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    The BBC version! Rant and rave about this show of amazingness lol
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    What does it mean to be a lady?

    I heard one time someone saying, "The reason you don't find many gentlemen these days is because there aren't many ladies these days." What do you guys think about that? (Again, I'll jump in later )
  3. Is anyone watching these? How are you liking them so far? Who's your favorite character, and who's the character you relate to most? For those who don't know what it is: It's a Youtube series that is a modern take on Pride and Prejudice. Each episode is usually under 5 minutes. I love them! I'm so glad I found out about them. My favorite character is probably...Lizzie, Charlotte, and Fitz. The character I relate to most is probably Mary.
  4. Lion_Angel

    Pride and Prejudice

    I have just finished this book, and my heart is all aflutter. Okay, first off--it took a little bit for me to be accustomed to the older style of writing. But once this is done, it is so easy to get lost in the characters! Every girl/woman should read/listen to this book. The movie is an added treat, but for sure get a hold of this book. Why? It reminds us of such virtues as restraint, self-discipline, delayed gratification, and wisdom. At times I wanted to strangle Elizabeth and Jane and others because they were so modest and unassuming in their thoughts and actions towards others--but the satisfaction in this modesty is so fulfilling and brimming with goodness. The story reminds us what it means to be a woman of truth and goodness. It reminds us not to be hasty in our assumptions about others, nor to be hasty in relationships or decisions in general. It reminds us of the riches that friendship offers (something I am still trying to grasp, even at 20.) If you're not sure about delving into the book, I suggest you watch the movie "The Jane Austen Book Club." Pride and Prejudice is such a wonderful book. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. :>
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    Short shorts

    So, I've seen girls wear very short shorts. As in, their butt is almost showing. And when they sit, it suggests a view. What do you all think of this?? I know they must be "warm" and need cooling off, but....Does "cooling off" win over a little modesty?
  6. What have I been to? Sorry, but, been to what? :P

  7. Lion_Angel

    Children in Wedlock

    "The people who get married but want no children are sinning. They are rejecting God's design of marriage and what is often called the First Great Commission - Be fruitful and multiply; have dominion over the earth, etc. Those who are infertile have committed no sin by marrying, but are suffering from the corruption of the whole creation. I imagine infertile parents desperately want children and are feeling their helplessness in a fallen world. We should not define marriage according to the brokenness of creation or the exceptions, but according to God's ordering of his creation since the beginning of time. " I have never heard of the notion that choosing to not have children in marriage is a sin. I think this is ridiculous. Has anyone heard this? What do you think? What are your scriptural views on this notion?
  8. Lion_Angel

    Which Doctor?

    Which Doctor of the reboot is your favorite? Or...if you love more than one, list them in preference. And, of course, Why??
  9. Lion_Angel

    Children in Wedlock

    How about: To share the rest of their life with one special person?
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    Children in Wedlock

    Immoral? I can't wrap my head around it.
  11. Lion_Angel

    Children in Wedlock

    Funny you say that, because this argument cropped up in a conversation regarding gay-domestic partnerships. And you're right, I really don't think it's a valid argument. There doesn't seem to be any Scripture regarding it as a sin, anyhow. And, the command was to Adam and Eve--the very first of the earth! Of course that would be God's command to them. He also has told us to take care of the earth, and having more people on the earth is only going to harm it further. Well, now I guess we wait to see if anyone agrees with the quote-in-question.
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    I think it's especially important for men and women of God to be involved with politics.
  13. Lion_Angel

    gender neutral society

    They also don't have competing sport teams. The only competition that matters is that against their predators and prey. It's a different world in the world of leisure. Not to mention, as far as we are concerned, animals don't have a sense of "justice"--so when the bigger male "beats" the smaller female in a little game, it's not a big deal. We don't really have those social constructs anymore though (that the male gender needs to be the sole person with a job and income). There's always going to be differences in gender--the word "gender" itself insinuates two or more. Well, when I'm describing someone I prefer to be specific. Otherwise all we'd be saying is, "That person who's about 5 feet tall wearing clothes." Like I said, we have to get PAST the idea that describing someone the way they are is WRONG. Why have we deemed it "wrong" to describe a person by their race or sex? I'm not offended when I'm referred to as a young white woman. That's what I am. Know what I mean? (caps meant to stress, not show anger.) Relevancy is a subjective term. :/
  14. Lion_Angel

    gender neutral society

    There are different sex-roles in the mammal world; but if we were to let them be our examples as to how to live, we wouldn't be any different than them. We're not animals, so if they do things differently, we are not called to do the same. I don't agree with the "All females have to enjoy shopping, etc." or "All men need to love sports and drinking." That's silly, agreed. But some things (like sports teams and bathrooms) really should be separated by sex. That doesn't mean that the members of one sex share the same "gender," but that some things go beyond how we "view ourselves." Anatomy, hormones, etc. are a fact of life. As for the "getting rid of pronouns"--why? Why should it be discouraged to call a girl a "she" and a boy a "he"? Hello?
  15. Where do you want to go? Either way, the Lord will teach you valuable lessons. (I personally find Christian high schools rather distasteful for a few reasons. But it doesn't matter what I think--it's your decision.) If a Christian hs is the direction you want to take, then go for it. Just remember that just because it's a Christian high school, people are still sinners, and you will need to be equally steadfast in your faith in either place.
  16. Lion_Angel

    Morning Person or Night Owl?

    As I type I have a lovely--well, it's not my favorite flavor, but it's still good haha--cup of coffee before me and there are birds trilling outside my window. I am a morning person as well. I love the morning light, and the energy/atmosphere. Perfect time to write, as well.
  17. Lion_Angel

    gender neutral society

    The reason I am confused by your argument I believe, is that I do not see how desegregating equates to neutrality. To me neutrality insinuates that genders do not exist.
  18. Lion_Angel

    Unisex Bathrooms

    The whole reason we have laws is not because "a majority would kill people" (as an example) but because there needs to be safety from the few who do. You can apply this to other things, as well. And for the record, it HAS happened when people peek "sneakily" through the cracks. It doesn't make me comfortable when they do, and all the more uncomfortable if it was a man. I'm glad you know what you believe; but this is a silly thing to be arguing, imo.
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    Favorite Music Genre

    Blues, then Classic Rock, then Celtic/Irish, then Native American
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    ...and Alcatraz!

    Does anyone watch this show? It's on Fox. I'm still catching up, but I am loving every minute of it. It's so awesome. It's got mystery, action, science fiction, history...baaahhhh! It's cool. Who is your favorite character and why? What do you think of Hauser?
  21. Lion_Angel

    Is Jesus Motherly?

    Definitely will ^,^
  22. Lion_Angel

    gender neutral society

    I believe I am confused about how you would see the US (or any country at that) institute gender-neutrality. Please give examples. ...and also please explain what you meant by segregation of genders.
  23. Lion_Angel

    gender neutral society

    What do you mean by segregation? (I'm for equal rights--equal pay and such. If those are the issues we are discussing, I again do not see how a gender-neutral society would be the solver of the problem. We can distinguish the genders while still treating them each with dignity and respect....)
  24. Lion_Angel

    Unisex Bathrooms

    I hate the little cracks in the stalls even sharing a bathroom with women. ESPECIALLY when it's facing the mirror (which often time it is). This is what I had in mind. Also, I imagined some creepers looking at feet, and other creepers looking in the tampon/pad boxes... Please read the post I was replying to.
  25. Lion_Angel

    Which Doctor?

    I'm a huge Eccleston fan! He's awesome. I love his calm and cool attitude, and his style. And I love his and Rose's relationship soooooo much. Matt Smith is alright though too. XD