me more things, but my daftness has a tendency of getting in the way. haha

  3. 546128_10150750705880269_561935268_12195228_491743127_n.jpg

    Pretty cool, huh? :D

  4. It is interesting that you wrote "worrying about the future" as part of your interests. I have never met anyone who is interested in worrying. :P

  5. I hope you have a beautiful day :)

    Christ loves you

  6. Ah yes; freshman year. It went very well I must say. Just got back from helping lead a vacation Bible school up in Healy, Alaska with three others. That was a blast. :) Christ really is amazing and he continues to show me His greatness.

    How are you?

  7. I like your C.S. Lewis reference in your "location" section :P

  8. I read your posts in the God/Church forum...and I couldn't help but agree with the perspective you brought. I can see how a person might think it's insensitive, but I can't help but feel that too often we loose touch with reality. Whether or not the original poster was going through something truly terrible or not, I think it was a good reminder to us all to, "Be real. Come on now."

  9. I would love to...but time is not easy to acquire. I can imagine there is a lot of time-management techniques that one needs to perfect. Any suggestions? They're most welcome!

  10. Sorry, I didn't mean that to sound snooty if it did :/

  11. Props to you for actually finishing a NanoWriMo! The thought of it is mind-boggling for me. I can only imagine the self-discipline and determination! Awesome!

  12. Haha, well that's the important thing : P

  13. Nope :) just a secret agent/investigator and fedora fan

  14. I love your avatar :)

  15. Heyo, welcome to CTF :)

  16. aw well thank ye : )

  17. haha that's neat. In our LA 105 class we actually had to "interview" each other too lol, about hobbies, favorite color, etc..

    I don't miss too much from home...mostly just our coffeeshop because I used to write there and waste hours away in coffee bliss :D But everything I did at home I can basically do here; except here I can actually grow in faith which makes me very fond of it.

  18. okay, so one day I went to my LA 105 class and our teacher Mr. Frosch addressed Will, "Mr. Barnes...." and I looked up, remembering. And I asked my friend next to me, "Is his first name Will?" and of course it was. So, I told Will "Hi!" and that I knew his neighbor. He kind of looked at me funny for mentioning you and even more funny when I was trying to explain these forums lol. And then what do you know, I didn't realize it before, but he's also in my Cultures and Civilizations English class haha! It's a small world

  19. We have the opportunity to go to chapel every morning at 9:30 which is great :D

  20. 3 of your neighbors attend CUW? That's interesting! (I just looked at Facebook and we have 3 mutual friends, but I've never seen him around here. Mostly because I'm not really the sportsy type and less social than most haha) It'd be funny to run into him and pretend I have ESP or something "You had a neighbor...her last name begins with a P...." :P :P I'm just being silly.

    So far it's been great :) Lots of work but it's all interesting to me.

  21. um.......hi again?

  22. just made a new character. lionessblues

  23. well, I used to a lot in middle school....then I had a craving not too long ago and so I downloaded it and made a new character. But then my computer crashed and it hasn't allowed me to download it again. I'm going to try again today though lol.

  24. mm, my summer's been going really nicely for the most part. I didn't get a job so it was quite relaxing yet guilt-tripping. I started to ignore the guilt tugs in mid-July though lol. I'm getting ready for college at the end of August!

  25. your avatar looks likes it's a screen shot from Runescape lol.