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  1. Psalm139

    10 years laterz

    Hey hey! I was creepin' and didn't think I'd see any familiar faces..."faces."
  2. Psalm139

    Fall Semester 2013

    Oooo ethical controversies, that sounds fun. I'm in a class about the historical Jesus, Social Research Methods, Biological Psychology, Intermediate Hellenistic Greek, and Statistics. I really love all of my classes except for Statistics...
  3. Psalm139

    Maybe a New Layout

    A new layout would be stupendous. On top of my busyness, when I left CTF it was partially due to the painful layout (which is actually a lot better now than it was).
  4. Psalm139

    Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts????

    Starbucks anything wins against DD every time hands down.
  5. lol. Yep. We're having a bored reunion of sorts. There's a post in the announcements section for all of us oldies. You should go comment

  6. Psalm139

    Apathy in youth

    Deductive reasoning. =] I think there is a clear lack of passion or motivation toward the betterment of general social well-being, to get a tiny bit more specific. @sly - I like your Kierkegaard point; hadn't thought of that. @Yves - yes.
  7. Psalm139

    Oldies sound off!

    This thread makes me SO HAPPY! I am Sarah and I am a recovering CTF Addict.... really CTF was my entire LIFE in high school as a lame home schooler and I was also a moderator for awhile. I dropped off the face of it when I started college and am so outrageously busy that I still really don't have time but to pop my head in every now and again. =]
  8. I felt like I had time traveled when I saw you and anya were on when I ventured back yesterday. =] Oohhh I've just been busy growing up and stuff "/ how have you been?

  9. Hey chica--what have you been up to lately? Glad to see you're still around

  10. Psalm139


    I've been absent for a long time from CTF so I have no idea what happened to the chatroom; however, back in the day when CTF was my primary residence, the chatroom was my absolute favorite spot and I loved that it was a safe place I could come and talk for hours on end with really awesome people at any hour. I completely loathed that odd chat box gidget you installed sometime ago (and thankfully no longer seems to exist) because it was difficult to effectively communicate with people the way you could with flashchat. This is the primary reason I quit coming to CTF even periodically. My suggestion, therefore, is obviously to get some sort of chatroom. Personally I prefer flashchat because it's sleek and simple buuuuuut anything is better than nothing.
  11. What is causing 21st century youth to be so apathetic? This is a broad question, I realize, but I hope to get some thoughtful responses. I'm gathering data and would like some input from you all. To me there seems to be a very clear lack of passion among my peers and I'd like to know why you all think that is.
  12. Psalm139

    friends who are not christians

    Start by loving them for who they are where they're at. They're not gonna want to listen to you if you don't first listen to them. I think evangelism like that takes time and you have to build up that relationship and a sense of trust. Once they recognize they can trust you they'll be more willing to listen to your religious/spiritual beliefs as well.
  13. Psalm139


    When one is ready.... I've seen people ready at 19, and know thirty-somethings still not. Age isn't the issue; maturity and wisdom are.
  14. paint-splattered skinny jeans, black high top converse a tight black cotton dress with an over-sized purple tanktop on top of it and a long black sweater over them